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Beyond Meat at Bob & Mary

One vegan and at the same time edible burger getting it was unthinkable for a long time. Of course, good burger shops usually also have other dishes on the menu, such as rich salads - but let's be honest: when I go out to eat burgers with friends, I don't want a salad. Do you?

We are all the more enthusiastic that our neighbor "Bob & Mary" now has a vegan burger on the menu. So far we have only been able to eat the fries there.

Although the Beyond meat patty is still quite difficult to get in the free sale so far, it is under the name Bob & Mary Beyond Bob already an integral part of the menu.

The vegan one is enclosed Beyond meat patty with homemade avocado cream and chili chutney on a vegan rye bun.

The order went to the kitchen with a pound of french fries. We chose a 50:50 mix of regular fries and Weges, with sweet potato fries to choose from. There are three sauces, the only vegan sauces being BBQ, chilli chutney and scary tomato ketchup - for an extra charge there is also guacamole on top.

We are convinced of it! The Beyond meat patty absolutely reminds us of meat. Both the consistency and the taste - although it has its very own note that you should definitely try. Contrary to what has often been read on the Internet, we could not find that the patty is bleeding ’. Maybe it depends on the method of preparation.

Together with the other ingredients, everything comes together as one perfectly matched burger together and the generous portion of french fries rounds the whole thing off.

With the Beyond Bob there is now a serious meat alternative that is not only suitable for vegans. If you like the taste of meat, love animals and care about the environment, you are ideally served with the Beyond Bob!

In our opinion, the Beyond Bob is particularly suitable for vegan newbies. The consistency and taste of the patty will make you forget about normal meat quickly. If you're looking for more tips, take a look at our story highlights on Instagram. There we have a few tips and tricks that can help you as a vegan newbie to find your way around restaurants more easily,

For us personally, the meat was even too strong. We prefer to use a bean or green core burger on a regular basis. If you are interested in recipes, please write to us!


📍 Hammer Strasse 26, 40219 Düsseldorf-Medienhafen

📍 Berger Strasse 35, 40213 Düsseldorf- Old town

opening hours

Sun-Thu: 12 pm-10pm; Fri + Sat: 12 p.m.-11 p.m.

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