How is the fee structure in SSN

Health care in Italy: how to get your health insurance card

If you are planning to move to Italy, purchasing an Italian health insurance card (Tessera Sanitaria) one of the first and most important things to do. While it is an important document for foreigners who want to get access to Italian health care after moving to Italy, it is also one of the things that causes the most problems, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here we give you a short guide to how to get a health insurance card in Italy as an emigrant.

What is theTessera Sanitaria ?

The “Tessera Sanitaria” is the Italian health insurance card that all residents need to access Italian health care (in Italy as SSN,Servizio Sanitario Nazionale known). In simple terms, you will need this card if you are moving to Italy to see a doctor, have a blood count, buy medication at the pharmacy, or want to be hospitalized.

If you're moving to Italy with private health insurance, you don't necessarily have to Tessera Sanitaria apply as this card is only intended for the public health system.

Who has to pay for a health card in Italy and how much does it cost?

If you move to Italy, you will be classified as “compulsory” or “voluntary” by the Italian National Health Service (SSN). Foreign nationals who move to Italy and have an employment contract (regardless of whether they are EU citizens or not) do not have to pay. They are therefore considered to be compulsory and receive the health card free of charge.

On the other hand, the volunteer Category Students moving to Italy, as well as au pairs or religious staff. Members of these groups have to pay an annual fee, which is usually 387 euros. Note that this amount may vary depending on your circumstances and also on the fee structure in the Italian region in which you live.

What documents do I need to have theTessera Sanitaria to apply?

When applying for your Italian health insurance card, you will need (both originals and photocopies) of the following documents:

  • ID card or passport

  • A valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno ) or a copy of the relevant application
  • An Italian tax number (Codice Fiscale)

  • Some kind of certificate of your place of residence, i. H. something to show that you live at your current address. You can submit a self-declaration, which can be done using an online form.
  • If you have to pay for your health card, you also have to send the receipt for your payment to the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale submit (this payment is made at the post office).

The challenging part of applying for a health card in Italy is the fact that the process is not always the same across the country and inconsistencies are common. Because of this, you must first take a trip to your local health department where you will be provided with the exact documents you will need.

How do I get a health insurance card in Italy?

Although Italy is gradually trying to digitize its bureaucracy and more and more processes can be carried out online, if you apply for a health insurance card in Italy and have the necessary documents, this is not the case personally need to teach.

To your Tessera Sanitaria To apply, you must first visit your local health department (ASL). You can find your nearest ASL office here. Once you have visited the ASL office for the first time, you will need to go to the exact documents you will need to apply for the card post walk. Note that this step is only required if you need to pay for your health card. All you have to do is fill in a postal order (this is in Italy as Bollettino Postale known and a form with which payments are made through the post). Remember to keep the receipt as you will need it to receive your health card.

You can now with all of your documents return to your local ASL office and apply for your card. After completing the registration, keep the receipt as it also serves as proof of the application for the card until you receive it in the mail.