Prices are high in Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte - rather unknown and yet so important

Is Charlotte just a female first name for you? That's a shame, especially if you are planning a trip to the USA. Then the largest city in the US state North Carolina should definitely be considered as a travel destination.

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A super-class financial mecca | Without exaggeration: culture without end | Charlotte has inspiring museums | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | Charlotte also cuts a fine figure in the fresh air | Children love Charlotte too

Why? Well, Charlotte has so much quality of life to offer that it has the largest number of arrivals in the entire United States. Because despite the above-average lifestyle, the cost of living in Charlotte is above average. Of course, travelers also benefit from this.

A super-class financial mecca

New York - everyone knows. Wall Street - almost everyone knows it too. But Charlotte? If you want to have a say in the world of money and finance, you should remember this name. Because after New York, Charlotte is the second most important financial center in the USA and naturally also takes one of the top places in the global ranking. Important and large banks such as Bank of America have their headquarters here.

The power of money radiates. The economy is booming in Charlotte, unemployment is extremely low, but there is a large range of restaurants and luxury retail outlets. Even if the prices are affordable, a few extra dollars for a nice shopping spree will certainly be welcome. By the way, Boomtown Charlotte got its name from the German noblewoman Charlotte von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who lived with the English King Georg III. has been married.


Without exaggeration: culture without end

If the economy is doing well, then culture will not gnaw on starvation either. Charlotte is a great example of this. If you only come to visit for a few days, you won't know what to do first and what last. Ballet or opera? Rock concert or chamber music? Classic or modern art? Or would you prefer to end up with a menu in a Michelin-starred restaurant and then dance the night away in a hot club? Whatever the answer, Charlotte has the offer. During the day, museums and galleries also attract guests and locals. A few selected examples: In the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art (420 South Tryon Street), super-class modern art awaits viewers. The impressive building, which was designed by the architect Mario Botta, houses the once private collection of the Swiss Bechtler family.

Charlotte has inspiring museums

Can it be a couple of names? Here you are: Works by Warhol, MirĂ³ and Giacometti, among others, are on display. A museum that is really inspiring.

The Mint Museum (2730 Randolph Road) is recommended for anyone interested in traditional American art and ceramics. Here, the building itself is already history. American coins were once minted within its walls.

Those interested in the city's history should head to The Charlotte Museum of History (3500 Shamrock Drive). The exhibition and the history of the building (also) provide information about American community and citizenship.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Charlotte also cuts a fine figure in the fresh air

A holiday always includes a bit of exercise and fun in the fresh air. Charlotte offers many opportunities to do this. Dozens and dozen of parks and nature reserves invite you to go boating and cycling, climbing and hiking and of course picnicking. Water rats will appreciate Lake Norman and for adventure natures the U.S. National Whitewater Center has a few extremely rugged kayaking routes up its sleeve. Mind you, these are all just a few examples from an almost inexhaustible repertoire of leisure activities that, overall, should leave nothing to be desired.

Children love Charlotte too

Anyone who is on vacation with the family does not need to worry about the well-being of the little ones. There is plenty to do for children and teenagers in this young and affluent city. Amusement parks, adventure trails and facilities where learning and discovery become real fun are more than enough for a long stay.