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78 Las Vegas Facts You Didn't Know Before!

There are many stories about Las Vegas and many facts worth knowing.

However, there is bound to be one or two “funny facts” about the gambling city that not everyone knows. Vegas-Trip.de collects data, numbers and facts about Las Vegas here. Currently (as of 2020) we come to around 80 more or less true facts. Among other things, you will learn: How much did Liberace earn? What was the biggest win of all time and lots more interesting Las Vegas information!

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Top 10 Funny Facts About Las Vegas

1. More than 1000 people live in sewers or tunnels under the city

2. The Palms Resort has a suite with two bowling lanes.

3. A total of 20,000 kilometers of neon tubes run through the strip and downtown

4. The 4 is an unlucky number in some Asian cultures. This is why there are no floors in some hotels that contain a 4.

5. Prostitution in Las Vegas is not illegal

6. FedEx founder Fred Smith once saved his company with a lucky knack at blackjack.

7. The favorite color of most bingo players is purple

8. Theoretically, there is only one slot machine for every 8th Vegas visitor.

9. Due to the large number of Hawaiians in the city, Vegas is also known as the 9th Hawaiian Island.

10. The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on earth when viewed from space!

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11. At the Heart Attack Grill, a man actually had a heart attack once.

12. The bronze lion in front of the MGM weighs 50 tons, making it the largest bronze statue in the USA.

13. Billionaire Howard Hughes lived on the top two floors of the Deserts Inn. When the owner asked him to move out, he bought the hotel for a mere $ 13 million. A real bargain! Today the property alone would be worth so much.

14. The eccentric Hughes once ordered 750 kilograms of banana ice cream at the Desert Inn. When he got tired of it after a short time, there was free banana ice cream in the hotel for a year. True story!

15. The 15 of the world's 25 best hotels are in Las Vegas.

16. Only 15% of guests come to Las Vegas primarily to play.

17. The Mirage's golden windows are the color of real gold dust.

18. Water structures such as fountains, fountains and artificial lakes are fed with recycled water from bathtubs and showers in hotels.

19. In 1980 a hospital fired staff betting on patient deaths. A nurse is said to have even killed a patient so that she would win.

20. Michael Jackson wanted to have a 20 meter high moon walk robot built. Probably better that the construction project didn't go ahead.

21. The “Silver Slipper” was the first casino to hire female dealers.

22. There is a black book with the names of people who are banned from entering every casino in town.

23. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the USA, almost 350 meters high.

24. Mafia godfather Bugsy Siegel named his Casino Flamingo after his stripper friend, who was nicknamed because of her long legs.

25. The biggest jackpot ever won were $ 39 million in the Excalibur from a 25-year-old who was playing with a $ 100 bill.

26. Elvis Presley played 837 sold out concerts in a row at the Las Vegas Hilton, now called LVH - Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

27. The Sphinx of Luxor is larger than the original.

28. It would take 288 years to spend one night in every single hotel room in the city.

29. There are no dice with rounded corners in casinos.

30. 30 tons of shrimp are eaten in Las Vegas annually - more than in all of the rest of the United States combined.

31. The Las Vegas Cowboy in front of the Pioneer Club was once the largest mechanical sign in the world.

32. Gambling is prohibited in the neighboring city of Boulder City.

33. The Mojave Desert is the smallest desert in America.

34. 34% of all thefts and fraud in casinos are perpetrated by employees.

35. The Las Vegas Strip has several different addresses: Boulevard, 5th Street, Arrowhead Highway, Los Angeles Highway, Salt Lake Highway, US91, US93, US466, and State Route 6.

36. There is a “playground” where bulldozers and other heavy machinery can be driven around for a fee.

37. The white circles in the city sign around the letters of the word “Welcome” are supposed to represent silver dollars. Nevada is also known as the "Silver State".

38. The Las Vegas sign is out of copyright.

39. The Wynn was the most expensive hotel in the world when it opened.

40. Nowhere are there more anonymous phone numbers than in Las Vegas.

41. Half a hectare of land on the Las Vegas Strip costs between $ 3 million and $ 6 million.

42. Liberace was paid $ 300,000 a week for appearing at the Hilton in the 1970s.

43. The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the largest hotel in the United States in terms of number of rooms and the second largest in the world.

44. The “Tangiers” casino from the De Niro film “Casino” never existed.

45. The Bellagio Hotel has 3933 rooms. That's more rooms than the Italian town of Bellagio has residents.

46. ​​"Las Vegas" is Spanish and means "The Meadows".

47. Around 500 weddings per day are absolute top in the USA and the second most in the world after Istanbul.

48. When the Golden Nugget Casino opened in the 1950s, people were often asked where to see the "gold nugget" when there wasn't one. They've got one now.

49. Strictly speaking, the Strip is no longer in the city of Las Vegas, but in the neighboring town of “Paradise”.

50. The beam of light from the top of the pyramid of the Luxor costs $ 51 an hour in electricity costs.

51. The oldest hotel in Las Vegas is the Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown. It opened in 1906.

52. The first casino in Las Vegas received its gambling license in 1931.

53. The first ever Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy telethon was broadcast from Las Vegas on Labor Day September 6, 1971.

54. Las Vegas is home to 34 local golf courses.

55. 71% of all tourists gamble during their Vegas trip.

56. The average Las Vegas household uses 222 gallons of water a year. That is around 1000 liters.

57 The current number of licensed arcades in Las Vegas is around 1,700. This also includes gas stations with more than 2 slot machines.

58. There is even a separate machine room at the airport.

59. There are nearly 200,000 slot machines in Las Vegas in total.

60. The most profitable casino in Las Vegas is the Wynn!

61. The average gaming budget for visitors is $ 541 per trip.

62. Only 8 percent of visitors travel with someone under the age of 21.

63. The average age of the visitors is 44.3 years old.

64. The Flamingo was the first casino on the Strip in 1946.

65. The average visitor stays for 3.5 nights.

66. The Strip's official name is Las Vegas Boulevard, but it used to be Arrowhead Highway and then Sunset Strip.

67. The Bellagio Chocolate Fountain is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest chocolate fountain in the world with a height of 8.22 meters.

68. The average price for a room in Las Vegas is $ 150 a night.

69. The Riviera Hotel stood for 60 years before it was demolished in 2016.

70. Visitors spend an average of 3.9 hours a day gambling.

71. In 2018, Nevada's gaming revenue was $ 11.9 billion.

72. Approximately 43 percent of Nevada's total revenue comes from gambling.

73. The median monthly rent for an apartment in Las Vegas is $ 850.

74. The average Las Vegas household makes $ 274,300 a year. But that's because there are a lot of rich people here. Most of the population is very poor. Of the almost 100,000 homeless, there are 1,000 who “live” in sewers under the city.

75. Around 46 percent of the visitors arrive by plane, while 54 percent arrive by ground transport.

76. A full 26 percent of the visitors come from California.

77. Only 16 percent of the visitors come from other countries.

78. An impressive 87 percent of visitors play a game of chance such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat or slots during their stay in Vegas.


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