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To say it beforehand: The Bible is not clear on questions relating to sexuality. Although one may not believe it at all: When it comes to homosexuality, loyalty, other forms of life than traditional marriage or sexual expressions as a man and woman, after all, many refer to the Bible. This is exactly why the topic of sexuality is at the center of the Theological Days in Halle, says Prof. Stefan Schorch from the Theological Faculty of the University of Halle:

Especially in church and theological discussions, biblical quotations are often used to reinforce one's own positions and to give them a certain authority.

Often, with the authority of Scripture and the authority of God, it is argued that God intended only two sexes - namely, male and female. There would be nothing in between, according to a common interpretation:

God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him. He created them male and female.

Genesis 1-27 Bible

This apparently unambiguous statement is not at all unambiguous for Prof. Schorch. He refers to the Hebrew original of the text. Because there is no talk of man and woman, but that God created two people in bodies with different characteristics.

In Hebrew, female means "perforated". So we should actually translate: 'He created it when provided with a penis and perforated.' This means that gender roles are not considered, but only primary sex organs.

For Bible researcher Prof. Schorch, the Bible does not exclude the most varied forms of sexuality within these physical manifestations. Only in the Greek translation of the Bible is there talk of man and woman.

Homosexuality - What Does the Bible Say?

It is similarly open with homosexuality, says Professor Annette Weissenrieder. Paul alone mentions this form of love in the most varied of contexts, with the most varied of evaluations. Here, too, it is about terminology:

When it comes to homosexuality, we have ten different terms - I think even more - some of which we don't even know how to translate.

So what does the Bible say about homosexuality, how can it help believers with issues such as inter- or transsexuality? What worldview does the Bible provide? Prof. Weissenrieder and Prof. Schorch look puzzled at this question.

So I find THE worldview of THE Bible very difficult to describe now.

Annette Weissenrieder

Counter-question, say Schorch and Weissenrieder: How is that supposed to work? To find a worldview, for example on the subject of sexuality, from a text collection, an entire library that has been created over 1,000 years, with sources from a wide variety of cultures and languages?

No, they both say, that won't work. The Bible's view of this topic is diverse and reflects the most diverse moral concepts from epochs and peoples.

For us, it's about not just using a quote and removing it from the context.

Annette Weissenrieder

And her colleague continues:

This also means that one also perceives very different positions that exist within the biblical scriptures.

Stefan Schorch

This is exactly what religious scholars and biblical scholars attempted at the theological days in Halle under the title: "Fluid sex: Biblical perspectives on homosexuality, transsexuality and virginity".