Mumbai is the richest city

The 10 richest cities in the world: This is where most billionaires live

Working from home may have led many to move to cheaper areas, but the list of the world's richest cities in 2021 doesn't seem too affected, at least in terms of loss of wealth and money.

And according to Forbes' list of the richest cities in 2021, many of them not only stayed, but saw the wealth of their richest residents grow significantly over the past year. (Also Read: A Millionaire Reveals How To Build Financial Intelligence)

The richest cities in the world: where the billions are

In 2020, many people decided to leave cities like San Francisco to live in a cheaper city. And although the exodus from Silicon Valley was sizeable, the California city remains one of the richest cities this year.

Still, New York remains a favorite among millionaires. Of the 2,092 billionaires in the world, 552 live in the 10 richest cities as of 2021, and most of those 552 reside in New York. With them alone, the city amassed $ 424 billion.

The Asian continent also continues to grow this year: Hong Kong will be the second richest city in 2021, and three Chinese cities are also on the list. Of course, Singapore will remain part of this select club of the richest cities in 2021 as well.

And although Europe is represented, the old continent lags far behind with only London and Moscow. Paris, Geneva or Amsterdam may have been the favorite cities of the rich a few years ago, but not enough to amass billions. (Also interesting: countries without corona: these are the only places that have so far been spared from the pandemic)

Accordingly, the list of the richest cities in 2021 looks like this:

  1. 1

    new York - 92 multimillionaires / $ 424 billion
  2. 2

    Hong Kong - $ 71/321 billion
  3. 3

    Moscow - 70/301 billion
  4. 4

    Beijing - 67/218 billion
  5. 5

    London - 56/212 billion
  6. 6

    Shanghai - 46/130 billion
  7. 7

    Shenzhen - 44/220 billion
  8. 8

    Mumbai - 38/149 billion
  9. 9

    San Francisco - 37/90 billion
  10. 10

    Singapore - 31/95 billion

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