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Great orientation “Lenormand. Great layout from Lenormand at home Great layout

Working with Lenormand cards is very different from working with other prediction systems such as TAROT cards, runes, normal cards, etc. Simple images of cards are easily perceived by our subconscious. After a little practice learning to control the meanings of the cards, you will resonate with the deck and interpret even large layouts with no difficulty. You just see a picture of the answer to your question or a picture of future events.

It is better to work with cards with small layouts made up of multiple cards. As you gradually complicate the layouts, you will master those that use the entire deck. However, take the time to tackle the big hands until you feel comfortable with every single card.

Remember that working with cards is like magic. As you interpret the alignment, turn to your subconscious. Before you start work, you need to give it a chance to tune in. It is good if you choose a stone and grass (based on individual horoscope data) that will help your subconscious. During the alignment, nothing should distract: no background noise, no voices, no smells.

When you feel close to the element of fire, a burning candle will also help you focus. Also, the cards need to have a permanent location from which you can bring them to work. It is advisable to wrap the cards in a piece of black natural fiber cloth (preferably wool).

Before shuffling cards, it is necessary to completely forget about any non-layout related issues. Become a clear, transparent crystal ready to receive the flow of information. Fully focus on the question of interest and shuffle the cards. Stir until you feel that the cards have taken their positions. This can feel like a slight resistance from the cards to the shuffling. As soon as you feel that moment, you immediately begin to lay out the cards.

When creating the layout, first try to capture the vibration of the entire layout as a whole, without going into the details of individual cards. Listen to yourself, to your body. What feelings, sensations, associations do you have? Try to see a picture of the answer. After you have a general idea of ​​the layout, start studying the layout in sections according to the following plan.

In this chapter you will find many layouts that you can use to find the answer to various questions and to make a forecast for the period of time that you are interested in. We recommend that you master the layouts in the order given and gradually move on to more complex ones. Do not approach the solution of world problems immediately, but first learn to answer the simplest everyday questions accurately and completely.

And only when you feel safe do you adopt more responsible and difficult ones. Above all, avoid predicting death and serious illness first. Think about the karmic responsibility you take on in mispredicting such important events.

Lenormand cards are a great tool that will help you organize your life more conveniently and better understand yourself and the people around you.

Large Lenormand layout

General characteristics.

This layout is used in cases where it is necessary to make a detailed forecast for a specific time period. Before shuffling, you need to mentally establish a program for the cards - decide what period of time to study.

Usage procedure.

Shuffle the cards and have the questioner remove the deck with his left hand. Then take the deck (face down) and lay out the cards in the order shown.

Layout structure.

The gift (3 cards in the lower left part - 35, 21, 19). Show daily problems. What is happening around a person in the present moment and what affects their condition in some way.

Feelings (7 cards in clubs - 11, 7, 5, 1, 6, 8, 12). Refers to emotions, matters of the heart, friendship, faith. In this part we look at those topics that worry us, that worry us and that are subjectively of high importance.

family (3 cards top left - 29, 15, 13). Cards in this group reveal the immediate surroundings and can show relatives or close friends (“family friends”). Here we find information about people who are close and dear to us.

job (3 cards on the top right - 14, 16, 30). This group reveals a person's social status, the place a person occupies in society, their livelihood. This is where the cards can show people who are connected at work.

fate (3 cards in the lower right part - 20, 22, 36). Representing fate. These maps show the most important events that will occur in the period under review and indicate the direction for further development. Pay special attention to this part - it may contain advice or caution.

Card disclosure scheme


Notice where the questioner's card is. Your presence on the open line will highlight this issue. It means that this problem comes first in a person's life. Take a closer look at this line.

Feelings... If the questioner's card is one of these cards, we are dealing with a person who is currently being driven by emotions.

The gift... A person devotes too much energy and attention to current affairs. "The liquid is stuck."

fate... The main events are in the future. A person is able to think about plans or anticipate some important events. He recognizes the need for change and is ready to accept it.

family... The main concerns of a person are related to the home and family.

job... The main question that needs to be resolved has to do with making money or a career.

The presence of the questioner's card next to the open line is the same, but to a lesser extent. Watch out for neighboring, neighboring cards. They provide additional information on the status of the consultation.

Brief spread

General characteristics.

This layout is used for a more detailed study of a topic. The combination of cards and their distance or proximity to the questioner's card already play a role in this.

Usage procedure.

Before shuffling, remove the questioner's card from the deck and place it in the center. Shuffle the cards and remove them. Unfold as shown in the picture.

Layout structure.

First part.

Contains positions 9, 1, 16, 8, 7, 15. They reveal the past of the problem in question. What has already been done, the forces that have shaped the current situation.
9 - external forces of the mental plane. Outside ideas, advice or help from someone.
1 - own ideas and plans in the past. What does the questioner himself hope to fix on this question.
16, 8 - past events of the physical plane. The card in position 8 has more power due to its proximity to the questioner's card. The map in position 16 only supplements and corrects it.
7 - feelings, emotions that were in the past.
15 - Feelings and emotions of the subconscious that had an influence. Ultimate motifs that often cannot even be realized.

Second part.

Contains positions 10, 2, 6, 14. Shows the current status of the questioner in this question.
10, 2 - "What's in the head". What the consultant thinks about the matter at the moment. The card in position 10 has a weaker meaning.
6, 14 - "What is in the soul". How does the advisor feel about this matter? It often happens that the upper cards reveal the declared values ​​and attitudes, and the lower - those internal motivations that actually guide a person's actions.

The third part.

Contains positions 11, 3, 4, 12, 5, 13. Lifts the veil of secrecy about the future.
4, 12 - reveal the main events on the physical plane. The map in position 12 can show more distant consequences.
3 - how a person will judge the current situation.
11 - the evaluation of others or the relationship to social norms.
5, 13 - emotional state in the future. The card in position 13 has a weaker meaning.

Numerological orientation

General characteristics.

Used to study the evolution of a specific problem. In the course of this layout, the numerological meaning of each card is actively used. When interpreting this layout, each card is only interpreted in the key of the position occupied - card combinations are not taken into account.

The order of work and the structure of the layout.

Focus on the question, shuffle the cards. After you stop shuffling, lay the deck face down.
Take the top card and put it in position 1.

1. Position 1 - This position shows the background to this problem. The past that affects the current situation. The number of this card determines the next one, as the past defines the present. Look at the number of this card and count the card from above (without shuffling it!) With the appropriate serial number.
Place the card found in this way in position 2.

2. Position 2 - shows the state of the problem and the forces at work in the present. The number on this card defines the next, while the present defines the future.

3. Position 3 - the future.

Now we need to find the fourth card - advice on what to do, what principles to adhere to in the emerging situation. The Council is determined by three factors - what we have determined in the past, what we will do in the present, and what awaits us in the future. Therefore it is necessary to add up the numbers of all three cards. The resulting number corresponds to the card recommendation.


In this case, if the number of cards in position 1 or 2 is greater than the number of cards remaining in the deck (this can be # 36 CROSS and # 35 ANCHOR), we end the deal, take out the specified card and listen to her Interpretation on.

ANCHOR speaks of the ability to shape subsequent events as we need them.

The CROSS speaks of the influence of higher powers whose trade for some reason we cannot know. In such a situation one has to be ready to accept whatever is sent by fate;

If adding the card numbers results in a number greater than 36, we keep adding the numbers.

For example:

33 + 26 + 22 = 81

If the number of the council card is already included in the first three cards, the situation is quite simple and does not require card advice.
The presence of cards number 28 or number 29 in the layout indicates a strong influence on a person's question.

"Seven Houses" layout

General characteristics.

This alignment is good to use when you need to make a fairly detailed forecast for a short period of time. As practice has shown, the events predicted by this alignment will occur within the next month.

Usage procedure.

Before starting the layout, remove the questioner's card from the deck and place it in the center. Shuffle the cards and arrange them as shown.

Layout structure.

In this layout, the cards are divided into groups of three. Three cards from the same group are interpreted together. Each group has its own meaning. The logic of combining three symbols into one concept is as follows: the first card symbolizes the ground, the initial conditions; the second - the forces at work, the changes that are taking place; The third is the result.

Interpretation of groups (numbers from left to right clockwise):

Group 1. Provides information about the general condition of the questioner in the examined period, his thoughts and feelings, sometimes his state of health.

Group 2. The closest environment - family, relatives, closest friends, and all emotionally close people. These cards show who will be near the advisor in the near future, on whose help or support he can count on.

Group 3. This group reveals hopes and desires. If there are clearly inappropriate cards here (e.g. # 8, # 21, # 36, etc.), they show the questioner's concerns or doubts.

Group 4. Here we see the advisor's actual plans that they will implement in the near future.

Group 5. A group of unexpected influences that the consultant has not yet felt and which he has to face. Cards in this group can show both help and obstacles.

Group 6. Opens the immediate future. Events of the next two weeks.

Group 7. Indicates more distant events that will occur in the remaining two weeks.

Search layout

General characteristics.

The layout can be used to find people or lost items. The importance of the positions is based on the importance of the houses accepted in astrology.

Usage procedure.

Before you start shuffling, you need to choose a card that represents the loss.

If we are looking for a person, it is best to name them:

No. 28 MAN,
No. 29 FRAU or:
No. 13 CHILD.

In rare cases, animal cards can be used:

# 7 SNAKE - an intruder;
FO14 FOX - cheater;
# 15 BÄR - patron saint, boss, etc .;
THE18 THE DOG is a friend.

When looking for an item, we need to choose a card that describes the loss as accurately as possible. Confusion can arise at this stage. So try to be creative. Here are some guidelines for the notation:

No. 1 RIDER - all means of communication: telephone, pager, fax, etc., information carriers: cassettes, floppy disks, floppy disks;
Ship No. 3 - a car and any means of transport;
№ 9 BOUQUET - This card can be used to mark anything if it is valuable as a gift.
No. 10 KOSA - stabbing and cutting objects, knives, tools, weapons;
№21 MOUNTAIN - semi-precious and semi-precious stones;
№25 RING - jewelry;
№ 26 BOOK - books and printed matter;
# 27 LETTER - letters, documents;
# 33 KEYS - keys and small metal objects;
№34 FISH - money, valuable things. Color cards (No. 2 CLOVER, No. 9 BOUQUET and No. 30 LILIES) can be used to mark works of art, beautiful things and clothing.
No. 31 THE SUN is associated with gold,
No. 32 MOON - with silver.

After the lost card has been selected, the deck is thoroughly shuffled and placed face down in the order shown in the picture. Next, you need to find the card you selected. Only the starting position and two neighboring cards are interpreted. The rest of the cards are not studied.

Layout structure.

In this layout, the cards are divided into groups of three, which we usually call houses by analogy with astrological traditions.

House values:

First house. Indicates the personal location of the questioner, a place or room in which he spends a lot of time or keeps his personal belongings. The lost one is close by somewhere and will soon be found. The time spent searching is calculated in minutes or hours.

Second house. The lost item can be one of your valuables. It can be a safe or a box that you keep cash in. Indicates where you keep money, valuables, or jewelry boxes. The search takes some time - from several hours to three days.
Direction - east of the northeast.

Third house. This house is responsible for neighbors, brothers and sisters, relatives (aunts and uncles), a place of study. Try looking for places to keep books, papers, letters, and stationery, possibly even in a mailbox or in your car.
Direction - north-north-east.

Fourth house. The place to look is your own home. Elderly relative's room, kitchen, places where the earth is stored (garden around the house). In a broader sense - parental home, home. The article will be found within a few days.
The direction is north.

Fifth house. Children's rooms, bedrooms, entertainment options (theaters, exhibitions, gambling houses, discos, etc.). Lover. The thing is not in sight and needs a more thorough search.
Direction - north-north-west.

Sixth house. Place of employment, meetings. State institutions. Polyclinics.A room in a house that is rented or used as an office. Places where pets are. That thing is well hidden and you have to spend a lot of time searching.
Direction - west of the northwest.

Seventh house. Personal belongings of your spouse, business partner. But most of the time, if there is a lost item card, it is stolen and its return is very doubtful.
Direction - west.

Eighth house. This house is extremely inconvenient. The thing can be quite spoiled or decomposed, the person is in danger.
The direction is southwest.

Ninth house. Institutes, universities, churches. Higher organizations, the boss's workplace. Either way, what you are looking for is far enough away from you. The search can take several months.
Direction - south-south-west.

Tenth house. Workplace, employer. The place of your home where you usually do business. A lost item can be where you think you have lost it or left it. The time spent searching is calculated in days.
Direction - south.

Eleventh house. This house manages the places where papers and degrees are kept. Club rooms or just a meeting point for friends. The house has a living room. The time spent on the search is calculated in weeks.
Direction - south-south-east.

Twelfth house. This house describes places that are difficult to access or places of isolation. Places where medicines and various chemicals are stored. He runs secret enemies, prisons, hospitals. If the selected card ended up in this house, the item is very well hidden and difficult to find.
Direction - east from southeast.

Gypsy layout

General characteristics.

This alignment can be used when it is necessary to identify the most important events in a person's life that will occur in the time interval of interest to us. Just like in the previous layout, before shuffling the cards we need to determine the period of time that we want to study.

In interpreting this orientation, it is important to consider not only the independent meaning of each card, but also its position in relation to the questioner's card and its relationship to other cards.

Usage procedure.

Focus and shuffle the cards. Have the questioner remove the deck twice with his left hand. We now have 3 parts of the deck. Flip it over so that the bottom card is exposed. These three cards give us background information about the situation before the layout is made.

The combination of three cards shows us the deep inner state of the questioner, his unconscious motives that guide his actions and shape the corresponding events. After interpreting these 3 cards, connect the deck. Shuffle again and focus on the information received. Lay out the cards as shown in the illustration.

We now begin to interpret all card combinations. The decisive and turning point of the interpretation is the questioner's card. The entire interpretation is based on the location of this map. This means that the meaning of each card must match its position relative to the questioner's card.

Gypsies call this form of interpretation "drawing a cross into the past, present and future". The meaning becomes immediately clear once you know the meaning of each position.

Layout structure.

The future begins in the part in front of the questioner's card on the right side of the layout. You can find out past events by examining the cards behind the questioner's card on the left side of the layout. Everything above the questioner's card means either real events or those expected or planned in the near future.

Hence, this vertical upward line is the threshold between the present and the future. All cards under the questioner represent, figuratively called by the gypsies, "that which we stamp our feet" - in psychoanalytic terminology "suppressed" - we suppress these feelings or events in ourselves or try to forget.

Inner square. Eight cards in close proximity to the questioner's card. Reveals key events in the counselor's life.

Gypsy cross. A traditional form of the gypsy interpretation. The connection is made between all the cards that are on the horizontal and vertical lines from the questioner's card. Shows a consistent time chain from the past to the future.

Diagonals. Additional information for exploring the past and the future. The upper diagonals represent conscious actions, planned events that are understandable for the questioner. The lower diagonals make it possible to study hidden motives, inner desires, everything secret and incomprehensible.


The questioner's card is not always in the center. This should also be taken into account when interpreting:

The questioner's card is moved to the left. The counselor has completed an important phase in his life, completed a certain cycle of his development, and now his main thoughts and plans are for the future. The past doesn't matter.

The questioner's card is moved to the right. At present, the person who has come for advice has to deal with the past. Here lies the key to solving real-world problems. The future is not yet predetermined and depends on what action he takes now.

The questioner's card is moved up. Feelings play an important role in the counselor's life. It is likely that he is at the mercy of the unconscious at the moment (according to Freud, the unconscious is unrealized instincts that are not allowed to enter consciousness due to a conflict with the requirements of social norms).

The questioner's card is moved down. In front of us is a person who can realistically assess what is happening and control the situation. However, having negative cards on top may indicate undue concern about non-existent, trumped-up problems and fears.

The layout is made for a woman.

It's complex and not easy to disassemble. But don't be lazy, take your time. An example is worth it.


The main theme of the year is partnership - Mtch came first. Instead of Mch - Stars - hopes and expectations with which you want to end the situation or radically change it and hope for something else.

The year will be associated with a radical collapse and crisis conditions that will accompany the transition of everything that takes the questioner to a new level. With something, you have to part with something - wait and take some time off. Before it is time to act decisively, time must pass for something new to be born. And it will undoubtedly be born because the first among the fateful cards is the child. The upcoming updates are not yet fully developed and need to be looked after to bear fruit over time.

It is significant that the coffin makes a knight train child and is reflected in the book, which emphasizes that new influences will not come into life immediately and that much is still unknown.

Perhaps there were such periods already in life - in the child's house - in the ring, next to the child - the moon - everything on the one hand indicates the cyclical nature of processes: the phases will replace each other, nothing will stand still; On the other hand, there is sometimes a feeling of a vicious circle.

Considering that there is a tree in the house of the coffin, which is also the extreme card of the BR, one should monitor his health this year.


A man corresponds to Lily's card - sexual relations with the martyr, flirting with partners, harmony necessary in a relationship.

The man is reflected with the spit card and corresponds with the lilies - disturbed harmony in relationships with Mch, situations that cause pain.

Lilies are reflected with the tree - family life, relatives. In the house of the lilies there is a stork next to the tree - the house, the Mk next to the heart: we can talk about family members, blood relatives and problems with them.

The tree corresponds to the scythe - it can also indicate a haircut.


Four central cards that characterize the main themes of the time - the anchor corresponds to the ring, the bouquet - with the snake - this is a contract related to a job, an offer from a woman or offers and work meetings that can bring complications.

Anchor + ring + snake - complications in the field of relationships. The bouquet can indicate spring. Greater affection in a relationship, a stable relationship in which there are many temptations and temptations.

The lady is in the house of the storks, looking out of alignment - an awareness of the need for changes and updates in life (this is also evidenced by the coffin in the house of the lady), but there is still a reluctance to move away from previous ones Separate influences and relationships. This also includes the ring + anchor on the heart (in the four central cards), immediately the clouds - the past - fell out in your house and next to the ring.

Relationships give the questioner a lot of painful moments and more than once the question of choice and clarification has arisen, but so far I do not want to address this topic in detail: fork + sun behind the lady, spit in the house of the ring underfoot.

There are also psychological problems, acute emotional experiences with the fear of losing a partner, but you have to push this problem into the subconscious again: Scythe looks at fish under his feet - in parallel with Mch + Rats. It remains to surrender to your feelings - heart above your head next to Mch. It looks like there is another person there who is considered blocked in the moment of their life:

Heart + bear + mountain.

A large place in thought is given to the family or the desire for family relationships: the house is in thought and corresponds to the lady + the tree is reflected on the lily.

Much like a lawsuit, when we receive news about a legal system or communicate with the judiciary, judges of all kinds - if everything is in order - can simply speak about the current judgment and conviction

(Rider + broom + tower). The rider often goes to ambassadorial matters with the tower, especially since horses use these cards

House + ship. Possible road or news from afar, maybe a documentary will come out.

In thoughts Heart + Bouquet - a warm meeting, a love proposal, it can somehow either be related to the workplace or somehow come into contact with professional matters.

There is the feeling that the person asking the question somehow wants to withdraw into herself: Tower + Horseman, and look for the most harmonious solution that is suitable for everyone.

Tower + key + lilies - a way out of the boundary conditions can be found, possibly through a third party or through contact (rider) with an object: rider in the house of the heart, Mch in the house of the rider.

By the way, the search for a way out can also be directly related to the financial situation, which must be paid attention to, it can lead to heavy costs or losses: fish are mirrored with rats, Fox looks at rats.

The love sphere brings with it a lot of ambiguity, indecision and uncertainty, and the cards also indicate that there are problems there: the heart makes a knight's procession to the fox, the heart to the fish next to the fork with the scythe.

There are obstacles between the Mch and the Lady - both go to the mountain on horseback and a fairly strong one, possibly related to the problem of property and possession: mountain + bear. But the problem must be solvable, because next to the rat mountain - the gradual destruction of obstacles and the fox - blockades were artificially created.

You can still see heated arguments, conflicts that put a lot of pressure on the interviewed person and create a chain of experiences: owls + ring,

Broom + sun + owls equals mountain.

The feeling that the reason for this could be a woman: the snake is on the mountain and next to these cards.

The sphere of relationships will cause a lot of conversations and telephone messages to the house: ring + owls + letter + house, there may be many contacts in the distance - the ship is nearby.

Relationships are also on the update card - the ring in the child's house - most likely, a new situation will arise in the relationship unexpectedly (scythe in the house of the ring), or fleeting and fleeting connections may arise.

A certain woman, either from a long journey or one of those with whom the questioner communicates remotely or who will leave, maybe even a foreigner will influence her. They will be connected by common affairs. The impression that this is either a colleague at work, service:

The snake and the lady go to the dog with a horse, well or banally, among friends.

Or maybe both.

Everything seems to be fine in the friendly area - strong stable relationship - dog - anchor - ring. But selfishness and falsehood can also be present: The dog is reflected in the fox, which leads to unclear moments and the desire to understand: The dog corresponds to the clouds and also brings experiences and tense conversations with it (owls + brooms).

Maybe a return or a meeting with one of the former friends or admirers: the dog corresponds to the clouds + the ship, the dog reflects the storks, in the dog's house there is a fork behind the questioner, but she doesn't know yet.

Pisces in the house of books, the book anchor a knight's procession - financial documents, registration, most likely in connection with work.

In general Pisces + the book often comes out for alimony, but since then this does not apply to the person questioned, then we can assume that either the question of someone's livelihood from the environment or something similar arises.

Work - the anchor is in the house of the garden - social work - perhaps this includes the forum, especially since there is a virtual, "artificial" society next to the fox garden.

The anchor's house - Clover - can have small joys at work, as well as expectations associated with the business area.

Anker + Sarg - the end of the process before something new is started, as well as a break in work, a dark corridor. But there are maps of light nearby - the stars and the sun, i.e. clarity will come sooner or later. Perhaps there are heavy overloads and a volume of work, great responsibility, something has to be pulled on the shoulders - Anchor + Mountain, the situation at work can also cause complications - Anchor + Snake, which can lead to conflicts. There is also a woman who can get involved in something and cause problems and disputes.

As a result, an offer for work can be obtained, causing confusion with its uncertainty and immaturity (the anchor corresponds to the ring, a series of owls, books, clouds). You can also see a connection with the field of study, either the interviewee will teach someone or sign up for courses, attend seminars, do an internship, further education, etc. - book - owls - snakes - all the cards of knowledge and wisdom will be next to each other collected.

Something may emerge that relates to the previous place of work, if any, or to study ... maybe some information from there or meetings with people with whom they have previously had business relationships or shared knowledge, school, institute, etc. P .

So far, the questioner is facing a message related to her family in the near future, or if the problem of residence is urgent, this moment may also arise.

Prepared by

Lisika is based on materials from the U Twilight Forum

"Big Deal" Lenormand is a classic fortune telling for cards. This divination provides a large amount of information, but it may seem too difficult to a beginner since all 36 cards are involved in the layout, which must be arranged in a certain order on the divination sheet. Each card in a particular house or square adds the basic information for interpretation. Remember, you don't have to interpret the meaning of each card separately! The layout is a detailed forecast from which you can get the information you need. Lenormand's "large layout" can be used both to clarify the general situation over a period of time and to find an answer to a separate question. Be sure to include the time period you are interested in e.g. B."Please show me my business trends over the next three months."

The Lenormand layout involves the use of a signifier (usually a man or woman card). By analyzing the relationship of individual cards to the signifier, you can quickly assess how things relate to certain aspects of your life, such as: B. Finances (Pisces), romantic relationships (heart) or work (moon).

There are many ways to interpret and interpret Lenormand's Big Spread, so only a few of them are presented below.

1. Begin your interpretation of the layout with four corner cards or house cards 1 + 36 and 9 + 28, which immediately give you a general overview of the situation. Make a sentence that combines the main meanings of these four cards. For example, Ship + Snake and Star + Letter can mean the following: your journey is difficult, but good news is about to arrive.

2. Look for the first three cards of the "Big Spread" that convey the main message on the main theme of the layout.

3. Pay attention to the position of the signifier in the layout (which house it landed in) - this way you will learn about the everyday problems of the customer. For example, the card Woman who is in the child's house (position 13) can mean that the client is worried about the child or is in a difficult situation and feels helpless. Surrounding maps will help you learn more. To do this, you can use the from method, which you can use to analyze the eight cards that are right around the signifier.

4. The cards to the left of the signifier relate to the past and the cards to the right relate to the future.

5. Successively interpret the vertical and horizontal lines that form a cross with the signifier at the point of intersection. The vertical line on which the customer's card is located describes the present, while the horizontal line before and after the signifier shows the past and future respectively (depending on the position of the signifier).

6. The cards above the signifier show the daily problems the client is dealing with, while the ones below describe the client's unconscious fear. The significant at the top of the line indicates that you are having a good period. If he's at the end of your line, you have to adapt to circumstances or get out of hand.

7. Diagonal lines from the signifier provide additional information for studying the past and the future. The diagonals to the left of it describe the past, and the further away the cards are, the further away the past is. Likewise, the diagonals to the right of the customer card represent the future, and the further away they are from the signifier, the further away the future is meant.

8. Since all 36 cards are involved in Lenormand's Big Spread, it will help you get answers to many of your questions. Interpret certain cards that may be of interest to the customer and remember to note their position in relation to the signifier and the house in which it is located.

9. The closer the cards are to the signifier, the stronger their value and vice versa.

10. For fortune-telling, the cards must be arranged one after the other on the card, with the first in the rider's house at position 1 and the last in the house of transition at position 36. Beginners are initially not allowed to take into account the importance of houses when interpreting, with the exception of significant cards. of interest to them. However, once you gain experience, interpret the cards with the meaning of the houses they are in to get the most accurate answer to your questions. The meaning of the house affects the meaning of the card as follows: it is an object, and the house becomes an adjective or adverb. To determine this value you need to be able to interpret the pairs. For example, in the house of the bear, heart means strong passion, and letter in the house of mountain means difficulty in communication.

11. When reading cards one at a time, use. Use or to interpret combinations of two or three cards.

12. You can also use more sophisticated big spread interpretation techniques to find out more. These include mirroring and Knight's Move (see below). Interpreting the alignment with the help of them will take a lot more time, but practicing your skills gradually will make you more confident each time.

Note. When the signifier falls on the left side of the hand, all the cards on the right represent the future, but when it appears on the right side of the spread, all the cards on the left represent the past, which most people usually don't care about are! If so, shuffle the deck and try to lay it out again. If nothing changes, give up divination that day.

Consider an example of fortune telling

The "big deal" by Lenormand was made for Maria, a fashion designer who worries that a competitor will be appearing at the Fashion House just before the big fashion show. Its signifier is in the 7th vertical row, which reveals the present. Vertical rows 1-6 show the past and vertical rows 8-9 show the future. Let's look at this alignment and analyze it.

Four corner cards

Corner cards clarify the main theme of the layout. Mary had the following combinations in these positions: key + mouse and snake + clouds, stating that the problem of loss or theft can be solved by showing cunning and hiding your intentions.

The first three cards

The first three cards in the upper left corner of the layout convey the main message to the fortune teller. Key + broom + man means problems to be discussed with a man. Maria told me that she does not rule out the involvement of her male assistant in the problems of presenting the collection. For example, if we had a combination like Star + Fox + Heart, it would mean that some ingenuity would be required to resolve a delicate love situation.

The importance of cards in houses

Interpreting cards based on the meaning of the houses they are in is a great opportunity to show off your paired card reading skills. We always interpret the signifier taking into account the house it fell into, but you can interpret all the cards in the same way according to their houses. In our case, the woman is in the house of the star, so we interpret the combination woman + star, which tells us that Mary wants to clear the situation. If someone's heart card is in the house of the ring, it indicates a possible engagement. However, if she is in the house of the serpent, it means that the customer cannot trust his loved one or is jealous. If you have difficulty interpreting a card in the "Big Spread", analyze its meaning taking into account the house in which it was found and the problems will go away.

The gift

The signifier of Mary is in the second horizontal row and shows that she is lucky. Her vertical row, revealing the present, is represented by the combination tower + woman + bear + moon, which means that she is the best designer in the fashion house, creating chic collections.

Cards closest to the signifier

You may not always be able to interpret Lenormand's layout this way, but in Mary's layout, the cards shown below turned out to be the closest to the signifier. They can be interpreted in the same way as in the "Nine Witnesses" layout. What are they talking about?

Past and future

If we look at the cards of the horizontal row before and after the signifier, as well as the diagonal lines, we see that Mary in the position of the future had the transition in the house of the stork and Horus in the house of the dog. This suggests that unpleasant changes and betrayal of a friend are waiting for her. I would venture to suggest that someone she trusts betrays her (perhaps when her clothes are transported from the workshop to a fashion show). Interestingly, the dog ended up in the house of the mountain - that means they are friends! And this suggests that someone she knows and trusts well might want to bother her or perhaps hold a grudge.

Key cards

For Maria's layout we selected the following cards as key cards: her competitor - snake, fashion show - garden, potential risk of loss - mice and backstage intrigue or theft - fox. Taking into account the information above, analyze the location of these cards, their houses and the proximity to other cards. What did you learn? Then check out the Mirroring and Knight Move methods to learn more about Mary's situation.

Knight train

Those who are familiar with the game of chess know how a chess knight moves. The principle of this method is the same as in chess, only that instead of a chess board you have fortune telling. From the key card or the signifier, you mentally make a "knight's move" and see which card he has "ridden" to.

The knight's move can be done in three ways:

- Move one position left or right and two positions up or down.

- Move two positions left or right and one position up or down.

- Move two positions up or down and then one position left or right.

In the next picture below, I've highlighted the positions that resulted from the knight's movement. Mary's signature is on B7. Every "knight's train" has a precisely defined trajectory, so it can only be in the positions A5 - bouquet, C5 - garden, D6 - birds, D8 - sun, C9 - house and A9 - snake.

We can read the resulting message from the top left card and in an arc from left to right in a narrative method: During the upcoming Fashion Week (Bouquet), there will be many people (Garden) and many conversations (Birds) about the fashion trends of the coming summer season (Birds) led. The sun); Therefore, it is better for the fashion house where Maria (Dom) works to be wary of the intrigues of her competitor (Snake) behind the scenes.

Look out for the star, a card of ingenuity and creativity that cares deeply about Mary. It's in position B2, almost in the corner, so moving the knight gives us fewer positions. These include: D1 - clouds, D3 - ship, C4 - coffin, A4 - fish. The message can be as follows: information about your collection must be hidden (clouds) to prevent possible theft (ship); The collection should be securely hidden (coffin) until shown to potential buyers (fish).

We can also look for information about Mary's collection, which is in position B1, using the book card revealing the secrets. The knight train of this card gives us even fewer positions, so to the interpretation of the cards themselves I will add the meaning of the houses they landed in to show you a different way of interpreting the cards: D2 - letter in the woman's house, C3 - dog in the Berge house, A3 - man in the ship's house. The Knight's Move gives us a very specific and precise message: make sure that all private messages (letter in the woman's house) are sent to a trusted friend that nobody in the trade knows (dog in the house of the mountain), or to one international courier (man in house) ship).

The map of Mary's rival - the snake - contains only two positions due to the fact that it is in the upper right corner of the layout: B7 - woman and C8 - tree. This tells us that a competitor can also be a very persistent woman (woman in the house of the star) and she intends to undermine the well-being of Mary (tree in the house of the book).

"Knight's Move" from the Fox map shows where the theft will take place. The fox gives us the following positions: C3 - dog, B4 - child, B6 - lily and C7 - bear. A friend or co-worker who creates problems (dog in the mountain house) plays with Mary's trust (child in the child's house); This is an older woman (Lily in the house of the bear) who is conspiring with a strong competitor (Bear in the house of the ring). This information proved useful to Maria: she understood which of her co-workers she was talking about.

"Mirror reflection"

The mirroring method shows the current state of affairs and clarifies the current situation. The 9x4 grid of divination sheets gives us the opportunity to see which cards are reflected in the fortune telling. With this method, you do not consider the vertical fifth row in the divination process, as this row maintains the balance of the overall alignment. The only case you take this into account is when it contains a signifier; In this case, you can only interpret this one card in the middle row.

The upper left quadrant A1 - A4 in conjunction with quadrant A6 - A9 can be interpreted as if you were to fold the spread in half. This method of interpretation is not a mandatory part of interpreting Lenormand's "Big Spread". However, if you do not fully understand some points, this method can help clarify some interesting connections and relationships that you may have overlooked. A1 - A4 + B1 - B4 can also be interpreted diagonally from C6 - C9 + D6 - D9. You can do the same with the lower quadrants. The top and bottom of one side of the spread and the opposite side are also reflected. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the position of the signifier or key cards, which are of great importance for the layout.

Look at the signifier of Mary, which is reflected in the position B3 - stork, C3 - dog and C7 - bear. We interpret these four cards together to form a sentence or a message. I interpreted them along with the meanings of the houses they ended up in, but you can only count on the meanings of the cards themselves if you wish. Maria's dream (woman in the house of the star) is threatened by an elderly woman who works with her (bear in the house of the ring) but doesn't get along well with her (dog in the house of the mountain); She wants to betray them and tell (Stork in the House of Birds) about her collection - perhaps by phone or via the Internet.

This is a very interesting and useful layout made by Lenormand. Study it yourself from all sides and analyze the corner cards, the line of the present, the diagonals.

Updated version, changed order and reading scheme! In this post, I'm going to describe one of the many ways to read a large layout. In principle, all information about this alignment is easily found on the Internet, in books, on various websites and in forums. I have just tried to systematize it a bit and describe it through my own experience reading this orientation.

There are two ways to make the large layout.

    • 8 cards in 4 rows and the last 4 cards from the bottom.

It is usually customary to design according to the first option first and then the same layout to shift 9 cards in 4 rows depending on the option.

While I'll note here that the first version of the alignment actually contains a large amount of information, the large alignment itself is very informative. Also, when we break up relationships, for example, we don't change our thoughts and feelings to get more information. When we do the layout, each card fits together and when we move it later we are simply violating the integrity and the layout system. Instead of real information, we are already receiving distortions. Therefore, it is enough to disassemble it in two ways, which is more convenient for a particular person. In this post I will describe how to work with the first variant of the BR layout.

Before you start laying out the large layout, you need to determine the time interval that will be considered in the layout. After that, the cards can be carefully shuffled, removed, or whatever other action a person takes prior to the deal. After all the necessary operations, the cards are arranged in sequence according to the following scheme:

Cards can be closed and then laid out face up, or they can be laid out face up straight away. It depends on how comfortable a particular person is and how they are used to the job.
In the large scenario, it is common to consider not only the cards but also the house in which they are located. Houses are 36 places for cards, each of which corresponds to a specific card number and is arranged in the order from 1 to 36 cards. For example, the very first card that the layout begins with is one and is in the place that corresponds to the first card in the deck and is the rider's house. The eighth card is in the house, which corresponds to card number 8 in the deck, which means that the card is in the coffin house. The 24th card in the layout is in the house of the heart, etc. Each house is responsible for specific areas or events in the present.

House 1 The Rider: The map in the house of the rider is the main topic of the BR. This is the home of news and news.
House 2 Klee: House of happiness, joy, small happiness.
House 3 ship: responsible for travel and travel.
House 4 House: family, relatives and place of residence of a person.
House 5 tree: duration, experience, health, vitality.
House 6 clouds: fears, emotions, experiences, insecurity.
House 7 serpent: deception, meanness, insincerity, betrayal in this house.
House 8 coffin: The end, the end, the house of that which is gone ended in a person's life what he refused. Sometimes depression and additional health appear in this house.
House 9 bouquet: house of hobbies, creativity.
House 10 Kosa: In this house you can observe dangers and other sudden events.
House 11 brooms: house of disputes, negotiations, discussions.
House 12 Owls: Worries, in this house the cards show what a person doubts about, what they are thinking about and what they are worried about.
House 13 Child: In this house you look for the presence of children or new beginnings.
House 14 Fuchs: cunning, deception, insincerity.
House of 15 bears: help, patronage, father's or husband's house.
House 16 stars: creativity, esotericism, everything unusual.
House 17 storks: change, change, family (as husband and wife).
House 18 Dog: the sphere of human friendship, the house of friends.
House 19 tower: official organizations, solitude, solitude, official affairs, offices, premises.
House 20 garden: social sphere.
House 21 mountain: difficulties, obstacles, difficulties.
House 22 fork: selection, spraying, variability.
House 23 rats: loss of money, big problems, negative emotions, strong fears.
House 24 heart: the sphere of love, emotionality, what or whom a person loves. What's in the heart
House 25 Ring: This house is where you can observe marriage and other partnerships.
House 26 Book: Doctrine, Secrets.
House 27 letter: House of official communication, news, securities.
House 28 men: men's house.
House 29 lady: women's shelter.
House 30 lilies: Depending on how the card is interpreted, this is either the sphere of spirituality or sexuality. In this area, too, you can observe cases related to laws, norms and rules.
House 31 Sun: happiness, joy, in this house you can see what makes a person happy and brings happiness. Likewise passions and emotions.
House 32 moon: past, affection, emotions, mysticism.
House 33 keys: advice card on how to solve problems, ways to solve problems, as well as ideas, creativity.
House 34 Pisces: finances, money.
House 35 anchors: profession, work.
House 36 cross: fate, religiosity, difficulties, what can be seen as important, necessary.

1. Present.

    • The very first card, the one in the rider's house, is the main theme of the layout.
    • Next, the cards will see the corners of the layout. 4 cards: 1, 8, 25, 32. These cards show what is happening now in the life of the questioner. Usually in my practice I look at these four cards together with the first card in the rider's house at the same time.
    • The central square: 12, 13, 20, 21 is what a person is now worried about, what is in his heart or in his mind.

    • Next, you need to see what's in Blanca's house. If we look at a woman - this is house 29, if it is a man - this is house 28. Then you need to look which house Blanca is in, and you can also pay attention to which one Part of the alignment is Blanca. This is also where you have to decide how you would like to view the future of Blanka, in the direction of your gaze or simply from left to right. When the card is shifted to the left (or there are more cards in front of the eyes than behind the back), the questioner begins a new period in his life, renewal, the person lives the future, plans the future. If the card is moved to the right (or there are more cards behind Blanka than in front), the questioner lives in the past and does not plan the future. When the card is moved up, it suggests that emotions and impulsivity play a huge role in a person's life. Such a person acts more than he thinks. Moving the card down shows that a person lives by reason and logic, and it can also show that a person is too preoccupied with problems, preoccupied, constantly thinking, doubting, and acting little.
    • Then you can observe the state of work, private life, the money sphere, etc. The houses and maps of the desired area are looked at. For example, you need to find out what is happening in the work area. First, let's look at what card is in the anchor's house and where the anchor itself is. For example, in the house of the anchor there are clouds that speak separately of temporary problems at work and insecurity, while the anchor is in the house of a snake, which may indicate that these problems are related to a woman or deception. Of course, it is important to feel intuitive and thus look at the rest of the signs that will be described later.
    • Next, you need to look at the mirrors and the correspondence of the cards that are of interest to us, e.g. B. Work, same anchor, we look at which cards they mirror and correspond.
    • Mirror - cards look to mirror the card we want from the other end for us. This is a characteristic of the sphere in the present moment or in the future (depending on how you program yourself). Example: Mirror of card 1 with card 8 and card 25, mirror of card 26 with card 2 and card 31. Mirror of card 19 with cards 11 and 22. The bottom four cards mirror each other: 33 with 36 and 34 at 35.

    • Correspondence - cards look like we need them on the other end, but already diagonally. This is a characteristic of the sphere in the present moment or in the future (depending on how you program yourself). For example, card 1 corresponds to card 32, card 18 corresponds to card 15, card 6 corresponds to card 27. Card 12 corresponds to 21.

    • Also, going back to the previous image (mirror), you can make sure that the correspondence is complete, so to speak, drawing a square or rectangle near the mirrors. For example: card 1 has 32 correspondence, and all four cards 1, their mirrors 8 and 25, correspondence 32 form a square. The same applies to 25, 2, 31 and 7 or 19, 11, 22 and 14.

    • On the cards between the lady and the gentleman, you can see what is happening between them at the moment. Here you can also pay attention to the direction of the lady's and gentleman's views, whether the partners are looking at each other or not. Obviously, when the lady and the gentleman turn their backs on each other, their couple lacks mutual understanding. You can also see how close they are to each other in the layout. The closer the cards are to each other, the closer the partners are to each other. If a woman is in a row in the layout that is higher than the row in which the man's card is located, the woman leads the relationship and, accordingly, vice versa. Also lovers and husbands for a woman can be shown with dog and bear cards, for man cards that indicate that women are bouquet, snake (often a mature woman), child (young girl).
    • Some sources suggest that the cards between the tower and the bear characterize the father and the cards between the tower and the snake characterize the mother.
    • The children's menu shows children under the age of 13. The driver points to a teenager when he is around Blanka. Bouquet points to a young girl when he is near Blanka.
    • The cards surrounding Blanka can give an additional trait about the character and appearance of the person on whom the layout is being made. You can also view the characteristics of a partner or child. Likewise, the surrounding cards can describe a person's work, e.g. B. describe who works it, describe buildings, if it is a question of maps surrounding the tower, etc.
    • The cards above Blanca's head are responsible for what the questioner thinks about. You can also observe the thoughts of partners, friends, and others in the layout.

2. The future.

    • The first 4 cards are responsible for the near future - from 2 weeks to a month. The last 4 cards in the first row are responsible for the distant future. The last 4 cards in the layout are responsible for the distant future, important and global events. It is believed that these cards show what cannot be changed. These cards are often referred to as fateful cards. These cards are marked with red lines in the picture.

    • You have to watch the so called "knight movements". That is, as in chess, those cards are considered that match the letter "G" of the one we need. For example, we take the same anchor and which cards move away with the knight. These cards show the future, the sphere from which these movements originate. Anchor is a workspace that waits for a person's future at work and in their career. For example, the card with the number 20 goes to the knight on cards 3, 5, 10, 26, 14, 30, 33, 35, card 25, the knight goes on card 10 and card 19, cards 8 to 14 , 23. Just those maps the knight moved on, and not all the way. For example, card 25 has 10 and 19.

    • The future can also be viewed horizontally and diagonally to the right of the map that we need to characterize the sphere that we need. Example: Anchor, we find this card in the layout and see which cards are horizontally to the right of it and the upper and lower diagonals are also to the right. All diagonal and horizontal cards are counted.

    • In the same way, you can look at the future of the questioner on the card form. If this is a woman this is card 29, if this is a man this is card 28. There are two ways in which one can look at the future from the blank card. 1. Cards that are horizontally and diagonally to the right of the blank card. 2. Look at the future in the direction of the "Leer" card. That is, the cards that are horizontally and diagonally in front are the future. All cards are counted.

    • The dates can be indicated by cards: rider - a week, ship - three years, house - 4 years, tree - 5 years (in some sources one year), fork - two months, moon - month, clover - shortens in combinations by two, owls, brooms - double in combinations (for example, moon + owls \ u003d two months and moon + clover \ u003d two weeks), bouquet of flowers - spring, clouds - very much, sun - summer, lilies - winter.

3. The past.

    • In the grand scenario, we can also look at a person's past. Both himself and different areas in his life, his family, his work, his love, etc. The past can be viewed horizontally and diagonally to the left of the required map to characterize the required sphere. For example, we want to find out what happened in a person's career in the past. Then we take the anchor map and look at the horizontal and diagonal lines to the left of this map. All line cards are counted.

    • The questioner's past on the blank card can also be viewed in two different ways. 1. The cards to the left of the space horizontally and vertically. 2. The cards that lie horizontally and vertically behind Blanka's back. All cards are counted. The picture below shows the second method.

    • It turns out that when we use the second method, we need to look at the future this way: what is behind the back is the past, where the person is looking at the map is the future. We need to program this for ourselves in advance how we should look. For those who prefer logic, it is all the easier to look left to right so as not to violate the logic of the overall alignment. For those drawing pictures or images, it may be more convenient to look in the line of sight and back.
    • You can also use the given time labels to determine when certain events occurred in the past.

4.9 times 4.
Furthermore, at the request of the fortune teller, the layout can be shifted by 9 cards in 4 rows. That is, the card that was in the 9th place is moved up, to the place after the 8th, that is, it is moved up. The cards in the second row move one. In other words, where the 9th card used to be, there is now the 10th card. Then repeat this for the second, third and fourth rows without disturbing the order of the cards. In this scenario, mirrors, correspondence, "knight movements", surrounding maps, past and future are taken into account. Houses are no longer considered, but if you use such a layout separately without the first option, then you can also consider it at home.

Good exercise
Successful development,
Best regards, Yulia Lysenko.

I'm sorry! Picture in point 3. Past. should look like this, horizontally and diagonally to the left:


The questioner's card is not always in the center. This should also be taken into account when interpreting:

The questioner's card is moved to the left. The counselor has completed an important phase in his life, completed a certain cycle of his development, and now his main thoughts and plans are for the future. The past doesn't matter.

The questioner's card is moved to the right. In the present moment, the person who has come for advice has to deal with the past. Here lies the key to solving real-world problems. The future is not yet predetermined and depends on what action he will take now.

The questioner's card is moved up. Feelings play an important role in the counselor's life. It is likely that he is at the mercy of the unconscious at the moment (according to Freud, the unconscious is unrealized drives that are not allowed to enter consciousness due to conflicts with the requirements of social norms).

The questioner's card is moved down. In front of us is a person who can realistically assess what is happening and control the situation. However, having negative cards on top may indicate undue concern about non-existent, trumped-up problems and fears.


House of the rider: good news, contacts
In his house:
Snake - complications with the car and movement.
A dog is a visit from a friend.
Tower - the importance of the subject of loneliness and separation.
Man - In the scenario for F: The imminent appearance of a man literally "gallops", starts sending SMS, messages, etc.
Woman - In the layout for F: thoughts only about yourself; The theme of the past is emphasized.
Anchor - a large number of contacts, papers and communications related to work. Vehicle. The situation is anchored, there is no movement.

House of Clover: Little luck, little money, also opportunities (hopes)
In his house:
The tower is a temporary distance.
The ring is a short-term connection.
Man - In the case of F, a man is younger. Love within us is a natural feeling.

House of the ship: travel, longing for distance, longing, retreat, something that a person longs for and that they long for.
In his house:
The driver is a sport drive.
The snake is the arrival of a relative, an acquaintance.
Bouquet of flowers - meetings, parties.
The book is a secret longing.A journey that the inquirer does not yet know about.
Man - In the layout for F: windy man.
Woman - In the layout for F: The lady moves away.
Anker - job change. Business trip.

At home at home: stability, home, family
In his house:
The coffin is a dramatic change. Large units, pieces of furniture. When it comes to health: the whole organism.
The child is a new home.
Stars are a lot of real estate.
The tower is a government house. Alienation from home.
Hard housework like moving furniture.
Heart - people love in the house. Love for your home
Woman - lady loves comfort, familiarity, stability. Attachment to home, home, home.
Lilies - family harmony, harmony in the house. Family.
The anchor is lack of work. To work from home. Family business.

House of the tree: duration, strength, age, health aspects
In his house:
Clouds are complications.
Coffin - the topic of health is highlighted in the layout.
Spit - health problems.
Bear - In the layout for W: partner for life (life partner); Life partner.
Dog - if there are diseases, then they are permanent.
Berg - someone is sick.
The fork is an important decision.
The letter is a medical report. Medical examination. Registration of life obligations.
Man - In the layout for M: life situation, period. In the scenario for F: a partner for life.
Woman - In the layout for F: life situation, period. In the scenario for M: a partner for life.
Moon - In accordance with F: normal female cycle, the woman is healthy.

House of Clouds: Fear, Insecurity (Insecurity)
Clouds in your home: the theme of the past is highlighted.
In their house:
The ship is hopelessly melancholy.
A tree is fear for your life and your health.
Scythe is a heartache.
Child - In the scenario for F: a dark relationship with a child. The ex-husband's influence on the child.
The dog is a former friend.
Fork - fear of a decision. Fluctuations in decision making.
Heart - ambiguities in relationships.
Woman - In accordance with M: a lady from the past.
Pisces is an alcohol addiction.

House of the Snake: Smart Woman, Complications, Detours
In their house:
The ship - the mother is not around.
Owls are two women. Talking on the phone or communicating with a woman over the Internet. Internet or phone communication only. Married couple.
The tower is the mother. Retreat.
Fork - complications on the road.
Rats - "Evil Wisdom". The woman rattles. Disease of the gastrointestinal tract.
Ring time delays.
A man is a wise and resourceful man.
Lilies - complications with mother, girlfriend, neighbor or complications in the sexual field. Loss of harmony.
Sun - In the layout for F: If there is a relationship between M and the snake, then - live together. The snake in this case can be both a mother and another woman.

House of the coffin: end, new beginning, sadness, sickness
In his house:
Home is a crisis related to family or housing issues.
Tree disease, health problems.
Clouds - a high probability of catching a cold.
The rival snake will soon go away.
Berg - crushed the disease. The state of health remains unchanged.
Man, woman - a strong life crisis, a turning point, the beginning of a new phase of life that completely changes the current situation, usually the lack of any certainty, i.e. the person does not yet know what is in the coffin and whether there is something there. // Illness. // A person buries himself or something in their life, closes, “buries” himself, wants to “forget and fall asleep” (to confirm) Check that the tower or mountain map is highlighted (e.g. the coffin gives the tower or mountain the mirror). Usually storks or the key are blocked by negative cards.
Man - In the scenario for F: the lady has "buried" the topic of partnership for herself.
The sun is energy through mediumship (fortune telling).
Moon - depression.
Pisces are debts.
The anchor is change at work.

Bouquet house: invitation, charming girl, unprofessional creativity (hobby)
In his house:
Home is a vacation in the house. Gifts, meetings, invitations. Birthday or something like that.
The snake is a youthful person.
The scythe is an unexpected invitation.
Stars - DIY creation of something beautiful. Art.
The ring is a meeting.
The book is a literary success.
Man - In the scenario for F: Single man.
Woman - In accordance with M: The woman is not married.
The key is that the solution to the problem / question is possible with the help of a gift.
Pisces - money, gifts.

House of the scythe: danger, separation (separation), harvest, sudden and unexpected
The scythe in his house is an operation.
In their house:
Home - leaving home.
Wood - take care of your health. Risk of death. An acute situation that corresponds to karma.
The broom is a sharp tongue.
Fox is a person who is very concerned.
The bear is jealous.
The dog is taking a long break.
The tower is a dangerous facility.
Rats are fears that hurt.
The sun electrifies. Dangerous energy.
The key is to make clear, concise, and categorical decisions. Iron solution.
Take a look at whose house Spit got into: something very important awaits you in this area!

Broom House: talks, negotiations
In their house:
The house is an official review of the property situation. Conflict at home or at home.
Owls are a terrible hassle. Conversations, including by telephone and other means of communication.
Fox - you have to cheat a lot or talk to a smart guy.
Woman - In the layout for F: The lady is in constant negotiations and talks a lot.

House of Owls: excitement, nervousness, telephone contacts
Owls in their home are tough, painful experiences. maintenance
In their house:
The coffin is a connection with spirits.
Heartfelt worries, worries, worries.
Ring - two links. Partnerships are stressful.
The book is a collection of dirt.

Baby's Home: Baby, naivete, new beginning
In his house:
Tree - something new and meaningful begins in life.
Sense - the child's health is a cause for concern; The child is seriously ill.
Owls - worries about the child (for something new, for a young woman).
The bear is a man with a sense of humor. Moody man.
Rats are afraid of the new. It may be the loss of a child, but additional confirmation from other cards is required.
Anchor is a new job.
Cross - the new will be difficult.

House of the Fox: falsehood, falsehood, mystery, but also cunning.
If a card with people next to M and F (snake, bear, etc.) falls into the fox's house, it is self-deception.
In their house:
The driver - got a lot of wrong information.
The coffin is a false disease. Wrong diagnosis. Another's illness, not your own, has been exaggerated (if there is damage).
The broom is a lie in conversation. "Wrong" communication, for example: virtual.
The bear is a cunning and resourceful man.
The tower is an illusion with great consequences.
The mountain is made up problems. False obstacles.
A fork is a wrong step, a decision. Think about cunning moves.
Rats - the lie is destroyed.
The heart are wrong feelings.
A man is self-deception. Seducer (+ there should be a combination of Fox + Lily in BR)
A woman is self-deception. The lady is misbehaving. A woman is deceiving because a person is not honest with himself.
The sun is blinded by lies. Between M and F: The couple gives the wrong impression of themselves; The external impression they create is not the actual condition.

House of the bear: trust and help, masculine in most cases, jealousy.
A bear in his house is power.
In his house:
Home - my home - my fortress. Love for a domestic lifestyle (comfort, homemade food, homebody, etc.). Wellbeing.
Coffin - no father.
Storks - change of status.
Ring - obsession with the material. Links.
Woman - In the scenario for F: The lady took responsibility. stopped monitoring the weight; When a woman works, she can hold a high position. The lady counts on support.

House of Stars: Clarity, Success; also a house of magic, the unusual.
The stars in their house have very high hopes for something. A clear vision of the situation, not an illusion.
In their house:
Klee is luck.
Clouds are an unclear future. Cloudy clarity (also in the literal sense: disturbed psyche ("cloudiness in the head"), inadequate appropriateness.
Snake esotericism, spiritualism. A friend with esoteric skills.
A bouquet of flowers is a hope for a meeting, a gift, a surprise.
The tower is a respected educational institution.
Rats are hopes killed.
Heart love is associated with hope.
Ring - hopes for marriage, contract.
Man - Established for Q: A man is a source of hope for a woman. In the layout for M: the return of what was.
Woman - In alignment for F: all in hopes. Return from what was.
The moon is a wish to clear up the situation.
Anchor is in a good financial position.

House of storks: change, change
In their house:
Driver - Air Travel.
Tree health is changing.
The coffin stands still after the change. Issues related to changes.
Bouquet is an invitation.
Stars - an opportunity to communicate with angels.
Dog - Changes must take place (the dog is responsible for areas that can be vouched for).
The book - the inquirer does not yet know anything about the upcoming changes.
A letter is a kind of paper, conversations change.

House of the dog: friendship, loyalty
In their house:
The coffin is a long stagnation.
The tower is loneliness. Loyalty and commitment to loneliness.
Woman - In the layout for F: The lady is not very mobile, but very talkative, talkative.
The key is friendship; very devoted friend.
Anchor is a lengthy situation.
Cross - put one cross on top of the other.

Tower house: separation (separation), loneliness and isolation; Authorities.
In their house:
Ship trip abroad.
The snake is an official facility. Mother. Hospital.
A child is a child far away.
Fox is a sham in an official institution.
Storks - changes with government agencies, corporations, structures.
The fork is abroad. Single men.
The ring is distance.
The letter is official papers.
One man - one man had a breakup. A man is independent, can be single or divorced. A man puts a wall between himself and other people.
The key is that you won't get an answer anytime soon.
Pisces - money in the bank, in the account.
The cross is abroad.

Garden shed: community, society, gathering.
In his house:
House - pension and so on.
The child is a school.
A fox is a "false" society in which a person turns, for example: virtually over the Internet.
The book is a secret meeting. The secret is revealed, known to others.
Man - man turns easily in society. The person is open to relationships. May indicate that the man is playing in the casino. In the scenario for F: The lady likes the man.
Woman - Woman is open to relationships.
Lily feelings are associated with some kind of meeting or communication.
Anchor is an honest relationship at work.
The cross is the meaning of social life. The importance of a society. Cemetery, funeral.

House of the mountain: blockages, obstacles, loads (fees).
A mountain in his house - limits the effects of nearby cards. Now there are many blocks to address current issues.
In their house:
Ship - impossibility of departure.
Letter - messages are delayed. Lack of communication, communication.
The woman - the lady is depressed, a weight fell on her, "a mountain on her shoulders".
The key is that there is no way out of the situation. Difficult way out of the situation.

Fork House: Solutions, New Possibilities
The fork in your home is the time to make a decision.
In their house:
Storks - specify a specific date: 7 weeks.
Garden - you have to make a decision in society.
The heart is a love triangle. There was room for two in my heart. Choice of two, who do you like more?
The ring is the subject of choice for marriage and partnerships.

House of the rat: loss (loss), theft, negativity and fears, failures.
Rats in their house - the rat ate itself, its negative, self-destructive. Be careful, it can indicate illness or loss!
In their house:
House - the house needs renovation.
Scythe - unexpected losses.
The broom is an awkward conversation.
Child - child is sick.
Fox - false fears.
Dog - longtime delays in business. Problems at work.
The garden is a secret meeting (rats eat openness).
The heart is the absence of love. Unhappy love. Loss of love. Longing gnaws.
Man, woman - experiences. A person "gnaws" himself from within. Illness. The person is very afraid of something. This person has a lot of problems that make them think, he is gradually losing the ground under his feet, tk. Problems keep him in trouble all the time, he experiences constant fear that possesses him and hesitation. Debt, constant lack of money. Fear for his life, future, fate. Pathological tendency towards purity.
Lilies - lack of purity, purity.
The key is uncertainty about the decision.
The cross is fear for your life.

House of the heart: love, friendship.
A heart in your home is very good! Happiness is in love. Love for life.
In his house:
Clouds are past relationships.
The coffin is a broken love. Often falls on lonely people: the heart is free, not busy.
Bouquet of flowers - the daughter is in love.
Sense is a powerful emotional experience.
Rats are money through love. Fears of love. Lack of love.
Lilies are high relationships.

House of the Ring: relationship (connection), partnership, contract, connection (commitment).
In his house:
The ship is a change in marriage.
Coffin - 100% recovery will not come, the disease will constantly make itself felt.
Spit is a break in relationships.
The child is an innocent bond.
Storks are a periodic return of the same situation. New contract.
A dog is a long-term or long-term relationship. Surrender to the relationship, which means nothing will change.
The tower separates.
The garden is a proclaimed relationship. Wedding combination.
Man - Scenario for Q: A man is very concerned about the relationship problem. Married man.
A woman - a woman is in a relationship (in the hands of M and F).
Anchor is fastening.
The cross is a karmic relationship.

House of the book: secrets, knowledge, school, lessons, etc.
The book is in your house - everything is hidden, unknown. There are many secrets, not everything is yet on the surface.
In their house:
Owls - a secret associated with ancestors.
The fox is a profitable solution that has not yet matured.
Bear is a teacher, mentor. The person is hiding something and the situation with them is not yet clear.
The garden is a secret meeting. The secret is revealed, known to others. Secret society.
Rats are a secret find.
The ring is a secret relationship.
Woman - scenario for M: secret romance; The partner is still in the future, unknown to the querying party; The relationship problem is not yet ripe.

House of Letters: messages, information, contact card: email, fax, telegram, etc.
In his house:
Coffin - problems with credit, debt.
Brooms - discussions. Formal litigation.
Owls - worries about papers, documents.
Warm communication: emails, SMS, etc.
Ring - agreements, contracts.
Woman - In the scenario for Q: The lady is exposed to some news. The woman is sociable and sociable.

House of the man: The place of the inquirer or partner and the partnership as such.
A man in his house - In layouts for M: self-confidence, control of the situation. In layouts for F: emphasizes the importance of the relationship problem.
In his house:
Wood - In the layout for F: Long-term partner.
Coffin - A man faces an unknown future, he has a turning point. In the layout for women: teamwork, teamwork, partnership.
Bouquet of flowers - the relationship must be nurtured and cared for, otherwise they will fade. Falling in love, meeting, communicating at the level of clues, as in the "language" of flowers when words are not needed. Nice man, loving female company, polite, amiable, sociable. Bachelor.
Spit - In the layout for F: Spontaneous and lightning-fast development of relationships. The unexpected appearance of a man in general: a surprise associated with a man. It's time to take advantage of dating men.
Broom - In the layout for F: talking about a man, about partnership. Two men.

House of the woman: The place of the inquirer or partner and the partnership as such.
A woman in her house - In the scenario for F: At one point in time, she only cares about her own person and her life.
In their house:
Driver - In the layout for W: The lady is mobile and fit, maybe sporty.
Tree - In the layout for M: Partner for life. In the scenario for F: health problems, vital problems.
Coffin - In the layout for F: illness, malaise. Depression.
Sense - In the layout for F: toothache; sharp pain; cut (see what's in the house of the kosa?) the desire to dramatically change something in yourself, in your life, in your existence. Sharp and categorical person. Sharp on the tongue, lady, "prickly" character. In M's case, it's time to take advantage of dating women. A surprise from a woman.
Owls - In the layout for M: Two women.
Child - In the scenario for Q: The lady has a good sense of humor.
Stars - In the layout for F: a woman is worried about the fulfillment of her hopes.
Storks - In the layout for F: The lady is waiting for changes (with what they are connected to, see the adjacent cards).
Dog - In the layout for F: loyalty, devotion, but also fear, expectation.
Tower - In the layout for F: A woman is alone without a man.
Mountain - In the scenario for M: obstacles in the partner's life or the absence of a partner as such (if there are instructions from outside). There can also be an idealization: like a partner - as something unattainable that you have to fight for.
Rats - fear of loss. In the scenario for F: Fears about yourself, your life.
Book - In the layout for F: The lady is hiding something above herself. Secrecy, the person is closed.
Man - In M's case, a man is concerned about partnerships.
Key - In alignment for F: The lady is looking for a solution.
Pisces - In the layout for W: tears. Worries about the financial situation.
Owls are experiences. In the scenario for F: two men.
Child scenario for F: younger partner. Young looking partner.
Bear - In the layout for F: the young man, so to speak, repeats his father for the lady.
Tower - In the layout for F: A woman is alone without a man. A man from abroad, a foreigner. For example, if there is an additional confirmation in addition to M - Bouquet: A man is single.
Berg - In the scenario for F: the absence of a man. Obstacles in partner life or the absence of a partner as such (if there are irrelevant instructions in this regard). There can also be an idealization: like a partner - as something unattainable that you have to fight for.
Rats - fear of loss.
Heart - In accordance with Q: A man for a woman in her heart, she thinks of him. In the scenario for M: The man is in love.
Woman - In layouts for F: All of the lady's thoughts are about a man and the topic of partnership.
Lilies - In the scenario for Q: A man is either great at sex or cold.
Moon - In accordance with F: thoughts about a man, partnership. Can mean cheating on husband

House of the Lilies: Sexuality, Harmony.
In their house:
Sense - In the scenario for M: a threat to the genitals or an operation on the genitals (prostate, etc.). In the scenario for F: Sexual relationships are dangerous. Aggressive sex. Threat to intimate relationships. Risk of inflammation of the limbs.
Child - innocent flirting, lack of sexual relations. Innocence, immaturity of sex life.