PayPal is a digital wallet

Cashless payment: do you already have PayPal as a mobile wallet?

PayPal is probably the best-known service for cashless payments - and with good reason.

Easy, quick and, above all, safe.

For me, the most annoying scenario when transferring money between friends is when you receive a picture of an EC card and then have to type in the IBAN for online banking .. Seriously?!?!

PayPal optimizes this process and is much more than an alternative to credit cards, direct debit & Co in the online shop - in combination with the smartphone, the payment service has blossomed into a mobile wallet.

I've been using PayPal for ages and have only had good experiences with the service so far. My friends are slowly beginning to understand the advantage and sign up.

If you are interested in PayPal and cashless payments, please use this link to register. With a successful registration and a first use, we both receive € 10 starting credit on PayPal.

PayPal works that easy

The PayPal registration is very easy:

  • Open the account with email address and password
  • Store bank details or credit card information once
  • And cashless payment can start right away

Email address and password replace bank details or credit card information in all payment processes and thus increase security immensely.

You can use PayPal from any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or PC.

PayPal OneTouchTM function for even more convenient use

If entering your email address and password is still taking too long, you can activate the OneTouchTM function. This means you stay permanently logged in and can pay with just one click.

Of course, this function can be deactivated at any time to prevent misuse by other smartphone, tablet or PC users.

My PayPal experience with these functions

Since I've been using PayPal since 2008, I've had some transactions and experiences with PayPal. Most of the times I've paid in shops online, but the following features are also very useful.

Sending money among friends made easy

All you need is the recipient's email address. This and the amount to be sent are entered and PayPal processes the payment.

Payment is made in seconds and you will receive a confirmation by email or push notification.

If the recipient does not have PayPal yet, PayPal can also help with opening a PayPal account if necessary.

Sending euros is free within the EU and among friends. If the recipient is based in another country or if a foreign currency is to be sent, PayPal charges fees. There are also costs for the recipient for commercial use.

Collecting money becomes child's play

Gone are the days when you had to chase after your hidden or laid-out money and heard:

“I don't have any cash with me, I'll give it to you tomorrow! Please remind me again. "

With PayPal, there is no longer any need to freely pass on bank details for the purpose of collecting money for a joint gift.

There are two ways of requesting money privately in PayPal:

  • Create a link
  • Share MoneyPool

Send link

You can easily create the link. You send this to your friends and wait for them to pay with PayPal.

For example, my link is:

Create and collect MoneyPool

The procedure for collecting with a MoneyPool is also very simple and user-friendly. You can create a MoneyPool page directly in your PayPal account.

There you put the plan and the target amount and share the link with your friends. In the MoneyPool you always have an overview of how much money has already been raised.

Free returns sweeten online shopping

If the product was paid for with PayPal and is to be returned, PayPal will reimburse the costs for the return up to a maximum of 25 euros 12 times a year.

Of course, this only works if the online shop doesn't offer free returns.

This is not only beneficial for customers, but also for small online providers who cannot afford the free return shipping and, thanks to PayPal, no longer have to lose customers.

Other functions with which PayPal makes life more comfortable

  • Send digital PayPal gift cards
  • Send money using the Skype app
  • Pay with Shell SmartPay at the Shell petrol station without leaving your car
  • Send money with Siri when you don't have a free hand
  • Free travel cancellation insurance if the trip was paid for with PayPal
  • Use the NFC smartphone for contactless payments with Vodafone Wallet and PayPal

Which role are you most interested in? Please write me in the comments.

Conclusion on cashless payments: Get PayPal!

I guess you already noticed with my blog that I really like digital tools and apps. PayPal is a huge optimization for me when paying.

Both online payments, i.e. in online shops, are processed super quickly and easily, as well as sending money among friends.

I am very happy if you recognize the advantages of digital and cashless payment for yourself and my contribution has helped you.

Again the hint.

If you want to get PayPal now, with my link you will be credited 10 € when you register and after the first use!

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