What is CCleaner for Windows

CCleaner for Windows

CCleaner keeps the PC clean and fast

The inconspicuous software from Piriform protects privacy and makes computers, tablets and smartphones faster. In addition, CCleaner ensures order on the end device and improves security from Windows, Mac and Android.

CCleaner - overview and the most important functions of the application

The program is offered in three different versions: Free, Professional and Professional Plus. The free free version provides three important functions: Acceleration and health check of the device and Protection of privacy. The paid versions include additional features such as junk file protection, automated browser history cleanup, and file recovery. The alternatives are Clean Master and BleachBit.

Due to the small size of the program, the download and installation only take a very short time. The functions can then be used immediately, depending on the license. The Optimizing the system (for example Windows 7, Mac or Android) and the protection of the user are in the foreground. Many different languages ​​are available, including English, French, Spanish and German.

Features of the CCleaner Free version of Piriform taken a closer look

With the free version of CCleaner, the computer or another device can be accelerated directly. To do this, the application searches the PC for unused files and determines whether certain settings are affecting the hard disk space. In order to safely protect privacy, the program cleans the browsing history and deletes cookiesso that the user's network activities remain confidential.

The health check is a nice tool to be informed about possible security gaps and the health of the system. However, these functions are mainly used to promote the two paid versions, as the tools for correcting the deficiencies found cannot be used with the free version. The free license for normal users already offers very useful functions.

CCleaner additional functions under the microscope

In addition to speeding up the device and protecting privacy, the paid versions Professional and Professional Plus also offer some additional functions and tools: protection against garbage data, deep cleaning of the hard drive, software updates and downloads and automated cleaning of the browser history. CCleaner Professional Plus includes three additional programs: Defraggler (hard disk defragmentation), Recuva (for file recovery) and Speccy (fixing compatibility problems).

For experienced users, one or the other Additional functions certainly represent a profitable benefit. When the device is used intensively, data fragments form on the hard drive, which reduces the access speed. Regular defragmentation of the hard disk can prevent this. Deleted files can be easily recovered using Recuva.

Controversial - cleaning up the Windows registry file with CCleaner

CCleaner is available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac and Android as well as end devices. If Microsoft is used as an application, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Registry cleanup, registry for short. This file stores information about Windows and other programs, so you need to be careful when you modify it.

CCleaner looks for mistakes in the file and removes leftoverswhich may remain after a program deinstallation. Microsoft even issued a general warning against aimless cleaning of the registry with regard to this function. This fact should definitely be taken into account when using the tool. All in all, CCleaner can be classified as safe to use.

The quintessence of the CCleaner - more protection, less waste and faster devices

The two main tasks, namely the protection of privacy and the Acceleration of the end device, the CCleaner regulates reliably. Cookies can be deleted and browser histories emptied with one click. The Free version represents a solid base Above all, it is ideal for getting to know the program. An upgrade to one of the two professional versions is possible without much effort.

Normal users will be able to get by with the free version, although the paid licenses offer interesting additional features for intensive users. All in all, the CCleaner is a convincing small program with comprehensive toolsto speed up the end device, keep it clean and protect privacy. Virus protection should also be installed, as CCleaner does not take on this task.