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In the warm summer months, the foot jewelry adorns the ankles of women of all ages. (Just click to enlarge)

The anklet looks at you long story back and switched from the original meaning to a trend jewelry for fashion-conscious women that has existed for years. Especially in the warm summer months the foot jewelry adorns numerous Ankles of women of all ages. But so that it comes into its own in a tasteful way, you should pay attention to a few details and also think about classic anklets before buying to inform, how about current trend. You have to know what suits you and how you do it matching foot jewelry can find for you. You will find in our guide all informationthat you should know about the trendy anklets.

Anklets: History & Meaning

Backgrounds of anklet

The Chain foot jewelry is a Derivation of the anklet, the originally to fix prisoners and slaves since Antiquity were used. For the first time this foot jewelry was on Indian women seen centuries ago, whose subject meaning came roughly close. So only wore anklets married women, some of which are still tied to their husbands through marriage, which was publicly displayed through the anklet.

Development of foot jewelry

Only later was the ancient egypt the foot jewelry predominantly in connection With conventional jewelry parts such as rings, necklaces and bracelets Signs of prosperity, but also to underline the Beauty of women carried. in the late 20th century the jewelry for the ankle reached the United States of America, where there is a permanent place as Costume jewelry took. Subsequently reached this accessory too Europe, although bronze anklets have already been found along the Danube and the Rhine as far as the Atlantic Ocean with other characteristic objects from the Bronze Age from 1800 BC.

The classic foot jewelry is based on the traditional ankle jewelry based on the Indian model.

Differences between cultures

today The jewelry for the ankle is not only worn by women of Asian and Oriental origin as a piece of jewelry, but also provided with bells or the like, which are called Rhythm generator for traditional dances serve. As a rule, European women wear the anklet purely optical reasons, as they add a fashionable touch to the overall picture, especially on bare ankles, and, depending on the type of anklet, a casual or elegant style tastefully underline.

Typical materials for the anklet

While women from rural areas of North India in particular wear heavy silver anklets with tribal symbols, oriental women predominantly prefer gold foot jewelry. The Europeans and especially the Germans are more creative and open to this point numerous materials. In addition to the classic materials such as silver, gold and other precious metals, ankle bands made of leather, plastic, nylon threads and similar materials are also offered. The different materials will be in different ways processed and partly combined with each other.

The different types of foot jewelry

Leather and nylon anklets

The different types of anklets are mainly determined on the basis of the respective material. Leather and nylon anklets are usually available as a braided band with either a small lobster clasp at the ends or where the ends are knotted together. In most cases, these are adjusted in length to the circumference of an ankle, so that they are much too big as a bracelet. Leather and nylon anklets are very popular and are usually not taken off once they adorn the ankle.

Metal foot jewelry

Your personal style also plays a major role in the purchase decision.

At Metal foot jewelry and sometimes also with plastic models, a basic distinction is made between flexible and inflexible anklets. The inflexible anklets are made of a flat metal material that is bent to match the shape of the ankle. The inflexible anklets can only be worn as a foot jewelry, while the flexible anklet can also be used as a bracelet.

This is due to the fact that the flexible anklet composed of different links, which usually allows the anklet jewelry to be adjusted to almost any length. As with necklaces, you can choose between Venetian chains, curb chains, knot chains and many other types of chains. Since wrists are smaller than ankles, fashion-oriented women wear the anklet on their wrists, especially during the colder months, and decorate the protruding chain links with chic pendants.

Classic foot jewelry

The classic foot jewelry draws on traditional ankle jewelry in its own way based on the Indian model back and presents itself with several jewelry rings, which are connected to each other. The lowest anklet is often with Followers provided, which also include small bells.

Which outfit is the best to wear the anklet with?

The anklet is usually for Barefoot runners appeared on the market. That means it fits ideal for every summer clothing. Whether with shorts, a long or short skirt with a classic short black dress, traditional costume or with the business look, as long as shoes are worn barefoot or you barefoot on the beach you can't go wrong with any kind of anklet. Nevertheless, you can do a certain styling underline with an anklet depending on the type. Anklets based on Indian models, for example, go perfectly with the folk or ethnic style.

Your Party dress Get a stylish character with an anklet and rhinestones or sparkling gemstones, just like your festive evening wear. Tender anklets look serious to stricter ones Business look, while to loosen up Summer clothes every anklet fits when it is matched to your other jewelry in style With a gold or gold-colored anklet, trousers and skirts in earth tones look particularly good in terms of style. Coarse anklets, such as curb chains, emphasize a cheeky as well as rocky outfit. A vintage foot jewelry that is trimmed to look old is suitable for a retro outfit.

Tips for buying the right ankle jewelry

Anklets can be worn not only as foot jewelry, but also as bracelets.

Style & wearing habits

In general, you should consider whether you can do this before buying new piece of jewelry only for the Summer months want to purchase in which you without stockings and socks are on the way, or whether you have the anklet also as a bracelet alternatively want to wear it at any time. If the latter is the case, you would almost exclusively only consider flexible, length-adjustable metal ankle jewelry.

However, yours also plays personal style when making a purchase decision major role. While young women often like things a little more playful and casual, for example with little bear or heart pendants, middle-aged and older women prefer more elegant designs, such as foot jewelry with pearls and real gemstones.

Taste, material & colors

When choosing the material, personal taste is of course paramount. However, this should color Yours By the way, jewelry customized be. A mix of different shades of gold or gold combined with silver is only recommended if the jewelry is bicoloured. Silver and white gold form a chic contrast to tanned skin and are ideal for a beach holiday, but look rather inconspicuous on pale skin. The natural skin tone, on the other hand, is harmoniously underlined by jewelry for the ankle in red gold.

For the beach as well as for wearing sporting activities, are mainly anklets, for example Ankle straps made of leather Recommended because they are more robust than metal anklets and are less likely to tear and therefore less likely to get lost. They can also be worn with any casual or streetwear.


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