What is the supreme power in spirituality

EsotericismThe magical Elqui Valley

"Here in the valley there is a special energy because we have Monte Cancana, the mountain with the highest ferritin content in the world. It is a gigantic magnet. We are energy. The energy of the mountain has a positive influence on us, on our senses and feelings. That is the mystery of the energy in the valley. Then there is another story of the Buddhists that says that the Kundalini energy of the earth has shifted from Tibet to this place, predictions of the Mayans and other cultures say that the new humanity will arise here in South America. That is why many people from different cultures and countries come to Chile, "says René Fuentes.

He is around 60 years old and has lived in the Elqui Valley in Chile for five years. He has gray hair, indigenous features, and sun-tanned, leathery skin. He came here in search of a better quality of life - before that he lived in Chile's capital Santiago.

"Tour místico"

The Elqui Valley is about 400 kilometers north of Santiago. It has a reputation for being a particularly spiritual area. In no other place in Chile are there so many esoteric groups and communities. The area found mysticism around 40 years ago. At that time, in the 1970s, rumors spread that there was an energy node on earth in the Elqui Valley, a magnetic point that is said to have previously been in the Himalayas in Tibet. There was talk of NASA studies, but this was never officially confirmed. The uncertain facts do not change the fact that more and more Chilean dropouts have settled in the villages of the Elqui Valley since the 1990s. They also boost tourism. Around 700,000 tourists of various nationalities visit the mystical place every year.

René Fuentes is also dedicated to tourism. He takes visitors on a "tour místico" - a mystical tour. Its center of the same name is located in Pisco Elqui, a small village in the middle of the valley.

"When I came here in the valley, many people were spiritually very aloof. It was difficult to establish a connection, a communication with a normal person from the city who comes here and wants to connect with this mystical world. There is no communication. What we do is to bring the energetic, subtle, spiritual world closer to these people. Because we have to realize that we are a physical body with which we have experience, but that we are also a spiritual body. "

Meditation instead of medication

One of the tours that René Fuentes offers is called "Ruta de la Sanación", "Path of Healing". It begins with a chakra meditation in the garden of his center. According to Buddhist and Hindu teachings, chakras are the body's energy centers. Fuentes makes music with singing bowls. With a rounded block of wood, he slowly moves along the edges of white glass bowls. Three Chilean women are taking part in the tour today and are listening to the music with their eyes closed.

One of the participants is Jaqueline. She is 44 years old and lives in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. After suffering from depression, her doctor prescribed strong medication. But she decided - instead of medication - to cope with her depression with meditation and spiritual rituals. It is her first time in the Elqui Valley:

"I like the peace and quiet and I was looking for a place where I can relax because I live in a very stressful place. That's why I came to look for spirituality and peace and because I was told that it was very much here is beautiful. That's why I wanted to get to know it. "

Relaxation outside of the comfort zone

Two young girls in their early twenties also take part in the tour. They are friends from Antofagasta, from the north of Chile. Loreto is one of the two. She has dark skin, hair and eyes. She says she has had enough of parties and alcohol and prefers to save her money to go on spiritual rituals and travel with her friend:

“It's natural medicine and it's done us very well. We're always looking for natural ways to relax and fill ourselves with new energy. I decided to do the tour to get out of my comfort zone and because of it relaxes me to get out of the city and to be in contact with nature. "

"The power of the pyramids"

The three women get into a brightly painted van. Inside it is furnished with colorful fabrics, pillows and curtains, a meditation center on wheels. René Fuentes drives the group over dusty gravel paths through the dry valley, past bare hills with only cacti, vineyards and orchards. On the drive, the women talk about their experiences with natural and spiritual healing methods. They agree that they have been able to enrich their lives so much.

Arrived at Monte Cancana, René Fuentes opens the door of the van. The Monte Cancana mountain is the so-called "magnetic center" of the Elqui Valley. There are no people to be seen far and wide. After the loud humming of the old van, the sudden silence presses on the ears. There is nothing to be heard, except for a few chirping birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees. The air is bone dry and it's hot. René Fuentes leads the group to a square with several metal pyramids that a spiritual man built 35 years ago. This is where the next meditation will take place. René Fuentes explains why the pyramids have a special spiritual meaning:

"With the power of the pyramids - pyramids are antennas for cosmic energy - we are doing a meditation here to connect with nature and with ourselves. The effect of the pyramid is strongest inside and has a range of eight meters. We can see clearly here that the effect works. The oranges that grow closer to the pyramids are much larger than those that grow farther away. "

The energy of the 30th parallel

René Fuentes further explains that there are different energy portals in the world, one of which is the Monte Cancana mountain:

"The earth has a grid of longitudes and latitudes - and where the lines intersect are the energetic points. All spiritual centers are on the 30th degree of latitude. We are here on the southern 30th degree of latitude and therefore is it's an energetic place. "

Portals, UFOs and a magnificent view

The next stop on the "Path of Healing" is the "Luz de Luna" waterfall - light of the moon. Here the women bathe in order to purify themselves spiritually.

25-year-old Natalie firmly believes that the Elqui Valley is an energetic place.

"In any case, it is energetic, especially because there are portals and because UFOs have been seen here several times. There is something mystical about it and one wonders: Is that really true? But what is certain is that the Elqui Valley is always a special place will be."

Whether you believe the mystical rumors or not, you can definitely enjoy the peace and quiet in the Elqui Valley. In villages where time has stood still, with the magnificent view of the valley and the mountains.