Why am I not carrying a wallet?

What is it: it has two legs, a misshapen bump at the back and is slightly curved? No, not a zombie with a backpack. We're talking about men who stuff their back pockets with purses. About 90 percent, according to the subjective assessment of style advisor Bernhard Roetzel, would regularly transform into urban marsupials in this way. And all of that for what? So that you don't have to put a bag around your neck.

Isn't it absurd? Then the man buys a really wonderful pair of pants. It doesn't have to be just any one, it has to be a very specific one. He's ready to spend a lot of money on them. And then the good piece is deformed by a grotesque bulge because he can't think of a better place for bills, coins and cards. It's like a woman buying a Birkin bag to carry around with a toaster, two bread knives and motor oil.

But let's ask the experts how the accommodation of the finances works on the bottom: "To put it mildly: unfavorable", thinks style advisor Roetzel. "Especially with tight-fitting trousers, a wallet is extremely bulky". Depending on the cut, it hangs under the buttock or sits - as with jeans in the design of the eighties - in the middle and protrudes ugly. "This is actually only feasible with old-fashioned grandpa pants that are cut very wide and have a spacious bottom". But doesn't the optics matter anyway?

What is remarkable about it, by the way, is that most men apparently not only have the same type of wallet (the market would probably get by with a single model made of black leather the size of a deck of cards), but also carry it for a walk in the same place, namely at the back on the right. If it is not there at the moment, you can recognize the purse animal by the characteristic hole in the right back pocket that forms after a short time.

Physiotherapists consider this type of accommodation to be questionable, because this type of money transport places one-sided stress on the spine. Most men, on the other hand, find this practical. Because this means that you always have contact with your money and can feel whether it is in its place. Some of them prefer to sit on it right away, which is why they don't take out their wallets even when driving. With particularly thick specimens, the blood circulation can be interrupted or the nerve pinched off - not a good prerequisite for the right leg when you are on the highway.