How many foreigners live in Istanbul

Living in Turkey for Foreigners: A Snapshot Expat Guide to the Country

Everyone's daily experiences are unique, so it would be a mistake to stereotype life in Turkey for foreigners. A retired ex-pat who basks in the sun in the Mediterranean area of ​​Antalya will have different everyday routines than a foreigner who works in Istanbul during his career. Everyone lives in the country for different reasons, and of course, the variety of locations also adds another dimension to the question.

however, if you want to make the move, we can guarantee one thing. We have never heard of a foreigner who said he hated living here. Even ex-pats who return to their homeland say they leave with fond memories for a lifetime. In this article, we look at common factors like working, dealing with finances, language barriers, navigating bureaucracy, and delving into Turkish culture and traditions.

Living in Turkey for Foreigners

1: Can you live in Turkey without knowing Turkish?

People often ask us this question. Enter the workforce, knowledge of Turkish is necessary. Not only to ensure your success, but also to enjoy the day. Who wants to be in a work environment where you can't talk to your co-workers? However, thousands of retired expats live in Turkey all year round, do not speak the language fluently and still enjoy a fruitful life. They are mainly located on the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, where tourism is the leading trade; Therefore, the locals speak foreign languages.

Russians and Germans prefer the Antalya region; so, locals speak these languages ​​besides English. The Fethiye and Aegean regions are also popular with British vacationers; so, locals are fluent in English, sometimes even with an accent! So, you can live here without knowing the language, however we advise you to improve your quality of life, try to learn only a few words every day.

2: how much money do you need?

Well, this depends on where you live if you own property and your lifestyle. Istanbul is the most expensive place to live, specially for rent. A varied social life, and the cost of beer and food in restaurants will soon rise. The cost of smoking, drinking, and running a car. however, swing your way to the Aegean and Mediterranean, prices are dropping dramatically and you can get more bang for your buck.

An average guideline, to live with a decent lifestyle, factor in around 7000 lira to live in Istanbul, and 4000 lira for other regions. It is worth noting that many retired expats deposited huge sums of money into the high-yield savings account offered by Turkish banks. After paying the tax, you withdraw the interest every month, so you never have to touch your property.

3: Is moving to Turkey a good idea for life?

If you have a job or a monthly income plan, let's say go for it. Don't just take our word for it. Across the country, pockets of expat communities thrive thanks to the ideal weather climate and healthy lifestyle. The reasons people move also vary from affordable property prices to the outdoors lifestyle. Turkish hospitality plays an enormous role as the locals are warmly welcomed and it is easy to make friends with neighbors. The following articles will help you decide.

4: Can foreigners work?

A Turkish company can employ a foreigner if Turkish workers are already employed. The number of workers required depends on the profession. As soon as an employer hires a foreigner, you must apply for a work permit with a residence period of at least six months given. Often, foreign workers seek tourism jobs at huge companies that need hotel and airport representatives, or teach jobs at international private schools. Foreigners cannot practice certain professions such as dentistry, security guards and notaries.

5: Can Foreigners Buy Property?

Yes, all nationalities except five can buy real estate in Turkey. To get an idea of ​​how thriving the overseas housing market is, in 2019, only over 45,000 foreigners bought apartments and villas across the country. The simplified buying process is also quick to complete and when the finances are in place, it only takes three to six weeks to get the title deeds.

Affordable square meter prices also make it one of the best places to invest in property in the world. To get an idea of ​​the real estate market in Turkey, see our portfolio of apartments and villas on the market. Each listing includes a description of the apartment, price, location, and an inquiry form to arrange a viewing or to receive further details via email.

6: Where do expats live?

Expats settle in different places. These mainly focus on tourist coastal locations. Foreigners rarely live in the inland districts of the east because tradition and culture are stronger, therefore it is more difficult to adapt. Likewise, locals in the Kackar Mountains rarely sell to outsiders because the communities are closely related. The following are popular cities that have sizable expat communities.

Driving Alanya: Nestled on the far eastern tip of the Mediterranean area of ​​Antalya, Alanya is developing into a recognizable travel destination. Massive overseas advertising strengthens the tourism industry and, with it, the number of foreigners buying real estate.

Golf Belek: Welcome to the Turkish golf capital, a destination where world championships are held. It offers impressive courses designed by the best, and counts the likes of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama among the early players to take a swing.

Antalya City Center: This cosmopolitan city is home to the best shopping and nightlife scene in Turkey's Mediterranean region. To bolster that reputation, it also has two of the best beaches in the country; Konyalti and Lara. This destination is ideal for all year round as the tourism season sets trends to go on for 12 months. Find out why Antalya is so famous.

Kalkan: Welcome to the luxury villa and with fantastic views of the Mediterranean. Kalkan is doing a roaring trade in the high-end real estate sector, and a look at some villas for sale will confirm why. Kalkan's rooftop restaurants serving fresh seafood are also known across Turkey. Read more about the districts of Kalkan.

Beautiful Fethiye: Often seen as a destination, this region is divided into different cities such as Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Ovacik, and the main center. Known as a place of excellence in the sailing scene, Fethiye also makes a lavish trade in beach vacation tourism. Those looking for a mountain retreat should consider Uzumlu, known for its size, private villas.

Didim - Altinkum: Nicknamed Little Britain, this resort has a significant number of British people living in Turkey. Home to the famous Temple of Apollo, there are plenty of English bars and restaurants, although traditional Turkey still carries on in the capital.

Bodrum Peninsula: Consisting of the city center and many small holiday resorts, the Bodrum Peninsula is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey and a major sailing center. Popular places for expats are Yalikavak and the city center. Those who want a millionaire lifestyle should check out Turkbuku, which the New York Times calls the Turkish version of Saint Tropez.

Kusadasi: This destination is a long-standing Irish favorite, despite the fact that it is home to many nationalities. Thanks to the nearby famous ruins of Ephesus, it is also a major cruise port and enjoys a healthy, multicultural feel. Why people buy real estate in Kusadasi.

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