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Rainey on MotoGP promoter Dorna: "Doing an incredible job"

( - MotoGP has seen rapid growth since it was founded in 2002. Last year, the stars on two wheels once again attracted record crowds to the world's racetracks, and the ratings and reach on social media are also impressive. Behind it is the promoter company Dorna, which has held the commercial and TV rights to MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 since 1991, and to the Superbike World Championship and some junior classes since 2013. MotoGP legend Wayne Rainey gives the Spanish company a very good report.


The Dorna is also responsible for the TV broadcast of the MotoGP Zoom

"The Dorna did an incredible job. When they started in the 500s, these bikes were just reaching the end of their technology. When they switched to four-cylinder it opened a whole new era," recalls the triple 500s. World champion in an exclusive interview with ''.

Since that transition phase that led to today's MotoGP since 2002, more money has been spent on the sport, according to Rainey. Especially for marketing, but also for technology and development. From this, the now 58-year-old also deduces the greater interest of TV viewers and Internet users. "Everything came together at the right time for her."

"Dorna wants America to be successful"

Rainey knows from personal experience how difficult it is to establish a racing series. In 2014 he and some partners started the revival of the US Superbike Championship and is currently President of MotoAmerica. In this position he also maintains very close contact with Dorna managing director Carmelo Ezpeleta.


The 73-year-old Carmelo Ezpeleta leads the fortunes of DornaZoom

"We're trying to find new ways to generate interest from the American side - whether it's a talent cup or the opportunity to race internationally with our races. Dorna wants America to be successful," emphasizes Rainey. "Everyone knows that American pilots used to be the best." Since his last world title in 1992, only Kevin Schwantz, Kenny Roberts jun. and most recently Nicky Hayden in 2006 did the same feat. The world championships are currently dominated by Spanish and Italian pilots.

"We know that there are some American drivers out there who don't get their chances," the legend is convinced. "Maybe the right person wasn't there yet. But I think Dorna is waiting for me to tell you who it could be," he hopes for a further good cooperation. In 2019 there will only be an American in Moto2 with Joe Roberts.

"Good youth system" with Moto2 and Moto3

However, it is clear to him that the manufacturers with their customer teams and young drivers are already well utilized. "All manufacturers also produce bikes for private teams. That would not have been possible in the past. I think that Dorna has a very good youth system with Moto2 and Moto3. The MotoGP teams look for new talent there."

Dorna was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Madrid, with additional offices in Barcelona, ​​Rome and Tokyo. Since 1991 she has held the rights to MotoGP, and from 1993 the Spanish company took over the complete management of the racing series. Since 1998 she has organized the Spanish championship together with the Spanish Association. In 2007 the Red Bull Rookies Cup was also launched. In 2013 the commercial takeover of the Superbike World Cup followed, and in 2014 Dorna also started the Asia Talent Cup. Dorna is owned by the private equity firm Bridgepoint Capital and the Canadian pension fund.