How is sympathy better than empathy

What is compassion, difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion?

Compassion, empathy, or sympathy are like close cousins. The three have different meanings but are very closely related and this is why people use these words for the same purpose. These three can be defined as stages. The first level is sympathy, which means understanding the problem / suffering, the second is empathy, which means being able to feel the pain, and the last is compassion, which means having enough courage to face the solution Find.

What is compassion

Compassion refers to the ability to feel the other's pain. The person who feels sorry for someone who not only feels another person's suffering but also provides the means by which to get rid of such pain. Compassion is often confused with empathy, but both mean different things.

Empathy just means feeling the pain; Compassion, on the other hand, means providing the solution for the sufferer as well. Scientists have found out why people feel compassionate towards someone and why you only feel compassionate towards them when you are deeply connected to them or feel the same pain. During this situation, the person who is compassionate will have their heart rate dropping and they will secrete the attachment hormone also known as oxytocin.

Difference Between Empathy, Sympathy, and Compassion?


Empathy refers to the state of following in another person's footsteps. It means understanding the other person's situation. Empathy is a very general trait that every individual possesses, but it differs from person to person depending on upbringing and experience.

For example: - Some people can understand another person's pain, while others cannot. It is due to their own experiences. However, an important skill needs to be learned to make relationships and life easier too.


Sympathy means that you can understand the situation another person is in. Being personable means showing that you care about the person so that they are comfortable, that the problem is not big enough, and that they would be able to handle the problem over time.

You may not feel connected to or feel sorry for everyone, but we feel compassion for anyone whose problem we seem serious. For example, when we see beggars, we understand the problem and feel sad when we pass by, but when we go to another street everything will go back to normal.

Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy

There is a very big difference between sympathy and empathy. The first means that you can support another person. For example: - If your friend had the breakup, you would support him, listen to him, but you will not be able to go through the pain they are suffering from.

You can give them a call just to make them feel like you care. On the other hand, being empathetic means that you are so concerned that you are not just sending text messages and calls. You want them to get out of the situation and you stay with them until they have completely eliminated this pain.

Difference Between Empathy and Compassion

The person who has not felt the stage of empathy cannot go through the stage of compassion. As mentioned above, this empathy means that you just don't understand the problem, but you also feel the other person's pain. However, compassion requires more. This means that not only can you understand and feel the pain, but you also want to provide the solution for the person.

You felt the other person's pain, and that pain is not another person's pain, it is your pain. Therefore, in this situation, you are investing your time and energy in solving the problem, no matter how difficult or worse the problem is. When you're compassionate, you're not running away from the problem or just showing that you are concerned.


From the explanation above, the difference between the three needs to be made clear, and now don't make any mistake using them interchangeably. In this information age where people have so much to do with their own lives. You can't expect the person to have compassion for you, but if you want to differentiate between the crowds, you should have compassion.

It is neither expected nor suggested that you feel sorry for any other person who dies on your part, but at least those who feel sorry for you should be felt for them and especially for your family.

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