What things are secretly making you cry?

19 signs that he loves you

The man, the unfathomable being. "I love you" rarely crosses his lips. Especially not in the beginning of a relationship (and towards the end, well). Which is why we often spend hours on Facebook with friends and relish dissecting each of his remarks or actions in order to get the answer to just one, but very burning question: IS. HE. IN. ME. IN LOVE?

There are 19 very wonderful signals that prove: The guy is head over heels, up to both ears BANG INTO YOU . At least according to an internal survey in the WOMAN -Editorial staff. If you know more: add to the list!

He is attentive. He has made a note of which film or concert you want to see - and surprises you with tickets for it. Even if it's a love affair that makes him feel gray - he bravely holds out the 1 1/2 hours in the cinema chair by your side. Because YOU enjoy it. Or, as in the terribly romantic Gunslinger -Song says: "I'm going to make the worst of you - I don't really care. As long as you're there." Huh. See for yourself:

He's bringing you something. Flowers. Chocolate. No matter. Just because. For no reason. Except for one, the most important one: He likes you. Some women think it's slimy or cheap. We are not.

He wants to satisfy you. We say what we mean. Even if he may not show the greatest talent and may even work in vain - but a guy who is keen to bring you to orgasm, although he doesn't get much of it himself: he likes you.

He doesn't look at the cell phone.Angry Birds and status updates can't be more important than you. Really not. That's why he leaves the cell phone in his pocket when you are around. To suppress the impulse to constantly stare at the display: We call it love ;-)

He'll send you funny photos. Cat memes, men's leggings ... He wraps pictures of inside jokes that run between you in his Facebook or SMS messages. In short: he sends you memories of himself. Who would have thought that there was something romantic about a photo of an old, grumpy cat? Well Ask us ;-).

He wants you with him. He meets his buddies and invites you? A fantastic, a great sign. Maybe his friends annoy you ... and the afternoon on the soccer field isn't exactly your idea of ​​the perfect date either - but he really wants you around. So let's do him a favor.

He keeps you in your sleep. You could wake up slightly annoyed and sweaty from his hug - but he just wants to hug you and hug you - and with that everything is oh so wonderful!

He wants you to get home safely. Please don't roll your eyes now! In his message "Are you home yet?" There is no annoying jealousy - but care. And you only feel that when the other person means something to you.

He reorganizes for you. Actually, he already had plans for tonight. But if you ask him for help (because you want to have your presentation proofread, your heating system is crazy ...) then he throws all his plans overboard.

He pulls you up. But in a loving way that will make you laugh (and not make you secretly cry in the bathroom later).

He remembers your words. He can remember all of your conversations - like those when you explained to him in great detail which sneakers you found terrible. And which woman urgently needs now. He'll surprise you with them on your birthday.

He tries to articulate his feelings. This can be a little tricky. If you ignore all those awkward pauses and "uhhhhhs" then what he's trying to say is probably very, very cute.

He compliments you when you have no makeup on. Oh god: he doesn't even notice that you haven't applied any make-up. The look of love ... that's the title of a well-known love song for a reason ;-)

He's sentimental when it comes to you. No, he doesn't have to cry torrents or have your photo on his chest. But he's kept that little post-it message you wrote him a few days ago in his wallet. Or has a folder on his desktop in which he has secretly saved your Facebook photos. Really. Some men do that.

He thinks your annoying habits are cute. He even thinks it's delightful that you arrange the food on your plate so that they don't touch each other? Congrats. He loves you. It just has to be like that.

He surprises you with coffee. Did you have a long night and a busy day ahead of you? He'll bring you a nice cup of coffee to the office in the morning. With milk foam, hazelnut flavor and cinnamon powder, just the way you like it. Did he remember (we refer again to point 11 ).

He is proud of you. "This is my friend, she just finished her studies and already has a job at this great company. She also had this crazy idea how to ... She's so smart and beautiful - honestly, isn't she great? "

He remembers what you don't like. And that's why it doesn't do it anymore. Gorgeous girls! That means: No more worrying about suddenly sitting on the icy edge of the toilet at night because the lid has not come down again. No more open toothpaste tubes!

He catches you when you feel bad. You had a horrific day, would like to yell or throw yourself away in bed ... He'll prepare a delicious meal for you, put your garbage pajamas ready for you and give you the most wonderful gift of all: He just listens to you.