Why are weeping willows called that way

So the willow became a weeping willow

Friedberg: Good Friday | How the willow became the weeping willow

The weeping willow was once a proud tree that stretched its branches high in the air.
When Pilate had interrogated the master, without finding his fault, he turned him over to the soldiers to be scourged.
That was a welcome assignment for the rough henchmen. "They went into the garden and looked around for rods with which they could best discipline the master. Then their eyes fell on the slender branches of the willow, which in the middle of the ornamental shrubs of the garden and they tore off a multitude of branches and made rods out of them.
The willow had no idea what its branches would be used for. But soon she saw the Lord being led near her. His back was exposed and he himself was tied to a pillar. Then the raw henchmen swung the slender willow branches on the lord's back and shoulders, so that the blood trickled down. But as quiet as a lamb, Jesus endured all the torments of the scourging. Then the willow was moved with deep pain. She was ashamed that she had given her branches to such shameful service and no longer wanted to look up at the blue sky. In mourning she let her branches and leaves hang down to the ground.
But the people took the tree and planted it on the graves of their dead. So the willow became a weeping willow

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