What do Asian Americans think of Trump

US President in Asia : China is Trump's biggest beneficiary

American President Donald Trump's trip to China is the culmination of a rapid ascent. It was a meeting at least at eye level - and thus the culmination of the strategy that China's head of state Xi Jinping has consistently pursued since November 8, 2016, since the election of an isolationist as President of the USA.

No other country has used Donald Trump's presidency so skillfully for its own goals as China. It started in January. Xi Jinping recognized the fear of the Western European countries of a restriction of free trade and surprised the assembled management team of the world economy at the World Economic Forum in Davos with an ardent commitment to globalization.

At the G20 summit in Hamburg in July, the Chinese President sided with the European Union for climate protection after Trump announced a few weeks earlier that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Business agreements worth billions were signed with Germany during a state visit in July - and the relationship was celebrated with the handover of two pandas in Berlin. China also secured Western recognition for voting for the UN resolution against North Korea and taking at least some steps to enforce the sanctions. In addition to all of this, the “Economist” recently announced that China's time as the “copy cat” of the West was over - the country had never seen more of its own innovation.

Everyone needs China

The more the US loses its credibility as a leader of the liberal West and as a reliable trading partner, the stronger the position of China becomes. Everyone needs China: The western industrialized nations need the country as protection against Trump. And Trump needs China as a partner to keep the North Korean regime in check. During the election campaign, he had raged that China was "raping" the United States and manipulating its currency in order to be able to offer goods more cheaply in the United States. There is no longer any question of sanctions for this. And China's role is also changing in the region: shortly before the American President's visit, China and South Korea settled a long dispute caused by South Korea's commitment to an American missile defense system, and they now want to normalize their relations. The country is beginning to break away from its clear assignment to the USA as the protective power.

The liberal world order is in danger

Donald Trump is not the cause of the Chinese rise. But the uncertainty he spreads accelerated him - not least his rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement between the USA and eleven other Pacific countries, with which Barack Obama wanted to try to strengthen the USA's influence in the region. The result became abundantly clear on this trip: China has played itself up in the innermost circles of the rich industrial nations.

Some see the liberal world order itself in danger through this ascent. That is her. But it is also a fact that the West cannot afford to maintain the ideological distance from China at the moment. Within the possibilities of the Trump world (and you get used to thinking that way) the result of the visit - harmony between the USA and China - is the best possible.

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