Is Indian food really spicy

Indian cuisine: spicy, hot, exotic

Indian food is a feast for the senses. The ingeniously seasoned dishes are traditionally served on the thali, a metal tray with small bowls that contain different dishes. Rice, naan bread and papadam are served to match. Sweet and savory lassis or juices are offered as refreshing drinks.

Indian cuisine: from north to south, from west to east

Aromatic, colorful, spicy to hot and diverse - this is the best way to describe Indian cuisine. But there is no such thing as one Indian cuisine: over the centuries, religious and cultural influences have had very different effects on the regions.

The North

India is the land of vegetarians. The north of India is an exception, however, with hearty meat dishes, mostly with lamb, goat or chicken. One of the most famous dishes is tandoori chicken, which is traditionally cooked in a tandor, a clay oven. Samosas, savory filled dumplings, also come from the north. Lovers of spices get their money's worth with Indian specialties, because the dishes are refined with cumin and saffron according to oriental influences. In addition, nuts and dairy products are often used and flatbread is served as a side dish.

The South

Biryani (rice dish, often with nuts), curry dishes and a lot of chili characterize the South Indian cuisine. The subtropical climate offers plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and coconut, which is added to many recipes as coconut milk. Rice is the classic accompaniment to most dishes. It is seasoned with curry, turmeric, ginger, garlic and tamarind.

The West

The cuisine of West India is the most varied due to the population structure. Pork dishes such as Vindaloo are on the menu as well as creative vegetarian dishes and legumes in the form of dal, for example. In addition to rice, millet is often used as a side dish.

The East

Many dishes from the East Indies are rather mildly seasoned. Cumin, mustard oil, fennel seeds or black cumin are preferred to chilli when seasoning. East Indian cuisine is known for desserts and sweets such as khir, an aromatic rice pudding, or sandesh, a confectionery-like specialty. As in the north, nuts are often processed.

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