What are the elements of society

Society. Theodor W. Adorno, Philosophical Elements of a Theory of Society

This review journal provides a comprehensive, critical, and up-to-date overview of German-language sociology literature. Articles published in the journal take the following formats:

Collective meetings (Collected Reviews) address a larger number of thematically connected or related new publications. They are reviewed in a structured way; This includes discussion of the connections between the various publications.

The same approach describes the format of the Double meetings (Double Reviews), which present a set of two new publications.

The One-on-one meetings (Single Reviews) are devoted to a single new publication.

Each symposium acknowledges new publications by two or three authors who have made an extraordinary contribution in their particular research area.
In addition, publications by a single author that are deemed of special interest are discussed in the form of essays.

Thematic essays (Topical Essays) offer commentaries about research areas that are especially topical and notable for a high density of interesting new publications.

Area mapping (Area Maps) serve for the presentation, compilation, and assessment of questions, perspectives, concepts, and lines of debate in a current research area where German-language sociology has made or should make an important and independent contribution.

Special Issue Sociological Review 2020: