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Water sports such as surfing, kiting or stand up paddling are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. So that fun in our latitudes is not limited to the few hot weeks of midsummer, you should be familiar with the suitable clothing equip.

Find out which type of wetsuit is right for you and in this article what is important in a wetsuit test. Take a look at our guide, which will introduce you to the species in more detail.

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the essentials in brief
  • Neoprene is the ideal plastic to keep the human body from cooling down by and in the water. While light neoprene suits are sufficient in summer, thick suits with a correspondingly strong insulation effect are used at lower temperatures.
  • One of the decisive factors for the functionality of a wetsuit is its size. It can only offer adequate protection from the cold if it is close to the body.
  • Wetsuits not only offer protection from the cold. They also protect against wind and harmful UV radiation.

Numerous manufacturers offer different models of neoprene suits for diving, surfing and many other sports on the water. Decisive for the protective effect of a wetsuit is his Fit.

In addition, the suit must not show any damage. Already small holes can lead to the ingress of cold water and the Nullify the protective effect. Depending on the climatic conditions, there are different types of neoprene suits to choose from.

1. Shorties offer freedom of movement, overalls offer more protection - what is your choice?

Wetsuits for women, wetsuits for men, wetsuits for children and wetsuits for babies have one thing in common: They offer protection from the elements on the water.

Basically be two types distinguished from wetsuits. The first type is the so-called Wetsuits. These include the wetsuits for surfing in summer, the triathlon wetsuits and also the wetsuits for swimming.

Warming properties at the expense of mobility

Thin wetsuits offer a lot of freedom of movement and are ideal for swimming and surfing in good weather conditions. If the temperatures drop, a better insulation effect is required. This is achieved through thicker material and at the expense of freedom of movement. The better a suit warms, the more it restricts freedom of movement.

In the wetsuits for surfing and in the wetsuits for swimming, as well as in the triathlon wetsuits, a small amount of water penetrates and forms one warming layer between wetsuit and body. Wetsuits for babies, wetsuits for children, wetsuits for women and wetsuits for men are based on this functional principle.

Depending on the weather, the suits are used as shorties, so with short sleeves and legs, or worn as long-sleeved overalls.

The second type of wetsuit that you will come across during a wetsuit test are the drysuits. This type of wetsuit is with waterproof cuffs fitted on the ankles and wrists as well as on the neck.

In this way, the ingress of water is largely avoided. The drysuits are usually in rough weather conditions worn and are only suitable for swimming to a limited extent.

Regardless of what type of wetsuit you are wearing, the wetsuit should be yours wash regularly. Only if you wash the wetsuit after use and dry it carefully can you ensure that no bad smelling or harmful bacteria can lodge.

Wetsuit typeproperties
Wetsuit shorty
  • ideal for doing sports
  • lots of freedom of movement
  • moderate protection against the cold
  • low purchase price
Wetsuit overall
  • good protection against the cold
  • slightly restricted freedom of movement
  • Can be used on and under water
Neoprene drysuit
  • high protection against cold
  • almost waterproof wetsuit
  • only partially suitable for swimming

2. Which are the dry suits with the best protection in wetsuit tests?

The so-called wetsuits, which also include the wetsuit shorty, are primarily on sports aligned and are worn in wetsuit tests, for example as a surf suit.

Because of this, these wetsuits should by no means too tight to get voted. Then you can be used as a diving suit as well as a wetsuit for surfing.

Wetsuits for winter, for example particularly thick wetsuits for windsurfing, are made of robust material regardless of the style and have a corresponding thickness (in mm).

Only then will they pass the stringent requirements of a wetsuit test for winter models. A wetsuit for women with 5mm neoprene material is easily suitable for lower temperatures.

However, the prerequisite is that it is a long women's wetsuit. In addition to the Quality of the zippers are the Seams of particular importance. Well-made wetsuits are sewn with flat seams, which are then glued.

2.1. Wetsuit shorties - first choice in summer

A good choice to in summer A neoprene shortie is a great way to not cool down so quickly when bathing or snorkeling. Although it protects the body and internal organs from cooling down, it still offers a lot of freedom of movement for all activities on the water The Shorty offers you properties:

  • offers a lot of freedom of movement
  • Protection from cooling down
  • Protection from the sun
  • Suitable for triathlons
  • moderate thermal properties
  • for moderate latitudes only suitable in midsummer

2.2. Neoprene overalls offer a compromise between freedom of movement and protection against the cold

The neoprene overalls, for example, are worn by many surfers around the world when they practice their sport. they offer good protection against the cold without the Freedom of movement too restrictive. These The overalls have advantages and disadvantages:

  • good compromise between freedom of movement and protection from the cold
  • available in different strengths
  • unsuitable for midsummer conditions
  • only partially suitable for very low temperatures
  • Duration of stay in cold water is limited

2.3. Dry suits offer maximum protection against the cold

The best protection from the cold offer both in and on the water Dry suits. They are not only windproof but also largely waterproof. These further The dry suits offer you the following properties:

  • very good protection against the cold
  • no contact with water
  • suitable for difficult weather conditions
  • unsuitable for high temperatures
  • significant restriction of freedom of movement

3. Are lightweight models available for little money?

Wetsuits not only convince in tests as protection against the cold. You can also play sports or frolic on the beach effective sun protection Offer. Most wetsuits are offered in black, as this allows the temperature to be better stored.

Inexpensive short wetsuits are available for a little more than 20 euros and can stand up to the impending cold as well as sunburn.

Which model is the best wetsuit for your purposes and emerges from your own wetsuit comparison as the wetsuit test winner, depends primarily on the activities you are planning.

In addition to suits made exclusively of neoprene, numerous combinations of different textiles are available. The neoprene is coated with elastane, polyamide or other synthetic materials either on the inside, outside or on both sides.

Before you buy a wetsuit and seek purchase advice, a little research on the internet can't hurt. On the websites of Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest, there are regular test results for a wide variety of sporting goods.

The topic of wetsuits may also be on the agenda of consumer advocates in 2021. We have a listing of the current particularly popular brands and manufacturers put together for you:

  • Pi-Pe
  • Subgear
  • Skinfox
  • Water proof
  • Mares
  • Cressi
  • O'Neil
  • Seac

4. What interesting questions about wetsuits should you ask yourself?

4.1 What do you wear under a wetsuit?

The warming effect of neoprene unfolds best in direct contact with the skin. For hygienic reasons, you should Wear easily washable underwear, which is also available in neoprene.

4.2. How tight does a wetsuit have to be?

So that the cold protection of the neoprene is fully effective, the suit should Sit as tight as possible. Only a thin film of water has to fit between the surface of your body and the wetsuit. However, the suit should not squeeze, chafe or restrict your freedom of movement.

Danger: The warming effect of a wetsuit can quickly decrease at low temperatures. Take this into account in your activities and do not stray too far from the sheltered bank or boat.

4.3. What strength should a wetsuit be?

Which strength turns out to be ideal in a wetsuit test depends on the water temperature and the planned activities. The spectrum ranges from two millimeters to surfing in temperature-controlled water up to eight millimeters for diving in cold water.

Johny says about our comparison winner

O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler Reactor Spring wetsuit
Currently available from € 34.90
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
material100% neoprene
Strength2 mm
How thick is the O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler Reactor Spring wetsuit? Only 1 mm or 3 mm?The O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler Reactor Spring wetsuit has a material thickness of 2 mm, also in the color-contrasting parts.
Cressi Med X Jr wetsuit
Currently available for € 55.57
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
material100% neoprene
Strength2 mm
With a height of 1.73 cm and 56 kg weight in size 10 or 12, is the O'Neill wetsuits women Reactor the better choice?With your measurements, the largest in size 10. The O'Neill wetsuits women’s wetsuit Reactor in size 8 may also fit.

Did the editors also choose premium manufacturers for the wetsuit comparison?

In our wetsuit comparison you will find both premium manufacturers and cheaper brands. Of the 16 represented manufacturers, one of them is sure to have the right offer for you! More information "

In the wetsuit comparison, is there a wetsuit that is not only good quality, but also inexpensive?

The wetsuit from our comparison with the best price-performance ratio is the PAWHITS men’s wetsuit. Here you get solid quality at an unbeatable price of 79.99 euros. More information "

Which wetsuit from the comparison is the customer's favorite?

The customer favorite in our wetsuit comparison is the Quiksilver Prologue. With a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars, previous customers expressed their satisfaction with the wetsuit. More information "

Which wetsuit from our comparison stood out with a particularly positive rating?

10 wetsuits from our comparison have distinguished themselves with particularly positive reviews. The grade "VERY GOOD" went to the following wetsuits: Cressi Med X Men's, O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler Reactor Spring Wetsuit, SCUBATEC Kids Wave, PAWHITS Men’s Wetsuit, Cressi Med X Jr Wetsuit, PAWHITS Wetsuit for Men, Quiksilver Prologue, ZCCO Ultra- Stretch wetsuit, Billabong Intruder and Cressi Castoro. More information "

Wetsuits in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelzipperstyleOrder a wetsuit
Cressi Med X Men's (comparison winner)On the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler Reactor Spring wetsuitOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
SCUBATEC Kids WaveOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
PAWHITS men's wetsuit (price-performance winner)On the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi Med X Jr wetsuitOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
PAWHITS wetsuit for menOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Quiksilver PrologueOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
ZCCO ultra-stretch wetsuitFrontJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Billabong IntruderOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi CastoroOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
ZCCO wetsuits menOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
iQ-Company children's shortieFrontChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
O'Neill Reactor ShortyOn the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi PlayaFrontShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi Med X Men's - ShortyOn the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi Morea men's wetsuitOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressi Med XOn the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
O'Neill wetsuits menFrontChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Tamino children's wetsuitOn the backJumpsuitTo Amazon
To eBay
Waterproof W30On the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
SEAC Sea LightFrontShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Cressy LidoFrontShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Zcco, men's wetsuitOn the backShortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Aqua Sphere Stingray (price-performance winner)On the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Tamino children's shortyOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
PI-PE SpringOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay
Mountain Warehouse Children's ShortyOn the backChildren's shortyTo Amazon
To eBay

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