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China, the European Union and the USA accounted for 42.7 percent of global exports of goods - excluding trade between EU members - in 2017. In 2017, around a fifth of EU exports went to the USA (19.6 percent), a good tenth went to China (10.4 percent). For China, the EU and the USA are the most important sales markets: China exported 19.0 percent of its own goods exports to the USA, and a further 16.4 percent to the EU. Together with Canada, the EU has the largest share of US exports with 18.3 percent. China was fourth behind Mexico with 8.4 percent.


According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), goods worth 17,731 billion US dollars were exported worldwide in 2017. The European Union (EU), China and the USA are the main players in this. Together they handled 54.8 percent of cross-border exports. Even if the 28 member states of the EU are viewed as a confederation of states with their own internal market, i.e. trade within the EU (intra-EU trade) is excluded, in 2017 still 42.7 percent of global exports (13,988 billion US dollars) were accounted for. on China, the EU and the USA.

In terms of extra-EU exports, the USA is by far the most important trading partner. Around a fifth of EU exports went to the USA in 2017 (19.6 percent). In second place was China with a share of a tenth (10.4 percent) - in 1995 the share of extra-EU exports was 2.4 percent. The EU and the USA are also the most important sales markets for China. In 2017, China exported 19.0 percent of its own goods exports to the USA, and the EU accounted for a further 16.4 percent. The EU is a very important sales market for the USA. In 2017, the US exported 18.3 percent of its goods exports to the EU. However, Canada accounted for an equally high proportion. This was followed by Mexico with 15.7 percent and China with 8.4 percent. In 1995, China's share of US exports was 2.0 percent.

For Germany, too, China and the USA are the most important trading partners outside the EU. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the USA was the top export destination in 2017. With a share of 8.7 percent in total exports, they were even ahead of the most important European countries. China was in third place behind France (6.7 percent of total exports). When it comes to imports, China came out on top, ahead of all non-European countries as well as all European countries (9.7 percent of total imports). The USA followed - behind the Netherlands and France - in fourth place (5.9 percent). If the foreign trade turnover - i.e. imports and exports - is considered together, China was Germany's most important trading partner with a turnover of 186.9 billion euros in 2017 - ahead of the Netherlands, the USA and France. 8.1 percent of Germany's total foreign trade turnover was accounted for by trade with China, and 7.5 percent by the USA. In 2017, Germany had the largest trade deficit with China (-14.6 billion euros) and with the USA the highest trade surplus was achieved (+50.4 billion euros).

Data Source

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD): Online database: UNCTADstat (status: 09/2018); Federal Statistical Office: Foreign Trade

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Information on exports and imports cannot be directly related to one another for several reasons. First, exports are recorded at a different point in time than imports, which can lead to recording in different calendar years. Second, where possible, exports of goods are "f.o.b." (free on board) recorded - that is, at the customs border of the respective exporting country - and goods imports according to the common method "c.i.f." (costs, insurance, freight) - taking into account the transport and insurance costs incurred. Thirdly, however, the most important thing is that the states do not always assign exports and imports identically. For example, the EU records China as the country of origin even if imports from China were exported via Hong Kong. On the other hand, Hong Kong will record this trade as an export to the EU. This explains why, according to UNCTAD, the EU imported goods worth 16.3 billion US dollars from Hong Kong in 2017, while Hong Kong exported goods worth 47.7 billion US dollars to the EU in the same year .

The trade balance is related to a period and indicates the balance of goods exports and imports of a country or a group of countries. If there is a trade balance surplus or deficit, the creditors 'or debtors' positions in relation to other countries increase. Since the trade balance is a partial balance of the current account, an imbalance in the trade balance can be offset by the balances of other partial balances.

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