Who is the hottest Japanese porn star

Asian Pornstars - The 15 hottest girls from Japan and Co.

Of course, famous porn stars don't just come from the United States, they come from all over the world. Now we're looking at Asia, and what horny porn actresses there are. In this article we will show you the top 15 Asian porn stars. have fun!


1. Asa Akira: Asian porn stars from the USA

Asa Akira is a famous porn actress who was born in New York. That makes her American, of course, but still has Japanese roots. She has made over 500 films and is one of the most watched actresses. She started her career at 19, and she's still more popular than ever. It was even nominated for 82 awards, and won 32 of them.

2. Hitomi Tanaka: Asian porn stars from Japan

This Asian porn actress has an extremely large number of video clips and is the number one porn star in Japan. She is now 30 years old, but won her career in 2007. Since then, she has also made quite a bit of content that you can find online at any time. She is famous for her huge tits, and they still look as good as they did on day one.

3. London Keyes

This Asian porn actress was born in London and is only half Japanese. She is also one of the most famous Asian porn stars. Her 34D breasts are particularly popular, and accordingly she also appears in many Big Tits videos. Her career began in 2008, and she's still pretty active on the scene today. Among other things, she also makes bukkake films, and is otherwise available for everything. She is the 2nd most watched Japanese porn actress and has quite a reputation. You can also check out our list of the best Japanese porn stars.

4. Evelyn Lin

This lady is half Chinese, half Vietnamese, and was born in China. However, she grew up in America, otherwise she would probably never have entered the porn scene in the first place. She started making hot videos in 2006 and continued the hot business through 2011. She was especially popular in porn as a school girl, and did some pretty tough scenes too. Even if she appears as a good girl, her scenes are pretty dirty. If you like that you will love this woman.

5. Nayomi Zen

Naomi Zahn is from Malaysia and has made over 100 films. She has been in the porn business since 2005 and has made many famous clips. The Malaysian is pretty dirty and has left her mark on every category. It is also available for lesbian clips. However, she is known for her hot blowjobs, and has already caught up with a few clicks. You should definitely not miss this woman if you like Asian porn. Do you want to see more hot porn stars? We also have our list of the best Russian porn stars here!

6. Kaylani Lei: Asian porn stars from Singapore

Kaylani Lei is of mixed Asian ancestry. Her height makes her so unique because she is really extremely small. She was born in Singapore and her parents are from the Philippines and China. However, she grew up in the USA. As for her porn career, she has made over 200 films and is one of the top Asian porn stars. This is mainly due to the fact that she is quite enthusiastic in her clips and is not afraid of anything.

7. Lucy Thai: Asian porn stars from Thailand

As her name suggests, the pretty Asian comes from Thailand. What made her so popular is the fact that she was already in front of the camera with her sister, and that on Pornhub. This actress is not that big either, but she is all the more changeable. Because she has also played in the dirtiest clips, and thus received quite a few calls. Her blowjob technique is particularly popular and has built up a huge fan base with it.

8. Alexis Glory: Asian porn stars from Myanmar

This Asian porn actress is from Myanmar and goes there as the absolute number one. She has a special penchant for huge cocks and loves to be punished. That's why she's featured in some hardcore porn even though she didn't start until 2011. In 2013 she ended her career again, but still her work is one of the best on the internet.

9. Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka is a porn actress from Indonesia who has already received over 250 million views. Nothing is too dirty for her, and she especially likes DP and Pral. MMV started at the young age of 18 and has made over 150 films since then. Some of them are famous classics known all over the world. She has a few different artist names such as Mulaan Wang, Sasha Lei and Tiah.

10. Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee is a Vietnamese and Korean porn actress. Even so, the American, who was born in California in 1993. She got into the porn industry back in 2011, and has been actively involved ever since. She has quite a few views on pornhub and is especially popular for her blowjobs. She also had a breast operation in 2013, and has been a size 34D since then. And that with a pretty petite body. Of course, that makes her an absolute man's dream.

11. Katsuni

This hot Vietnamese was born in France, but is still considered one of the best Asian actresses in the erotic field. She even got a place in the Hall of Fame in 2007. She stopped making porn in 2013, but there are still over 420 films of her on the internet that you can all watch. In 2004 she was voted France's most popular porn star. Are you looking for more stars from different countries? Here we have the best German porn stars for you!

12. Gaia

This hot Korean dominatrix started porn in 2006. With her convincing personality and big tits, she is quite popular on pornhub. Even so, she has a petite figure and is quite fit. Their hardcore videos are quite popular, and that is exactly what is reflected in their view numbers. She quit porn a few years ago, but has been back to it since 2011.

13. Kobe Tai

This famous brown girl was born in 1972 and started making porn in the late 90s. In the meantime it is of course out of date, because in 2003 it stopped being in the erotic scene. Even so, she has over 100 extremely awesome movies that you can still watch. Coming from Chinese and Japanese, it is not only hot but also extremely popular. She has also won one or two awards for her performance. You will surely like her enthusiasm for cocks.

14. Niya Yu

This woman is currently the most popular performa race in Taiwan. And not without reason, because the sweet Asian lets pretty much anything with her. Her hot blowjobs are very popular, but the interracial scenes are also one of her trademarks. With her looks and her sweet demeanor, she wraps every man around her finger. She's no longer in the porn business, but her clips are still as popular as they were in the first week.

15. Charmane Star

This woman was born in the Philippines and there is a real beauty. She has appeared in over 330 films. She had the time too, because her career began in 1989. Her films are still in the top lists for Asian porn stars today. Of course, she also did a lot in the field of photography. As a nude model, she has built a sexy reputation that has brought her over 60 million clicks from porn platforms such as Pornhub. Her oral sex scenes are particularly popular.

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