What Jacksonville FL is known for

Jacksonville - Jax is a great place to live

Jacksonville may not be the most famous city in Florida. Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on the perspective. Holidaymakers who would like to get to know the authentic life of a city would definitely be in good hands in Jacksonville.

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Not only because this city is not (yet) flooded by tourists. But also because this city certainly has the potential to become a magnet for visitors. Of course, the competition in Florida is not to be sniffed at either. Cities like Miami and Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg have a clear lead over Jacksonville in terms of popularity. Why? Frankly, this is a mystery. Anyone who likes to combine well-kept urbanity with a sporty or relaxing stay on the water should definitely consider Jacksonville.

The water is omnipresent

What should the ideal holiday water be like - apart from clean, of course? Moved with lots of waves that roll up to the shore, sometimes gentler, sometimes wilder? Or rather calm and contemplative? In Jacksonville, guests are free to choose. The city is located directly on the Atlantic and accordingly there is good surf on the beaches - not always, but often. The surfers are happy about that. However, closer to the bank, jet skiers and bathers of all ages can also have fun. Even those who just like to let their eyes wander to the horizon, but otherwise value dry feet, will get their money's worth in Jacksonville.


Stroll the Jacksonville boardwalk

Because with the “Riverwalk”, the city has a promenade several kilometers long, which is a wonderful place to stroll. During the day you can meet employees here who spend their lunch break by the river. In the evening the restaurants, bars and bistros show their glamorous side and the guest can enjoy good food or a drink as well as the view of the interesting skyline of Jacksonville.

But wait a minute, the whole time there was talk of the Atlantic and now suddenly there is a “river walk”? Absolutely, because in addition to the ocean, the city also has a river to offer, the St. Johns River. Many sports are also possible on and in it; everything from kayaking to fishing is covered there. Public transport itself is an attraction, especially the small river ferries and water taxis.

"Jax" is green and healthy

Anyone who wants to pretend to be an insider immediately after landing (Jacksonville has an international airport) does not speak of "Jacksonville", but of "Jax". Americans love abbreviations and, as everyone must admit, Jacksonville is a very long name! "Jax" is an economically very successful and also one of the largest cities in the USA in terms of area. Lush, almost luxuriously large green areas, parks and public gardens ensure that it doesn't get crowded there anyway. Incidentally, this fact also makes Jax a wonderful destination for children. Here you have exactly the freedom and exercise that, combined with plenty of water and attractions suitable for children, is ideal for young visitors. By the way, parents will quickly learn to appreciate that too.

Not every traveler who comes to Jacksonville does so voluntarily. The city is also known as "America's Health Center". Here is one of three US locations of the Mayo Clinic and here cancer patients can get help with proton therapy, which is still extremely rare. The high level of health care is also underpinned by the fact that various global pharmaceutical companies are headquartered in Jax.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Where is the music playing here, please?

When night falls in Jax, it is not only worthwhile to admire the skyline from a bar, which is reflected dramatically in the water. You can also go out wonderfully in this city, in which there is absolutely no shortage of dance bars, small live music events and large concerts. Elvis Presley fans may want to check out The Florida Theater. Elvis gave his first “covered” concert there in 1955, after having performed in Wolfson Park the year before. In total, Elvis Presley has been to concerts in town eight times; most recently a few months before his death at the Old Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

A visit to Jacksonville is not only worthwhile for music lovers, but also for film buffs. Because what Hollywood is to modern film, Jax was in the silent film era. Around 120 "Silent Movies" were filmed here - and their story can still be easily traced.

Another relic from the past - and fortunately in this case - is the Kingsley Plantation. It shows how slaves once lived and worked on the plantations. The house of the former plantation owner can also be visited.