What matters most as a teenager

What is important to young people in life

Have good friends, fulfillment in your job or be politically active? What is important to young people? What are their values ​​and goals in life? The Federal Environment Ministry wanted to find out with a study.

Stable social ties are the top priority for young people. This is a result of the study "Future? Young people ask!" of the Federal Environment Ministry. Having a partner you can trust, good friends who recognize you, and a good family life are values ​​that young people strive for.

Private support is important to young people

That is, they want to feel that they are in reliable personal relationships. "This outstanding importance of private support is not surprising in view of a world that is characterized by crisis-ridden and unpredictable developments and in which social and economic structures are changing rapidly," the study says. A safer haven would then, above all, be offered by the personal relationship structures.

But independence, a good education and being able to enjoy life to the full is also important for young people.

(Source: Statista GmbH)

Most young people are open to new things

For an overwhelming majority of young people, it is also important and right to recognize and respect the diversity of people. A total of 90 percent of those questioned find this "very important" or "rather important". A third of the participants in the survey have a migration background themselves - they or their parents come from another country. Many have foreign friends or are well acquainted with the customs in other countries through trips or stays abroad.

As the graphic shows, the respondents are also open to new ideas: It is only important to a few of the respondents to stick to the traditional. On the other hand, 90 percent want to be able to gain new experiences over and over again.

How the study went

The study also showed that getting to know and discovering foreign countries and cultures as well as adventures are more important to young people than the latest smartphone or trendy clothes. Almost half of the respondents (46 percent) rated it as very important personally to travel and experience a lot. In contrast, only 18 and 13 percent consider the latest technology and clothing to be very important.

For the representative study, more than 1,000 participants between the ages of 14 and 22 were surveyed online in the summer of 2017. According to the ministry, the target group was also involved in the preparation of the study and its evaluation.