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Unfortunately, in many countries today it is still very difficult to show yourself as a homosexual couple in public. Walking hand in hand through Dubai or taking a relaxed couple holiday in Egypt is not possible, because many of these very conservative countries are not exactly characterized by their liberal attitude towards same-sex couples. I have about that in my article on the subject Gay travel already reported in detail.

It is precisely because of these recurring problems that some travel destinations such as Gran Canaria or the Greek islands of Lesbos and Mykonos have become real trend destinations for gays and lesbians. The Greek island of Mykonosand I would like to introduce you to their unique flair again today.

Popular destination for homosexuals

This trend is by no means new for Mykonos: The 86 square kilometer island has been one since the 1960s popular destination for homosexualsWhether in clubs, bars or hotels, on the beaches or in the picturesque old towns of the island villages - Mykonos is cosmopolitan, friendly and tolerant. Gays and lesbians from all over the world feel at home here.

Gay parties in Mykonos

The party life on Mykonos mainly takes place at night, when the numerous bars and clubs open their doors. The most popular party district in the gay scene is “Little Venice”. This part of the city is right on the water, in the evening the bass drums from the bars and there is wild dancing. In “Little Venice” you will find one bar after the other - the perfect place to turn night into day and just dance through it.

  • In the "Ramrod" you dance to strong mainstream music and you can admire the incredible drag show.
  • The "Elysium Pool Bar", on the other hand, is known for its cool go-go boys and the great atmosphere.
  • If you prefer to feel the sand under your feet while dancing, you should definitely stop by the open air disco "Cavo-Air-Disco". In this disco you can experience a wild party night right on the beach.

So you see, there is something for everyone on Mykonos. Those who prefer cozy evenings in galleries and bars will not be disappointed either. Let yourself be caressed by the gentle sounds of the piano in the Piano Bar Montparnasse and enjoy the unique flair of the city.

Gay beaches in Mykonos

If you want to continue partying early in the morning, you should go to “Super Paradise Beach”, because the party almost never ends on the 500 meter long beach. The beach is considered THE meeting place for all gays and lesbians in the gay community. Dance until your feet can no longer and jump into the water when it gets too warm for you.

Those who like it a little quieter can relax from the party night on the beach 10 km south of Mykonos town Elia Beach take a rest. On this part of the coast you can really relax and recharge your batteries for the next party. Those who prefer to spend the time alone with their partner on the beach will find numerous romantic bathing bays on Mykonos for a nice time for two. The best thing is that summer on Mykonos invites you to swim for a whole 7 months, because the bathing season here begins in April and does not end until October.

And, are you already in the party mood and fancy a few days full of sun, fun and beach feeling with like-minded people from all over the world? Then quickly pack your bags and off you go to the gay island of Mykonos.

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