How many Americans have a second citizenship

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I am a German-American dual citizen and would like to join the US Army voluntarily. What do I have to consider?

In principle, voluntary entry into foreign armed forces since 01.01.2000 without the prior consent of the Federal Ministry of Defense constitutes a reason for losing German citizenship.

As of July 6, 2011, the procedure has been simplified for certain countries. Accordingly, consent is now deemed to have been granted for Germans who are also citizens of

- Member States of the European Union (EU),

- Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA),

- Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or

- States on the list of countries in accordance with Section 41 (1) of the Residence Ordinance

and have entered the armed forces of one of these states. The USA, among others, also fall under this regulation. A separate application is therefore no longer necessary. The consent is deemed to have been given. However, the entry must not have occurred before July 6th, 2011 in order to be able to refer to this general approval.

With which passport do I travel as a German-American dual citizen?

You should have both your US passport and your German passport with you.

You enter and leave the USA with your US passport, and you enter and leave the Federal Republic of Germany with your German passport.

When traveling to third countries, you should find out about the respective entry requirements.