Indian men are bad in bed

Sexuality: Ten Mistakes That Annoy Men In Bed

Men are always in the mood and cannot be thrown off so quickly when making love? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The stronger sex has fine antennae when making love and reacts annoyed to lust killers. We asked ten men what turned them off. Sloppy underwear, a lack of self-confidence and passivity are just a few of the things that really annoy HIM in bed. What you should get rid of so that your sweetheart will find the most beautiful thing in the world sparkling.

What men want

Whether cuddly tiger or wild lover - men want to have the feeling of being the best when making love, the absolute number one. Because: “Men associate status with sex. You make an achievement out of it and of course you want to be at the top of the hierarchy, ”says Heidelberg couples therapist Roland Kopp-Wichmann. Especially since it is much easier for men to separate love and sex from each other.

Small blemishes are allowed

What really spoils his sex? In most cases, there are no minor blemishes. Because on this point men are far less critical than women often assume. Your legs not freshly waxed? Small lifebuoys around your hips? "That is usually completely unimportant for a man. Incidentally, it is the same with the prejudice that the size of the penis is decisive for women," says Kopp-Wichmann.

The woman should surrender

In the opinion of many men, the inner attitude of women towards eroticism and physical love is much more lacking. Above all, they expect unconditional devotion from their loved ones. "A man expects his partner to give herself completely to her sexuality and lust. Men often want to play out their dominance and be the demanding part," says Frank Schindowski, a psychotherapist from Karlsruhe.

When things get down to business, everything else should be hidden: anger at work, complexities about the figure or fear that the new dress could be damaged. If such thoughts creep in: Better to concentrate quickly on your partner again! Because: "A man wants to be confirmed as a lover," said Schindowski. In return, many men are ready to respond to the erotic wishes of their partner and to try new things. Schindowski: "He often wishes that she jumped over her shadow once."

Talking helps

So it could all be very simple in the bedroom. If only both sides talked about their sexual needs more often. It is often difficult for men in particular to talk about their love life. According to a study by the "female affairs" expert initiative, 62 percent of men prefer to keep silent about erotic desires to their partner instead of flying the flag.

Wait for the right time

But beware! The time for a clarifying conversation with the loved one should be chosen carefully. "When it comes to how good we are in bed, almost everyone is extremely sensitive," says Kopp-Wichmann. Therefore, it is essential to wait until a really good opportunity arises. And: "You have to be patient with your partner," advises Schindowski. "Not everything can be achieved right away. Coordinating sexual expectations can be a long way," says the couple expert.

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