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Extraversion is one of the five personality traits of the Big Five personality model. It shows how outward-looking and approachable someone is. For someone who has high extraversion scores on a personality test, life is one solemn festival. These individuals enjoy being around people, attending social gatherings, and being energetic. Someone with low extraversion scores is less outward-looking and likes to work alone.

People with high extraversion values ​​are sociable and enthusiastic

Those who have high extraversion scores on a career test tend to seek community and inspiration from other people. These people enjoy advocating for the outside world. They blossom when excited, are enthusiastic and action-oriented. In groups, they always attract attention.

The flip side of the coin is introversion. Introverts are less exuberant and energetic than extroverts. They are less involved in social activities and tend to be calm and reserved. Anyone who is introvert does not need outside stimulation as is the case with extroverts. Learn about your other Big Five personality traits and take a free personality test.

Sub-factors of extraversion

Each of the Big Five factors has six facets or sub-factors. These can be assessed independently of the character trait to which they belong in a personality test. The sub-factors of extraversion are:

  • warmth
  • Socializing
  • Assertiveness
  • activity
  • Thirst for adventure
  • happiness

Career and extraversion

Different professions require different levels of extraversion. High extraversion scores can be useful for jobs that require intense interaction with others, such as public relations, teaching, and sales. Occupations that are more about working independently and alone are better suited for those with lower extraversion scores.

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Many people have traits of different personality types. Extraversion is a feature of the five realms in the Big Five personality model, developed over decades by independent researchers. Numerous recruiters and career counselors use this model to test personality. Learn more about your work preferences and personality type. Take a free personality test now.