What genre of music do you hate?

so, there i only have one genre of music that has annoyed me unspeakably since my youth: german hits.
but i don't include udo lindenberg, reinhard mey or ndw, and certainly not the new german music as it has emerged in the last 10 or 15 years (not even tokiohotel ), but things from roy black, peter alexander, catharina valente, ralf bendix, vico torriani, rex gildo, bernd cl├╝ver, roland kaiser, france gall (even if i was always blown away at the sight of them) ... and whatever their name is ... oh well: really bad: heintje, flippers and the h2o2-blonde guy with sunglasses, what's his name? .

apart from that, in any music that is unknown to me, when I am occupied with it, I also find parts that I like, this even applies to rap and hiphop, which I get to hear myself through my kids here. there are always good things there (but my kids also play my mp3s, such as troggs).
however i always had a tendency towards so-called black music since early youth (soul, funk, but also the commercial excesses like what is called motown or philly sound).

Of course there are also artists whose music I like little or not at all, but that is rare and can change.

When it comes to "school is out", I have a nostalgic connection to it for reasons of age. and in my cd collection you can also find alice cooper.


addendum, I finally remembered: chris roberts is also unspeakable.