How do I find the latest geothermal technology


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Geothermal energy - also known as geothermal energy - is an inexhaustible source of energy by human standards. If you penetrate into the depths from the surface of the earth, you will find an almost constant temperature of about 10 ° C for the first 100 m depth. Thereafter, the temperature rises by an average of 3 ° C with every further 100 meters, the deeper you go. This is called geothermal energy and it can be used with various technical processes to generate energy.

There are three different methods for this: near-surface geothermal energy (up to 400 m depth) and geothermal systems that use warm water available underground (up to approx. 4,500 m depth) and systems that use heat from the deep rock to generate electricity ( in specialist circles also called petrothermal geothermal energy), which currently penetrate to a depth of 5,000 m.

On January 1, 2009, the Renewable Energies Heat Act came into force. For new buildings, an obligation to use renewable energies in the heat supply is introduced. Geothermal energy can also be used, e.g. by means of heat pumps in combination with near-surface use of geothermal energy or district heating from a deep geothermal system.

Near-surface geothermal energy / heat pumps

Geothermal energy from near-surface geothermal energy is mostly used with the help of heat pumps. This form of geothermal use is also possible for private individuals. A building can be supplied with heating, cooling and hot water with a heat pump system. Efficient heat pumps are promoted in the market incentive program.

Deep geothermal systems for generating electricity and / or heat are also funded by the market incentive program.

Deep geothermal energy

Geothermal systems for power generation are funded by the federal government with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The EEG offers a high level of planning and investment security thanks to its fixed remuneration rates and a 20-year remuneration period. There is an entitlement to feed-in remuneration for the electricity generated from the respective network operator (energy supply company).

Deep geothermal systems for generating electricity and / or heat are also funded by the market incentive program.

In the area of ​​deep geothermal energy, research funding plays an important role. You can find out which priorities are set in research funding from the current funding announcement.