How do you overcome the identity crisis

Overcoming an identity crisis

Explore your options.Many people who have been fired or otherwise lost their job or their status have the feeling that they are stuck in a life crisis without really knowing what they are doing now and how they can get everything back on track. Some experts advise that after quitting a job you loved to do, it is often best to find other options and ways in which you can do the same work in a different environment.[21]
  • Consider freelance work in your chosen field of work. Even if this is not your ideal idea of ​​a job, you can continue to work in the area that you enjoy, that can give you new meaning in life.[22]
  • Network with others. Some jobs are not advertised at all, but only given to internal employees. That is why it is so important that you network with other experts in your field. It opens doors for you to new opportunities that you would otherwise miss, and it can make you feel like part of a larger community of like-minded professionals.[23]
  • Develop new habits to help you achieve your goals. If you keep doing the things you've been doing for years, it probably won't get you very far. Work hard to make the changes you need.[24]