Jeffrey Epstein is a mafia

In an investigation into the death of Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison cell, the US Federal Police searched the property of the entrepreneur in the US Virgin Islands according to media reports. As the TV broadcaster NBC and other media reported on Monday evening, citing security circles, the officials on Epstein's private island were investigating. Further details were not disclosed.

US attorney general William Barr complained about "serious irregularities" in the detention center and took the first steps. The director of the detention center will be transferred at the instigation of Barr during the ongoing investigations, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the two guards who were entrusted with the supervision of Epstein were given leave of absence.

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The businessman Epstein, who is well connected in the US elite, who at times also maintained contacts with current President Donald Trump, ex-President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew from Great Britain, died at the weekend in a New York prison. He is said to have killed himself. Epstein was found by prison staff and taken to a hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead.

Epstein had been accused by the New York prosecutor of molesting dozens of underage girls. The 66-year-old businessman built an illegal sex trafficking ring in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, the indictment said. Some girls were only 14 years old and were attracted with large sums of cash and tempted to bring in more girls.

Meanwhile, more and more indications of negligence in Epstein's surveillance in the prison continue to emerge. As the New York Times reported that the two guards had not looked after the prisoner for hours on Saturday night, although an examination was scheduled every 30 minutes. Also, only one of them had the necessary training as a "full-fledged correctional officer". No further details could be found at first.

23 questions to federal prisons

The Judiciary Committee of the US Congress asked for urgent questions to be answered. The leading members wrote to the federal prisons authority on Monday and asked for an explanation. 23 questions are listed - including on the general handling of mentally unstable inmates in the prison concerned, but also on the exact procedures in Epstein's case shortly before his death.

Committee chairman, Democrat Jerry Nadler, and senior Republican on the panel, Doug Collins, complained in the letter that the case revealed serious negligence in dealing with inmates. They asked for answers to their questions by August 21st.

Some Democrat politicians, including presidential candidates Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke, also criticized President Trump's handling of the case. Trump had spread a conspiracy theory on Twitter on Saturday evening that puts Bill Clinton in the vicinity of Epstein's death and links it with allegations of pedophilia. Booker described Trump's action as "dangerous".