What if everyone but you is gone


freely based on Rudyard Kipling


When everyone but you lose their heads

and think it's your fault

if you dare, although they stir up doubts,

look at their reason for doubt anyway,

if, waiting, you don't get tired of waiting,

if you, lied to, do not deal with lies,

if you, hated, will not degenerate into hate,

you get nothing out of it and don't talk too cleverly:


If you control - dreaming does not control you,

when you own the mind - not you the mind owns,

when triumphs equal disasters

and both value just flashes like counterfeit money;

When you stand for the truth from your mouth

which, twisted by the pack, would turn into a noose,

and your whole life's work perishes,

you bow undeterred to the new beginning:


If what you ever won in one round

you now risk heads or tails in the game

and fail and rise again to the hour,

not even sighing the bad luck in the game;

when you master your heart and mind to hold

the own track that everyone left long ago,

and, even avoided, you can keep your nerve

inspired by the wish that the true way is this:


When you keep virtue from the crowd

and before the king your high spirit,

neither enemy nor friend can push you into a corner,

when someone likes to show you favor, never reluctantly;

when you have the unforgivable minute

after sixty strokes not robs you of calm,

is your the world and everything good in it,

and - more than that, son - you lift your head as a man!