Where can I find a private detective

How do I find a good private detective?

Time and again, situations arise in life in which someone absolutely needs clarity. The use of a detective agency often provides this clarity. Detective agencies can provide valuable assistance to companies and private individuals in all situations.

But since most people have never had contact with a private detective agency in their private life, they all ask the same question if necessary: ​​How do I actually find a good private detective?

Helpful hints for choosing the detective agency you trust

How to find the best detective for you.

There are different ways to choose the right detective.

  1. Recommendation - the silver bullet

  2. About a lawyer

  3. About the detective associations

  4. Via the employers' association - in operational cases

  5. Over the internet

At the point recommendation you usually drive well. By recommendation, we mean personal recommendations from people you know. Do not trust rating portals on the Internet. These can be manipulated and in principle say nothing. If, on the other hand, a real person makes a recommendation to you, you can also ask specifically.

Or talk to your lawyer. Many lawyers have often worked with a detective agency and can therefore give clear advice.

At the professional detective associations, you can inquire about member companies that have submitted to the association's regulations. Not every detective agency is a member there. Anyone who is a member fulfills the association's high quality standards. Of course there are also detective agencies that are good without being a member of the BDD or the BID.

If your company belongs to an employers' association, ask there. In very many cases, clear recommendations are made there.

If you cannot take all 4 of the above-mentioned routes, the only thing left to do is look at the Internet. The internet gives more choice than the yellow pages. It is also more comprehensive and up-to-date.

Which criteria should be considered when choosing a detective?

  • Make sure you have as many years of professional experience as possible. Has the detective agency been on the market for a long time?

  • Does the detective agency publish a balance sheet on the Internet?

  • Does the detective agency have a wide range of personnel?

  • What type of company does the detective agency have - be careful with Ltd or UG.

  • Does the detective agency operate nationwide?

However, you can forget the following criteria:

  1. TÜV certification or DEKRA certification (completely useless for you)

  2. Tradition - very nice, but the fact that your grandfather was once a detective doesn't help you today

  3. Compliance - if you use this as an advertising message, you might distract yourself from other shortcomings

  4. ZAD-certified detectives - of course, it is not bad to employ ZAD-certified detectives. We also have some on the team. But with all due respect, in many cases the tried and tested former detectives or operational forces of the intelligence services are not only better trained, but also have a lot of practical experience than someone who has just completed his 2-year ZAD time via distance learning at a kind of detective school. These forces will hardly be able to solve special tasks such as fingerprint examination or the search for eavesdropping devices and many more. Often specialists are simply necessary.

Why do you want to keep looking for the detective agency you trust?

If you are reading this blog post, you are obviously preoccupied with finding a private detective that is right for you. In all honesty - why do you want to keep searching when you are already on this website?

Why don't you talk to a private detective from our team? Find out what we can offer you. Inquire about prices and conditions. We are sure that we can help you effectively, as we have thousands of other clients in the past decades. Our private investigators have extensive experience in all areas of investigation and are among the specialists in their respective field of activity.

We help you as a detective agency nationwide, regardless of whether you need a detective in Hamburg in the far north, a detective in Dresden in the east, a private detective in Bonn in the west or a detective in Freiburg in the deep south. Our emergency services are there for you everywhere in Germany.