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The difference between traditional and simplified Chinese

Translations into Chinese make perfect sense, after all, China is one of the world's fastest growing economies. There are many dialects in Chinese, such as Mandarin or Wu, and two standard character sets: traditional and simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese

This character set is used in main China and by people of Chinese descent in Singapore. The characters have fewer lines and dashes. They are also easier to remember and easier to write. The Chinese government wants to use these simplified characters to promote literacy. The simplified writing system is officially used in the People's Republic of China and Singapore.

Traditional Chinese

This character set consists of the traditional Chinese characters and is used outside of main China (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas territories).

The difference

In the simplified character set, around 2,000 characters have been replaced by simpler characters with fewer bars and lines, and various variants have been removed.

This is what the Chinese word for "country" looks like in traditional and simplified spelling:

Simplified or traditional?

It is easy to determine in which regions Simplified or Traditional Chinese is written. Simplified Chinese is used in main China (People's Republic of China) and Singapore. In Hong Kong, Taiwan or Malaysia traditional Chinese characters are used for writing.

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