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French President Emmanuel Macron and his Brigitte - That's why their love almost burst ...

First they were enchanted, then France and finally the whole world ...

But the beautiful love story between Brigitte Macron (65) and France's president almost came to an end before it really started.

Because today's Première Dame des Landes - the most popular President's wife for decades (67 percent of the French like her!) - hesitated whether she even wanted to take the next step with Emmanuel (40).

The reasons weighed heavily: the age difference (25 years!) And the tiresome question of children ...

One day, a close friend said, Macron asked for her hand: “She was a little reluctant and I told her I don't see why, so she said to me, 'Do you realize how old he is and how old i am Maybe he wants to have children? ‘” Revealed Pascale Bourdel on French TV.

She replied: “And if it was Brigitte, in any case you are happy with him. Take the luck! "

"Was quite difficult"

But not only the progress was questionable, the start was even more bumpy, as Tiphaine Auzière (34), Brigitte's daughter, revealed in the TV documentary that France 3 has just broadcast (3.2 million viewers).

In the film “Brigitte Macron: A French Novel” Tiphaine chats from the sewing box: She was nine years old when she got wind of her mother's relationship - who was married at the time:

“I wasn't very old (…) I just know that it was pretty sparkling and obvious between them. And certainly quite difficult, given the situation of one and the other, ”says Auzière, who kept the name of her father André-Louis (67).

When this, a banker (to whom Brigitte had been married since 1974) found out about the affair, he completely freaked out and moved to Lille 150 km away, Maëlle Brun writes in her biography "Brigitte Macron: L'Affranchie" ")

That was in the summer of 1994 - shortly before that, the young Emmanuel (15) had revealed his love to his theater teacher at a Catholic school in Amiens in northeastern France ...

The unusual relationship was also not well received elsewhere: the parents (both doctors) quoted the teacher, who is already a mother of three, saying that she forbade her to interact with her son until he was 18:

Brigitte's answer: “I can't promise you anything” - whereupon Emmanuel was sent to Paris by his worried parents to finish school there.

The rest is history, because the secret love was stronger and lasted 13 years before he asked her in 2006 (their divorce was finally over) to marry him ...

It was not an easy time for her parents, whose family owns a well-established pastry shop in Amiens (famous for their almond biscuit macaron): Many saw the liaison à la “Harald and Maude” as a scandal. They were treated "like lepers", even neighbors turned away.

Confession of love

Brigitte does not want to talk about the scandalous story at the time. “But she confided in me that she lost all of her friends from one day to the next,” says biographer Brun.

Tiphaine Auzière emphasizes that her parents managed the separation in such a way that she and her siblings Laurence (41) and Sébastien (43) suffered as little as possible.

Her mother, who is considered her husband's “Spiritus Rector”, is quoted in the documentary: “I know I hurt my children, and that's the thing I blame myself most for. But if I hadn't made this decision, I would have missed my life. "

She has the blessing of her daughter: "If I should present a vision of love, it is Emmanuel and Mama," saysTiphaine. "When they're together, it's almost like the world doesn't exist."

In the end, Brigitte and Emmanuel married in 2007 in the elegant seaside resort of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage on the English Channel.

And their romance is certainly not over yet ...

Very macabre on the edge: The documentary compares the “Macron Affair” with the tragic case of Gabrielle Russier: The teacher in Marseilles and mother of two children turned the gas on in 1969 after she was sentenced to one year in prison for seducing her pupil (17). The case outrages and moves France to this day.

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