Can you outgrow a kink

Cyber ​​Goth

The dead live longer. The cybergoth - also known as the glow stick - appeared on the black scene about 20 years ago. Obviously, people liked the styles of music that were popular in the scene at the time. Maybe it was ravers who discovered Gothic for themselves, or Gothics who liked techno. In any case, it was brightly colored, loud and quite annoying - from a Gothic point of view: neon-colored hairpieces and puffs on the legs, welding goggles and gas masks to extremely strenuous body movements that meant risk of injury when approached without warning.

The Cyber ​​Goth stunned the scene on the dance floor by appearing in larger groups, some of which presented astonishingly synchronous movements. One avoided the garish, loud, colorful, hectic candidates who wanted to force their way onto the scene, but did not at all fit in with the unwritten laws and behavior of the Goths. About ten years after his appearance, the Cyber ​​Goth became quieter. Either one had outgrown the style, or the hostility from the Gothic scene, for which the "glow worms" were a thorn in the side, had borne fruit. There are still isolated cybers at events and festivals and they are still not welcomed with open arms.

Typical clothes

It has to be colorful. As colorful as possible! The cyber girls often wear skimpy skirts and fishnet tights that end in brightly colored fluffy ankles. The tops are cropped and covered with torn tights. A mix of styles that brought elements of the rave scene into the black scene for the first time. Cyber ​​guys boasted pants that were way too big with ribbons and metal rings that made the staccato dance moves appear more dramatic.

Typical makeup

Since you can't see too much of the face due to gas masks, masks and huge hair pieces, the girls limit themselves to color-coordinated eye shadows and wide kohl lines. The guys are much more lazy about make-up and usually didn't use makeup. Now and then you can see bright stripes on your face and colorful lipstick.

Typical hairstyle

The hair is the main characteristic of cyber. Huge tufts of American gift ribbon look like plastic perms and take up a large part of the appearance. These Cxberlox shimmer in the brightest neon colors. Most of them were used to build complete hair pieces and braids. Experienced cybers with a larger wallet use dreadlocks in brightly colored shades that they can braid into their hair. So-called foams were also a hit. These are colorful foam rubber strips that functioned as an alternative to the Cyberlox, and looked like a portion of colorful noodles that was poured over the Cybergoth's head.

Typical music

The cyber prefers fast, technoid dance rhythms that are useful for his choreography. Bands from the genre Hellelectro and Aggrotech are particularly popular. Agonoize, Nachtmahr, Combichrist and Grendel cheered the audience and impressed with energetic stage shows. The music has survived the cyber glut, however, because the corresponding labels never tire of bringing new bands onto the market again and again.