What should I never do in bed

10 things a strong woman should never do in bed

There is a strong woman in each of us. Nevertheless, you've probably done something that went completely against your principles - and then you felt accordingly. You never want that again and especially not in love? Then you should stay a strong woman between the sheets who just doesn't need certain things!

Don't let yourself be forced

"Would you love me ..." Yes, then in his opinion you would do exactly what he wants. Whether you want it or not. But what you want is crucial, because you are not an inflatable sex doll, but a woman with feelings, desires, needs - and dislikes. You don't want to suck him? Even if all your friends do it and only you don't want it - then don't do it either! You alone decide for yourself what to do and what not.

Was just fun?

"Well, you fancy chocolate again?" Yes. And if so. No man in the world has the right to make “funny” comments about your body. If you both find this funny, that's fine too, but most women feel more offended by such remarks. Even if he were an Adonis himself, the only appropriate reaction to such sayings is: "Not like that, friend!"

No foreplay - no aftermath?

But it should have repercussions if he thinks that foreplay is not so important. From a male point of view, he's not entirely wrong, men often really don't need it. It's not just about him, it's about you too. If he doesn't listen to your need for foreplay, you shouldn't consider any of his requests necessary.

Fake orgasms

Honestly, the faked climax is actually only for his self-esteem. In the same way, you could say you are tired of it - the result would be the same. Better tell him what he can do to help you climax too. Or kick him out if he purposely doesn't bother about you.

Latex allergy? Naturally…

For men, thanks to modern, wafer-thin condoms, the feeling can hardly be distinguished from real skin contact. In the past, all the excuses were perhaps understandable, then the condoms of today weren't available either. Today, however, such a ruthless man exposes you to the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Don't let that offer you.

In, out - done?

Before he does that to you, you'll probably be through with him sooner! If he thinks he can satisfy you with the quick in-out number, he's cut himself. That may be sufficient for men, in fact they often do not have the standard of a woman. But as long as he wants to go to bed with you, he can do better.

Always the same game

It's almost as boring and stupid as the in-out number when he always does the same thing. Missionary position, maybe a little foreplay, but nothing that you don't already know. Women need a change and are bored in bed when things always go the same way. If he doesn't respond, even if you rub it under his nose, he just doesn't deserve you.

Do not deny your fantasies

You are right the way you are. Your figure is good the way it is, your performance on the job is just right - and no one has anything wrong with your erotic fantasies. Point! Does the guy see it differently? Is he putting you in a strange light just because he doesn't share your fantasy? At this point you should ask yourself what else he's doing in your bed if he can't handle it more grown-up!

No conversation, no sex

You have already tried several times to talk to him about the fact that you don't like some things in bed, but he just keeps going or alternatively doesn't want to talk about it at all? Then he has bad luck from now on, because what do you get from unsatisfactory, boring sex?

His ex then ...

... nice for him! He compares you to her, tells you the old stories from back then and doesn't know any other subject than what was so great about her? It's great for him that he has such good memories of his ex. Because if he compares you to her, the last bed story or any other woman, he can do it all by himself in the future while you catch someone who is really emotionally free and ready for you.


Photo: MilosStankovic / Getty Images