How do you deal with disabled people

Background knowledge of inclusion

Associations for people with disabilities and the disabled movement

For many people with disabilities, it is still difficult to live their life the way they want to. That is why there are associations, clubs and groups that support people with disabilities. The groups of people with disabilities address problems of people with disabilities and demand improvement. For example, they talk to politicians, organize demonstrations or start signature campaigns. They also offer help for people with disabilities in everyday life. For example with residential facilities, advice centers or schools.

The disability movement also wants to achieve a self-determined life for people with disabilities. In the disability movement, people with disabilities come together. As a group, they work towards specific goals, such as personal assistance. Thanks to personal assistance, people with disabilities are now much better able to determine for themselves how they want to shape their lives.

Another group from the disability movement wants to set up a new course of study at the university: Disability Studies. The idea behind this is that it is better to research the experiences of people with disabilities. Personal experiences should show what life with a disability can mean. With this, the disabled movement wants to enable a different perspective. People with disabilities are therefore no longer objects of research. Rather, they are taken seriously with their problems and experiences.