Why should we follow the rules of society?

"Adaptation to sick social conditions"

L.I.S.A .: Dr. Maaz, you have written a book about the psychological state or the state of mind of our society. As the title makes clear, your balance sheet is not good: “The wrong life. Causes and consequences of our normopathic society ”. Before we go into your analysis in detail, what made you write this book? What observations and considerations preceded the book project?

Dr. Maaz: As a doctor and psychotherapist, I practically live from the consequences of wrong life. Most people know, for example, that they are living the wrong way if they eat the wrong way, do not exercise enough, drink too much alcohol, smoke, do not allow themselves any time for relaxation, are under constant stress from performance and competitive pressure, etc. and they change it doesn't, despite better knowledge. Most of the time they cannot change it because they are victims of internal “drivers” that correspond to early educational patterns that one cannot simply give up and leave behind (for early imprints there is no “cure” in the sense of undoing, but at best “ Recovery ”through insight, understanding and laborious behavior corrections - ie“ recovery ”is a healthier way of dealing with the disorder).

But we are all also involved in social, political, moral, economic constraints, which often favor disrupted behavior (e.g. excessive demands for performance, perfectionism, cult of strength, excessive portrayal and selling, etc.), so that every movement comes from the required behavior draws out negative consequences. (During the GDR era, there was more courage, more critical faculties, more individualization, more openness - what served the purpose of "recovery" was immediately politically subversive and in capitalist Germany there is a risk of admitting weaknesses, one's own mistakes and limitations in order to admit the stress of performance mitigate the fact that one immediately loses "market value".)

We doctors live from the fact that people “finally” get sick, so that there is a chance to allow bitter knowledge about their own wrong life out of the experience of threat and suffering and to take efforts to recover by changing their lifestyle. And it always means struggle, confrontation and conflict with yourself and your social environment. With this medical experience and the scientific knowledge of developmental psychology, infant and toddler research and brain research, it was only a small step to typical, i.e. mostly effective, pathogenic influences of social life, caused by upbringing, economic, moral and religious compulsions Self-alienation of many people help identify and understand the development of a "normopathy".