How can we persuade Trump to quit?

What is the world doing : Defend Löw with the Bible and think of the love of the elephants

Even sober Ms. Merkel declares migration to be Europe's fateful question. Has Europe given an answer?

A little better than expected. The EU summit accepted the redistribution of refugees in principle. The horse's foot: This should be done voluntarily, which has so far achieved little. Nevertheless, the CSU got some guttis from Merkel and EU colleagues. Seehofer could have stopped igniting the rejection. Instead, he asked the question of power, which Merkel cannot submit to. The Bavarian tail is not allowed to wag the federal dog. At the time of going to press it was not yet clear who the victim was. Will Seehofer step down or is the CSU forcing Merkel into the vote of confidence and thus into new elections? Folly speaks Bavarian today.

Trump meets Putin. Which topics would WmdW put on the agenda?

At least he knows that when elephants make love, the trampled grass suffers. Trump wants to persuade Putin to oust the Iranians from Syria. If the Kremlin agrees (doubtful), Trump would have to offer great things: accept the robbery of Crimea and the secession of southeast Ukraine and lift sanctions. The steadfast Merkel would be duped, but she is used to such disloyalty from Trump. Putin can already be happy: Everything that divides the West is good for Russia. WmdW would prefer if the two of them gave themselves up to arms control in order to prevent a new nuclear weapons race.

Assad's last major offensive against the rebels is underway in Syria. Is everything then as before, only with millions of victims and broken land?

That's the way it is. Only worse. How does Assad intend to reconcile with the six million refugees in his own country? The 3.5 million in Turkey will not return home any more than the 900,000 in Lebanon, 600,000 in Jordan and 800,000 in Europe. The early humanitarian intervention by the West would not only have been good moral but also realpolitik. Because the millions of refugees in the Middle East can become a time bomb against which the Palestinians appear as mere fireworks.

One last word about Joachim Löw ...

In the past, the loser people rallied around their leaders. Today it rages against Löw. A new beginning with him is "hardly conceivable", they say. But WmdW sees neither the coach nor the team as the culprit, but the fate that overtakes all greats. In the last five World Cup tournaments, four champions were already kicked out of the game in the group stage: France in 2002, Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014 and now Germany. So the Bible is right: "The last will be the first and the first the last." Jogi does not come up against the gospel.

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