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Local investors are building residential and commercial buildings in Maschen

  • January 8, 2021, 5:30 p.m.
Author: Thomas Sulzyc

ts. Meshes. A residential and commercial building is being built in one of the most sought-after locations in Seevetal. At the entrance to the village in Maschen-Dorf on the property Eichenallee 2 / Am Gerätehaus 1, the local builders Frank Wasilewski and Ralf Kretzschmar erect the building. Architect Ulrich Salvers designed it in the style typical of Lower Saxony with pointed roofs and red clinker brick. The building project was developed in close consultation with the municipal and district administrations. Construction will start in spring 2021, and it should be ready in mid-2022.
The company Karen Ulrich Immobilien markets the "gateway to meshes". Frank Wasilewski and Ralf Kretzschmar are realizing their vision of new living in the Seevetal district on the property on which the former Löbkens print shop was located for almost a quarter of a century. Frank Wasilewski, who was born in Maschen, associates memories of his youth with the location. Old Mascheners still remember Carl Bosse, Frank Wasilewski's grandfather, in whose workshop they had their bicycle, moped or car repaired. As a reminiscence of the village's history, the owners also came up with the idea of ​​keeping the former fire brigade's syringe house and later using it as a parking space.
Ten apartments (55 to 84 square meters) and commercial space for shops, practices and offices are planned. "Commercial space and apartments are still available," says Yusuf Yasar from Ulrich Immobilien. An underground car park offers parking spaces.

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