How do I start a cleaning company

Found a cleaning company | What to pay attention to?

You have recognized the need for professional cleaning work and now want to meet it with the help of your own business. It is clear to them that cleaning work has to be done almost everywhere where people are. Regardless of whether it is a larger or smaller building, and rooms used for business or private purposes, as well as private households, often employ cleaning staff. Specialists are needed for professional facade cleaning, carpet cleaners who know something of their trade and cleaning staff for offices, private rooms or hotel rooms. With a cleaning company, you are the head of a large cleaning crew that is sent to various clients. They organize and make sure that the customers are happy with the cleaning staff they have ordered.

Requirements for starting your own cleaning company

You do not need a master's degree or in-depth qualifications to start a cleaning company, and so it is really only up to your personal characteristics whether your cleaning company is a success. It would certainly not be bad if you had completed thorough training to become a cleaner. These experiences are of course important in retrospect, regardless of whether it is about professional or personal skills. You also need a certain amount of business background knowledge, especially with regard to your specific service. Anyone who jumps into the deep end and goes to customers without prior knowledge of this industry could quickly perish.

Define your unique selling proposition for the cleaning company

You certainly know what you and your team can and cannot do, or you know exactly what you want and what types of cleaning you can or want to do. There are extremely many opportunities for specialization in the cleaning industry. For example, you can become self-employed in the field of building cleaning, you can specialize in facade cleaning, glass cleaning, escalator cleaning and maintenance, or you can focus on textiles or carpets. You can also only clean commercially used rooms, for example industrial plants, clinics, hospitals, kindergartens or open-plan offices.

To find out which specialization makes the most sense, you should conduct a detailed, systematic market analysis. Of course, it doesn't make sense if you open a cleaning company for large glass facade cleaning in a rural area. This would work in a larger city, but not in such regions. So try to find a unique selling point for your location.

Define private households or company customers

In order to be able to determine your customer base, you first need the personnel who can meet the requirements of the customers. After all, you cannot offer facade cleaning if you only hire people who are afraid of heights. You can also define your customer base based on your materials and equipment. Depending on the situation, at best you offer a wide range of services and address private households and companies. However, do not overdo it with your offer, it could quickly come across as unprofessional. Nobody can do everything at the same good level.

Create a financing plan

For your own cleaning company, you may not need your own office space or a permanent seat, at least at the beginning of your work. However, you have to take into account various expenses, the largest will probably be in terms of personnel and material. Special facade cleaners or equipment for cleaning escalators in a department store already cost several hundred euros. You will need several such cleaning tools and supplies if you want to expand your customer base.

Therefore, create a sophisticated business plan and try to concentrate on a few essential aspects at the beginning, but offer them professionally. Depending on the start-up and success, you can offer further services later and expand your offer.

After all, your employees want to be paid fairly and, at best, be hired correctly.

Establish administrative procedures for cleaning company

Of course, various administrative procedures are also required when starting a cleaning company. In the case of a cleaning company, however, it is sufficient to go to the local trade office and apply for a trade license. State your services there very precisely, the number of your employees and managing directors is also important. Then you can usually continue with your work.

Set up a cleaning company and avoid risks

Of course, in every company it can happen once that employees cause damage during their work. In this case, it is about damage to third-party property and the perpetrators can be made accordingly liable. However, if they work for you, you as managing director are responsible. So also think about the right protection for such cases. Commercial insurance for young startups is certainly not wrong with cleaning companies. A public liability insurance for building cleaning is also important to cover yourself. Should someone injure themselves or break something, you as an employer cannot necessarily be held liable.

Marketing cleaning company - this is how you position yourself in the market

In any case, compare the competition and set yourself apart from them with various unique selling points. Most have an outdated and cluttered website. Do it better at this point and be a young, modern and motivated team. Position yourself on the Internet like this, show your present and be communicative with your customers. On your Facebook page you share successes, experiences or job postings. Where if not in the social networks can you better discuss the sense and nonsense of new cleaning methods, cleaning equipment or new cleaning agents. Market yourself based on specific things that only you do. Perhaps you only use non-toxic and biologically compatible cleaning agents or you have a new device that has just come onto the market and which you can now test in detail.

Flyers and business cards are part of the round appearance, but the internet presence has become far more important. From there you can control which people will notice you in the future. You determine the area in which you want to work yourself and can be found using search engines. Use modern marketing strategies to attract attention.

And most importantly: Use a lot of images and references in this branch. Have you polished a glass exterior facade to a high gloss and are allowed to take photos of it? Then order a professional photographer and have the clean facades photographed, ideally for a before-and-after comparison. Professional photographs during work can also get sympathy points.

A professional cleaning company can quickly build a reputation for itself. Many companies are looking for long-term collaborations, with which you can build up an enormously large customer base in the future. Aim precisely for that.

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