Can HGH increase body size in adults

Growth hormones: what you need to know about them

An important part of many processes in your body are yours Growth hormones, better said a Growth hormone, the Somatropin or HGH (Human Growth Hormone) called. You can find out here how this hormone makes you and your muscles grow.

What are growth hormones?

The Growth hormone somatropin is, as the name suggests, the hormone that stimulates the body to grow. It is essential for normal growth. Without normal somatropin production, there are a number of serious consequences for the body, which I will discuss in more detail later. Incidentally, the hormone consists of 191 amino acids.

All names and designations of growth hormones:

  • Somatropin (INN)
  • Growth hormone (WH)
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
  • Growth Hormone (GH)
  • Somatotropic Hormone (STH)

Where are growth hormones made?

The Growth hormones are in the alpha cells in the anterior lobe of the brain Pituitary gland, i.e. the pituitary gland, educated. This does not happen permanently, but always in bursts. This is controlled by the hypothalamus with the help of other hormones.

The The largest daily release of somatropin is during sleep, in the area of ​​the phases of life in puberty.

Why does the body need these hormones?

As already said and as the name suggests, that is Growth hormone somatropin responsible for human growth. The hormone has an anabolic effect on muscles, liver and bones. Because it leads to there increased uptake and processing of amino acidswhich are known to have many important functions in the body. The hormone also works in the kidneys and cartilage.

Another effect of somatropin is that Increase in blood sugar levels due to glycogenolysis. This is the breakdown of glycogen into glucose-1-phosphate and glucose. The reverse process is called glycogen synthesis. Glycogenolysis compensates for a lack of dietary glucose due to an increased energy requirement. That in them stored glycogen is used by the muscles themselves and the liver can make glucose available to other organs through the process of glycogenolysis. The increase in the blood sugar level and also the glycogenolysis are then stopped again by the insulin.

Besides, it works Somatropin fat loss.

What happens to the body if there is too little or too much growth hormones?

With too little Growth hormones It can be noticed early in the body, especially in children Short stature come. It also leads to a deficiency in adults increased body fat mass, especially in the abdominal region. The so-called visceral fat or intra-abdominal fat is known to have some negative effects on the body and health. In return for increased fat mass the muscle mass is reduced. I don't need to say much about that, do I ?! Dwindling muscle mass means little strength in training. Furthermore, if there is a deficiency, the training is unsuccessful anyway. Further consequences are increased bad cholesterol LDL cholesterol, one poor bone mineral densitywhich can lead to quick fractures, thin and sallow skin, bad connective tissue, decreased nail and hair growth, reduced sweating because of Inability to thermoregulate and cardiovascular problems Blood circulation disorders. In addition to the physical complaints, there can also be psychological ones. That would be lack of energy, emotional instability, poor concentration and poor memory, up to depressions.

Too much of that Growth hormone leads to Giant growth and Acromegaly. The latter is excessive growth in non-ossified areas of the body such as the nose, chin, fingers and other soft tissues. Of the Soft tissue acromegaly the heart can also be affected, then it is affected by Cardiomegaly spoken. This condition can be life-threatening, especially for athletes. Since the Growth hormones If the blood sugar level increases, as a result of which insulin is released and the pancreas is constantly challenged, it rises Diabetes risk with a permanently increased concentration of Growth hormones in the body.

Overview: What happens if there is too little growth hormone?

  • Short stature
  • Increased body fat mass, especially on the stomach (visceral fat)
  • Muscle mass is reduced
  • Little strength
  • Elevated LDL cholesterol
  • Poor bone mineral density
  • Thin and sallow skin
  • Bad connective tissue
  • Decreased nail and skin growth
  • Reduced sweating due to inability to thermoregulate
  • Blood circulation disorders and, because of it, cardiovascular problems
  • Psychological complaints such as lack of energy, emotional instability, poor concentration and memory performance, depression

Overview: What Happens If There Is Too Much Growth Hormone?

  • Giant growth
  • Acromegaly
  • Soft tissue acromegaly
  • Cardiomegaly
  • The risk of diabetes increases

What affects the growth hormones?

Diseases that have a poor value are now excluded here Growth hormones could influence and bring about. This is about natural influences.
Who for example Obesity has, in which the distribution is the Growth hormones reduced. Also, being overweight leads to one faster breakdown of somatropin in the body.

Against it can Intensive training can have a positive effect on the level and frequency of the release of the hormone. The training can be very strenuous endurance training, but also hard strength training. Also Lent should increase the level of hormones and the frequency of the secretions, because this lowers the insulin, which is the antagonist of somatropin. A healthy eating, which keeps insulin in check, therefore favors the secretion of the Growth hormones. If you have an optimal release of the hormones testosterone, estrogen and Co., you will usually not have any problems with your growth hormone level. Because these hormones increase somatropin. Also is a healthy and adequate sleep essential - by the way, regeneration during sleep is not just for the release of Growth hormones important.

Influences on growth hormones at a glance:

  • Negative: being overweight
  • Positive: intensive training, occasional fasting, healthy nutrition, intact hormone balance, healthy and adequate sleep

Suitable for this: dinner canceling, intermittent fasting, muscle building & sleep.

Are there also artificial growth hormones?

Since 1963 the Growth hormones used for short stature caused by the hormone deficiency. At that time it was not possible to make somatropin artificially, so the medical professionals of the past extracted the hormone from the pituitary glands of the dead. This has been forbidden since 1985, because these transplants lead to infections of the dead such as HIV and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the patients and consequently to deaths in those with Growth hormones Treated has come.

Since December 1985 growth hormones have been produced artificially.

How are the synthetic growth hormones produced?

The synthetic growth hormones arise through the genetic manipulation of bacteria, which then Growth hormones produce that are equal to human beings. So the hormones are grown in bacteria.

Who Needs Synthetic Growth Hormones?

Synthetic growth hormones really only need people, especially children, who have decreased production or poor absorption of somatropin. This will be determined by a doctor and then given injections Growth hormones treated.
Good to know: From around the age of 30 there is a natural drop in the somatropin level, which is completely normal and harmless.

The synthetic somatropin but is also as alleged Anti-aging agents and as Doping substances used. There is no evidence of its rejuvenation benefit. I don't have to explain anything to you about the use of doping substances, do I ?! Somehow it goes without saying that the bottom line is that this only has negative effects for you!

Growth Hormones and the Fitness Scene

Unfortunately be Growth hormones abused as doping. This runs through all sports, from athletics to swimmers and cyclists to bodybuilding. Many athletes expect the "expensive miracle weapon" to have a performance-enhancing effect, faster regeneration and faster muscle building and fat loss. What athletes also take advantage of: The hormones are very difficult to detect in doping testsbecause that HGHAs it is called in sports, it only stays in the blood for a very short time and is therefore only detectable for a very short time. A single test procedure developed in 2000 can, however, be the standard Recognize protein structures of synthetic HGH and identify as artificial. The natural HGH namely has much more diverse protein structures.

Taking artificial hormones without a serious medical reason can lead to too strong side effects to lead. Besides the consequences with too many Growth hormones In the body, which you have already read above, there are further complications in the event of abuse, as it often not only remains with a doping agent, but also other substances such as artificial insulin and testosterone are used to build muscle. Everything together can then serious interactions to lead. Also is a Acromegaly is irreversible due to the abuse and does not go back.

The bottom line about growth hormones

Growth hormones like all hormones are essential in the body. As the name suggests, these are responsible for growth. It's about a Growth hormone, the Somatropin, also HGH called. Without normal levels of somatropin in the body, the consequences are serious. In children it is short stature in combination with other side effects, but also in adults it can be a deficiency Growth hormones do something in the body. By intensive training, healthy eating and adequate and good sleep can the Somatropin positively influenced become. From taking Growth hormones without medical necessity I strongly advise you against!