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The DIY boom is unbroken and the projects that are being worked out and implemented in countless hobby workshops are correspondingly diverse. As one of the Metalworking is the supreme discipline among do-it-yourselfers and especially welding. A wide variety of techniques are used, with or without protective gas, with cored wire or stick electrodes. A popular method of permanently joining metal workpieces is TIG welding.

Find out everything you need to know about a TIG welding machine in this article what is important when testing TIG welding machines.

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the essentials in brief
  • A TIG welding machine consists of an inverter and a cable package along with a hand torch. In addition to the welding machine, a cartridge with shielding gas is required.
  • TIG welding is one of the welding methods that can be used for precise work on thin workpieces. The welding agent is supplied separately, so both hands are required for TIG welding.
  • TIG welding machines are available as direct current versions. In addition, AC devices are available that are also suitable for welding aluminum.

During TIG welding, the 220 volt alternating voltage of the low-voltage network is converted in a so-called inverter in such a way that it suitable for welding is. TIG welding uses a tungsten electrode, which requires some experience to be used. TIG welding machines with suitable accessories such as a pulse function are popular.

Due to the heat resistance of tungsten, no material is removed from the electrode. She is also at high Sweat temperatures stable and works without wear. The welding means are straight, manually fed rods, the composition of which must match the material of the workpiece. The designation WIG or WIGTIG is the same as TIG in English and means tungsten inert gas.

1. With direct current for steel or alternating current for aluminum?

TIG welding enables the welding wire to be fed in precisely

While with MIG and MAG welding the welding wire is automatically fed in at a constant speed, with TIG welding the welding material is fed in manually. This enables precise dosing of the welding agent and thus control over the thickness of the weld seam.

In our TIG welding machine comparison on BILD.de you will find, as well as in the relevant tests of TIG welding machines, two types of TIG welding machines. The first type of TIG welding machine that is used in steelworks as well as in workshops and in the hobby sector are the TIGWelding devices for welding steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

You must set these TIG welding machines so that the welding current corresponds to the material and the thickness of the workpiece. The Setting up a TIG welding machine requires some experiencethat every ambitious hobby welder has to do himself. This applies to working with a TIG welding machine from Lorch as well as to a TIG welding machine from EWM and devices from all other manufacturers.

The second type of TIG welding equipment is suitable for aluminum. A TIG welding machine for aluminum processing works with alternating current. These TIG welding machines can also be found in steelworks and in hobby workshops. Many of the TIG welding machines are AC and DC capable. In other words, an AC / DC TIG welding machine is the all-rounder among TIG welding machines.

You can save some money if you include used TIG welding machines in your personal TIG welding machine test. However, with a used TIG welding machine from a private person there is always the risk that defects hidden in retrospect occur and you are left sitting on a defective device. In the overview table on BILD.de you will find the two common types of TIG welding machines.

TIG welding machine typeproperties
DC TIG welding machine
  • for welding steel, stainless steel, copper and brass
  • works exclusively with direct current
  • Welding currents between five and several hundred amperes
AC TIG welding machine
  • suitable for welding aluminum
  • Breaking up the oxide crust of the aluminum
  • Use on workpieces made of magnesium alloys

2. How do AC / DC models convince in TIG welding machine tests?

In the comparison on BILD.de, as in many tests of inert gas welding equipment, you will find models that have both with alternating current as well as with direct current can work. If AC welding is also supported, the whole range of possible applications can be covered. Before buying, you need to decide on a type of TIG welding machine.

Whether you choose a TIG welding machine in professional quality or a comparatively inexpensive TIG welding machine complete set will be up to you decide on the planned area of ​​application.

Similar to a MAG welder or a Cored wire welding machine the different devices for TIG welding all have their advantages and disadvantages. The available network connection can also be a selection criterion. Further aspects that are relevant when testing TIG welding machines are the maximum welding current (in A), the control range of the welding current (in A), HF ignition, the duty cycle at maximum current (in min), clarity and Comprehensibility of the product description, the length of the hose package and continuously variable performance values.

2.1. DC TIG welder - good choice for steel and non-ferrous alloys

The devices that work with direct current offer good properties for welding steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. The thickness of the workpieces can be comparatively small with TIG welding. The DC devices offer these additional properties:

  • suitable for thin workpieces
  • for welding steel and non-ferrous metals
  • precise supply of welding material
  • susceptible to wind
  • unsuitable for light metals

2.2. DC / AC TIG welding machines - the all-rounders among TIG welding machines

TIG welding machines that work with direct and alternating current do not stop at light metal alloys. They can be used to weld steel as well as aluminum and magnesium alloys. AC / DC models offer these additional advantages and disadvantages:

  • suitable for welding light metal connections
  • Destruction of the aluminum oxide layer
  • high seam quality
  • susceptible to wind
  • depending on the device setting, high energy costs

3. Is there a large selection of inexpensive models for the hobby workshop?

The particularly inexpensive TIG welding machines from the current TIG welding machine tests are already available for 100 to 200 euros. However, if you already have some experience with TIG welding, the best TIG welding machine for your purposes will most likely be found in a slightly higher price segment.

In order to achieve good results with TIG welding, the reaction of the weld seam with the oxygen in the air must be prevented. For this purpose, the weld is enveloped with a so-called inert gas. Popular gases in TIG welding are helium and argon.

Before buying a TIG welding machine, you can find out about the current market situation and potential TIG welding machine test winners as part of a purchase consultation, or you can do your own research on the Internet. Although neither Stiftung Warentest nor Ökotest can find out any information on the subject of TIG welding equipment, it can be found in numerous blogs interesting information from ambitious welders.

Below we have a list of the 2021 for you particularly popular brands and manufacturers which, in addition to TIG welding machines from Stamos, TIG welding machines from Rehm, TIG welding machines from Kattex, TIG welding machines from EWM and TIG welding machines from Lorch, contains several other makes.

  • Welbach
  • Weldinger
  • Stamos
  • HST
  • GYS
  • Berlan
  • Tigmig
  • IpotTools

4. What interesting questions are there on the subject of TIG welding machines?

4.1. How does a TIG welding machine work?

A TIG welding machine consists of an inverter, in which the 220 or 440 volt low voltage is converted into a voltage with a high working current. The current is passed on from the inverter to the hand torch via the so-called cable package.

The hand torch is equipped with a tungsten electrode that is used during welding electrically connected to the workpiece via an arc is. In the arc, the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy and enables the welding process.

So that the melt of the weld seam cannot react with the oxygen in the air, the Welding point enveloped by a protective gas.

Danger! The same applies to TIG welding: Safety first. TIG welding generates UV radiation, which can be as dangerous to human skin as UV radiation from the sun. For this reason, when testing a TIG welding machine, not only the eyes, but also the hands and the rest of the body must be comprehensively protected from UV radiation. Gloves and UV-safe clothing are suitable for welding.

4.2. How can you weld with TIG welding machines?

Both hands are required for welding with a TIG welding machine. The hand torch is held in one hand. The torch is equipped with a tungsten electrode that is surrounded by protective gas. The so-called dome, so it is the tip of the tungsten electrode meant, is brought close to the workpiece until an arc occurs.

Then with your free hand it will Welding agent brought into the arc. Once the working temperature has been reached, the welding wire melts and the workpiece parts to be connected can be provided with a weld seam. By manually feeding in the electrode, it is now possible to control the melt formation very precisely. In this way, precise weld seams can be produced.

Igor Welder says about our comparison winner

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Our editorial team has put together 10 models from 8 different manufacturers for you to give you an optimal overview of the TIG welding equipment range. Discover this diversity for yourself in our TIG welding machine comparison! More information "

What do customers pay on average for a TIG welding machine from our TIG welding machine product comparison?

On average, customers spend around 436 euros on a TIG welding machine from our comparison. The cheapest TIG welding machine model is available from around 201 euros. More information "

How many customer reviews did the TIG welding machine receive with the most reviews in the TIG welding machine comparison?

Of the TIG welding machine models from our comparison, the TigMig TM 200 Tig HF received the most reviews so far. around 150 buyers shared their experiences with the product. More information "

Which TIG welding machine from our comparison was particularly impressive to the editors?

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TIG welding machines in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelMains connectionWelding machine typeOrder a TIG welding machine
Ipotools Super TIG 200DI (comparison winner)230 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
To eBay
Vector Welding New York 2500230 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
To eBay
Vector Welding Tokyo 2300 (price-performance winner)230 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
To eBay
Stamos S-WIG 200 IGBT230 VInert gas welding machineTo Amazon
To eBay
Vector Welding T2001B230 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
To eBay
GYS TIG DC 160230 VInert gas welding machineTo Amazon
To eBay
Steel mill CT 550 ST IGBT230 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
To eBay
TigMig TM 200 Tig HF230 VInert gas welding machineTo Amazon
To eBay
HST TIG MMA WSM 200230 VInert gas welding machineTo Amazon
To eBay
Tube HP-160L TIG240 VInert gas welding machine WIG & MMATo Amazon
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TIG welding machine recommendations

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