What is your goal for 2019

12 goals for 2019 - that's how easy it is to achieve your annual goal!

If you want 2019 to be a successful year, set your goals now. Because the new year is already in full swing. And what about the good New Year's resolutions?
Most of them are probably already lost in the hustle and bustle, right?

But that is not bad and does not indicate a lack of discipline or inability. Our inner weaker self has just made it a passion to consistently boycott new resolutions and habits first. As creatures of habit, we cannot do everything differently overnight. Old patterns may have crept in for years. It is therefore quite normal for us to switch to autopilot as soon as a professional problem has to be solved that requires full concentration and attention.

Concentration is not infinitely divisible

You can't focus on everything at the same time. And first of all, new resolutions are thrown overboard. But there is something you can do to avoid being suddenly surprised by Christmas in December 😉. Create a focus for yourself. This helps to keep track of stressful times and to make decisions.

  • Now think about what is actually important to you. What would you like to have achieved in 2019 in retrospect?
  • Do you see it as a whole? Can you have a theme for the New Year? So z. E.g. "2019 - my professional breakthrough". What do you stand for in 2019?


Achieve goals with focus

And now keep the focus on your annual goal. But please NOT by wanting to do everything immediately, but by having a plan.

  • Now please come up with ONE goal per month that you would like to focus on. So it's kind of a sub-motto. January might have stood for "Orientation & Trying Out".
  • February is not over yet. What should this month stand for? How about “daring something new” or “having fun” (PS: If you want more fun in your daily work, you will find further tips & tricks in my free e-book).
  • Now write down a goal for each month that you would like to pay particular attention to during these 4 weeks.


In 12 steps to your personal annual goal

With a single motto goal per month and with the knowledge that these steps one after the other will be enough to be successful in 2019, your bastard can also go along this path. Do not overwhelm him, but challenge him calmly. Now it's your turn: What is important this month in order to take the second step?

Have fun with it 😊!