What do teachers think of shy students?

Shy students have really blossomed - "Teacher on the road" reports

DUSSELDORF. Thilo Pulch is a mobile English teacher. His work gives him a unique insight into many schools. In the interview, he reports on his experiences in the Corona period.

Pulch is German-Australian and a teacher. He tours regularly through German schools for a language course provider. He calls himself "Teacher on the road" - a teacher on tour. School classes from all over Germany invite him for an English lesson free of charge. He answers questions about Australia and gives tips on correct English pronunciation. In an interview, Thilo Pulch explains what is currently motivating Irish teachers to relocate their jobs to Greece and why he considers World Teachers' Day on October 5th to be particularly important this year.

Mr. Pulch, why is there actually a World Teachers Day?
UNESCO established this day to honor the important role teachers play in education. However, I think we should keep reminding us about it all year round. Especially during the corona pandemic, many teachers surpassed themselves and, in my opinion, were incredibly flexible. When the lockdown was announced in Germany, I was no longer able to take my agreed English lessons in the local schools and then quickly switched to online lessons. That also worked surprisingly well. Sure there was a problem with the image or sound transmission here and there, but the atmosphere was extremely constructive. The students did a great job. I attribute that to the commitment of everyone involved.

Is the corona pandemic changing the teaching profession?
We have all been forced to think new and different. What is already a reality in other countries, for example excellently equipped computer rooms, has finally come more into focus in Germany and will certainly change a lot. Our teachers are flexible even in completely different areas. We are currently sending native speakers from Ireland to Greece to teach English at our language schools there - a kind of teacher exchange. English courses abroad are booming wherever entry and exit are unproblematic and the number of cases of Corona on site is manageable.

What is your conclusion from the lockdown?
I noticed a lot of uncertainty at the beginning when I offered the online lessons. Parents and teachers were primarily concerned with data protection. The students had to get used to digital work materials. They really liked the fact that I was working more with videos online. And some class teachers have reported to me that rather shy students have really blossomed in voice and video chats. Some children seem to feel freer when all eyes are not on them. We teachers should keep this in mind as a didactic learning effect.

What will change for you personally in the future?
My very individual knowledge and teaching from Corona: I can imagine continuing my English lessons online in the future. If a school asks me to be a “teacher on the road”, I can theoretically teach the class the next day. In the end, everyone benefits from this - provided, of course, that the technology is right. In the meantime, however, I also like to come straight back to the classes and teach face-to-face. (PM)

Despite the certificate, teachers want to give face-to-face lessons “at their own request”