Is South Park worth seeing

South Park is the best series that nobody cares anymore

South Park is in its 23rd season and hardly anyone seems to care. Few other series are still so worth seeing in old age.

If a series runs too long, it will be bad. That is a unwritten law in the entertainment world. Many series suffer from the fact that their broadcasters simply cannot let go. 30 seasons Greetings from The Simpsons, as well as 17 seasons of Family Guy. Cartoons in particular are ideally suited to be extended forever, as their characters do not age.

But just because something works doesn't mean that it works. And so many series miss the chance to be a glorious end to find, and in the long run sink into mediocrity. South Park has also been around for a number of years. Yesterday, on 26.09.2019, started the 23rd season with us in Germany. But even if the cult cartoon had its slack time and again in the course of its time, it still keeps me going.

  • South Park is a different series today than it was ten years ago. satire has become more important.
  • This development was necessary because the taking up current topics constantly offers fresh material for a series that was actually already overdone.
  • Sad conditions The world is easier to cope with when South Park makes fun of it.
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South Park and the problem of long-lived series

What is it that makes South Park so good? It depends what South Park we're talking about. Because the series has changed. There was a time when the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman in the foreground. The satirical elements were only thrown in on occasion, and some episodes were entirely without social criticism.

This South Park was great, no question about it. But at some point every series, no matter how good, told its story, all of them Facets of their figures presents. As viewers, we now know how the people of South Park feel. The joke that Kenny dies on every episode became lame and predictable at some point. The creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also noticed this and have therefore left it for a long time.

The episode starring Scott Tenorman is unlikely to be forgotten by South Park fans.

The other characters inevitably reached their limits at some point. Since Eric Cartman processed Scott Tenorman's parents into chilli and gave him to eat, there has been nothing like him spoiled narcissist could do to shock us even more. This development also affects other series and can hardly be avoided. For the makers it must have been clear: South Park has to change in order not to end up like the Simpsons.

South Park continues to develop

By the 18th season at the latest, South Park changed enormously. First of all, the authors counted on one from then on continuous storyline within a season, instead of the usual, clearly delimited, individual episodes. Second, current topics and satire have been in focus more than before. The figures themselves only serve as a vehicle to convey social criticism.

Season 18 of South Park was a bit bumpy, but it got better after that.

Even if the new concept didn't convince me very much at the beginning, this was it radical step In retrospect, it is nevertheless necessary. Because South Park had long since lost momentum by this point.

The first season wasn't perfect either. The series took time to mature, and it took time to groov itself in and one masterful episode chasing the next. Season 18 was the Starting shotfor a new South Park and the past 22nd season shows what the concept can do once it really gets going.

Season 22: Half man, half bear, half pig

One story that spanned two episodes in season 22 really caught my eye. There is a reunion with a real one in episodes 6 and 7 South Park cult figure: The pig bear man, also called the man bear pig.

Many, many years ago, the South Park writers made fun of Al Gore with this monstrous fantasy creature. The former US presidential candidate had already drawn attention to the upcoming climate crisis in 2006 with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, but nobody wanted to listen to him at the time. Matt Stone and Trey Parker turned climate change into a reality metaphorical man bear pigthat existed only in Al Gore's mind.

South Park went along with the serious issue, as most people of the time did indifference at. Al Gore was portrayed as a madman, in his hunt for the male bear pig it was all about lifting himself onto a pedestal and presenting himself as a great savior.

South Park combines explosive topics

Last year the makers revised their attitude at the time. In season 22, the Man Bear Pig is real and raging in South Park. But although everyone can see the monster en masse Tearing innocent people to pieces, many people still don't believe in its existence.

Al Gore and the Pig Bear Man alone would have been enough to make an interesting episode. But through the concept of continuous action within a season, the authors had previously been able to establish other topics with current relevance in South Park. They then brought these into the episode in question and stacked theirs politically weighted running gags.

School shooters are everyday life at South Park Elementary School.

The police chief considers the man-bear-pig attacks to be School rampageswho no longer shock anyone in South Park because they have become part of everyday life. Like everyone else, he just wants to go home and play the Western video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

The entanglement of these different partly politically explosive, partly pop-cultural topics in absurd, satirical form makes South Park an excellent series even today, even if it now has different qualities than in its heyday.

The madness of the world needs South Park

Some may think of South Park as vulgar, brutal, and excessive. But for me it reflects rough cartoon just what I feel again when I watch what is going on in the real world.

South Park isn't much crazier than the real world either.

The great achievement of screenwriter Trey Parker is not that he conducts highly intellectual social analysis. South Park doesn't need to. The series is the same clumsy like the people, movements and phenomena it is about - and precisely for that reason so effective.

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With the help of humorous exaggerations, South Park draws attention to the absurd problems of reality and helps me with the Madness of the world to suffer. That's why I'm staying loyal to Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in season 23, which started yesterday on Comedy Central.

What do you think of South Park?