What are some traditional Hindu cuisines

Indian cuisine - hot and yet sweet

Indian meal - Biryani rice (Photo by: szefei / Depositphotos)

What is true of most Asian cuisines is also true of the Indian cuisine no different: it is unusual and means an interesting change for Europeans. It certainly takes a little open-mindedness and the courage to try something new, and it will quickly become apparent that these small hurdles can be overcome quickly.

Territory and Religion

The Indian food seduced with many meat dishesmade from lamb and chicken and at the same time can come up with an exquisite offer for vegetarians. If you don't make it so spicy, you should cling to recipes from the northern area, because the dishes there turn out to be milder.

The south, on the other hand, is indeed fiery, which of course has a background: being in the hot south spicy dishes consumed to stimulate sweat production, which in turn cools the body pleasantly.

The variety of Indian food is based on the different religions returned. In the Indian cuisine, among other things, the influences of the Hindus and Muslims flow together. Hindu food are exclusively vegetarian, while Muslims do consume meat, even if not completely unrestricted (no pork).

curry - Elixir of life of the Indians

Hundreds of years ago, the English and Portuguese made generous use of the Spice sources of the east. Spices were already in high demand back then.

In Indian cuisine it is curry that is almost never missing. The main component of the Curries is the turmeric, a spice plant belonging to the ginger family, which is responsible for the yellow coloration of the food. In India, however, “curry” is not only used to describe the spice, but also Meat dishes in spicy sauce. Almost every household has its own secret recipe.

Indian meals with rice are called thali and make colorful dishes (Photo by: subodhsathe.com / Depositphotos)

Indian meal - Thali

The extended one Rice culture in the east did not pass India by without a trace. Indian rice-based meals are called thali, and there are quite a few.

On round tableaus the meals are served that are in colorful metal bowls at the time and, in combination, conjure up a dreamy look.

It seems that the Indians love to color dishes yellow, which is why rice is often cooked with saffron. Saffron also gives off a yellowish color, apart of course from the fine aromas. "Biryani“Is called most elaborate rice dish refers to which is mainly prepared for weddings and other festivities.

Indian fish and meat dishes

Meat dishes in India tend to be eaten en masse, but various cooking practices have developed over time to make meat dishes particularly tender. An example of this is Lamb with yogurt. The most popular type of meat is that Chicken, as pork and beef are almost entirely avoided for religious reasons.

Courts on the agenda

The Indian Dal is a well seasoned one Mass of porridge, which is one of the staple foods of the Indians. Lentils and chickpeas are added to the Indian dal and then cooked over. The resulting porridge is seasoned with garlic and coriander.

The Naan - Indian flatbread (Indian: "chapati") is even considered a staple food in northern India. Chapati is made from very soft wholemeal flour and will probably accompany the Indian cooking tradition for centuries.

Every Indian household celebrates its own sauces, called "Chutneys". Chutneys are spicy side disheswhich, especially in the north, make a major contribution to the flavor of a dish. The thick sauce can also be enriched with pieces of fruit. Chutneys often consist of vegetables, are freshly prepared for every meal and also go well with curry.

Another Indian side dish is this Pickle, a fruit or vegetable mixture in oil, spices and salt. A recipe for it: Pickled ginger pumpkin

The heart-shaped paan leaf (begging pepper) is also an important part of an Indian wedding (Photo by: iphemant / Depositphotos)

Grand finale

Like the fortune cookies with the Chinese, this belongs Chewing begging pepper to a traditional one ritualwhich is done after just about every meal. The heart-shaped leaf is chewed along with slaked lime, spices and begging nuts. Begging pepper, too Paan called, plays in Indian medicinal medicine - the Ayurvedic medicine - an important role.

Paan has a digestive effect and the slaked lime it contains makes it more digestible for the stomach. The Far Eastern cuisine can come up with many delicious dishes.

Whether fiery hot, or something milder and sweet - India brings the perfection of taste to life.

The Top 10 Indian Recipes

We have put together for you the 10 most popular and well-known Indian specialties at a glance:

  1. Chicken Chicken Tikka masala
  2. Naan bread
  3. Aloo-Palak - spinach and potato curry
  4. Masala Dosa
  5. Fried vegetable pakoras
  6. Cauliflower curry with ginger yogurt with a mixture of five spices
  7. Butter chicken in a mild, spicy tomato sauce
  8. Chicken Malai Boti
  9. Indian mango lassi
  10. Indian chicken biryani

More Indian recipes Is there ... here.

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